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Jessica Hetrich

a. Capture the Flag

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c. Supplies Needed: Two flags, large indoor/outdoor space

d. Task Analysis

1. Divide group into two teams

2. Decide two zones with a distinct center line in-between
3. Designate an area for Jail
4. Demonstrate safe tagging (light touch on back or shoulder)
5. Send one team with a flag to one zone and one flag to the other team to
the other zone
6. The teams must hide their flags and they must be partially visible. Once a
place is determined, the flag cannot be moved
7. The team should decide who wants to be on Offense and who wants to be
on Defense
o The Offensive players cross into the other teams zone and try to steal
their flag and cross back into their territory without being tagged
Jessica Hetrich

o The Defensive players must protect their flag and tag anyone from the
other team who crosses into their zone attempting to steal their flag
8. If a teammate is tagged in the opposing teams zone, they must go to jail
o Prisoners can be released from jail if a teammate runs to the opposing
teams jail and tags the prisoner. Then they can get a free walk back to
their zone.
o A player can only free one teammate at a time
o Teams can call for a Jail Break if too many team members become
imprisoned. However, this must be a mutual agreement (one team
cannot call for a jail break if there are few prisoners in jail). In the case
of a Jail break case ALL prisoners are released from both teams.
9. Once a team member successfully captures the other teams flag and
returns it to their zone without being tagged, that team wins!
e. Intergroup

Capture the Flag can be easily adapted for individuals who have a physical disability,

such as paraplegia. Paraplegia is the paralysis of the lower half of the body; consequently,

many individuals who are paraplegic use wheelchairs as a mobility device. In sports such

as wheelchair rugby, also known as Murderball, players use their wheelchairs to make

physical contact during the game. Capture the Flag could use this same technique.

Moreover, instead of tagging their opponents, wheelchair users could bump into their

opponents with their wheelchair. As a Recreation Therapist, when playing Capture the

Flag with individuals who are paraplegic, pick a location similar to a basketball court,

where players can easily maneuver on a fast and flat surface. The flags used during the

game should be at a reasonable height and should be small enough to be able to be

placed into the players lap. This way, the players can still propel themselves at a fast
Jessica Hetrich

pace, without the flag getting in their way. Players could also have the option to pass off

the flag to one of their teammates to win the game.