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Riggs Review

The ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church is continuing to make strides in

Ndola. We have been going out on door-to-door visitation on Saturdays for
nearly two years. We have covered nearly half of Ndola proper and will soon
start over. We had two become members through a letter of transfer and 17
Birst time visitors in January and February. Most visitors come because they
Church Plot received a invitation/gospel tract from our visitation efforts. The sad part is
View from the only other group of churches we Bind out visiting are the Jehovahs
Petauke Crescent Witnesses. We have heard many times while knocking on doors, If they are
Jehovahs Witnesses, tell them we are not interested.
I mentioned in our last update that we are looking into some property for
Cornerstone Baptist Church. We have been looking and praying for property
for the church for nearly two years. I am excited to report that the property
deal has been Binalized. At the end of February I transferred enough funds to
clear the title deed from the bank where the owner had a lean on the property.
As soon as we have the title deed in hand the remaining funds will be
transferred to pay the full price for the land. The next step will be to have the
title deed changed into the churches name. Once this is done we can begin on
Church Plot
working on building plans and approval by the Ndola City Council to begin
Inside the lot
building. Please be in prayer that these steps will be approved quickly. We
need an additional $30,000.00 to complete the building project. If you are able
to help, send your gift marked Cornerstone Baptist Church building fund.
We will be taking a short furlough from
Ministry needs:
Mid October 2017 through the end of
February 2018. We will be in the Mid- F u n d s t o b u i l d a b u i l d i n g f o r
West in the fall and the West and Cornerstone Baptist Church. We need an
additional $30,000 of our $40,000 goal.
Southwest in January and February 2018.
If you want us to report to your church Commentary sets, KJV study bibles and
reference books for our Bible Institute
contact me at students.
Thank you for enabling us to serve Christ Contact me concerning shipping books.
Church Plot
Street view in Zambia.
Your Missionaries,
John & Marcia Riggs

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