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11/23/2017 Hyderabad Habitat Centre

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Hyderabad Habitat Centre

0 No Comments Sub Category: Real Estate , Real Estate Trend Posted On: Sep 30, 2013
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The development of the proposed Hyderabad Habitat Centre (HHC)
Tweet will be taken up by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Survey (90)
Authority (HMDA) at a cost outlay of Rs. 266 crore. It is proposed to Construction (64)
be developed on a 11-acre site at Khanamet, which belongs to HMDA.
Expert Speak (210)
It will be modeled on the lines of the Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi,
Featured Premium Projects (19)
Share with the objective of promoting the Heritage and Art of Hyderabad as
well as the region as a whole. Being the chief promoter of the project, Home loan (122)
HDMA will contribute land and seed capital towards a Special Purpose House Possession (13)
Vehicle (SPV) which will be created for the purpose of developing and Infrastructure (406)
operating facilities at the center.
Miscellaneous (493)
HHC to form hub for promoting art and culture in the city:
NRI's must know (22)
With the concept for the project based on that of the Indian Habitat Property (318)
Centre, the HHC will be formed in a manner such that it will act as a X
Property Buying (247)
common venue for all cultural activities. As a result, it will facilitate the Request Quotations
exhibition of different art forms, cultural extravaganza as well as any Property Insurance (12)

other activities that would be relevant in displaying the rich cultural Please
Property Renting select category *
heritage of the city. Moreover, it will act as a common ground for the display of different varieties of fine arts as well as Property Selling (46)
Select City *
cultural displays, not only belonging to local talent, but also those belonging to national and international artists.
Ratings and Surveys (20)
The fact that the city currently does not have a facility which is spacious and has all the adequate facilities required for Select(1703)
Area *
Real Estate Trend
the display of various art and cultural activities is considered to be a major drawback. The proposal for the
Real Insights (112)
development of the HHC was considered so that it will facilitate as a venue for the display of any artistic or cultural Contact Person *
activities, be it a painting exhibition, a dance performance or a theatre performance. Taxation (1)
Contact Number...*
Khanamet selected based on its feasibility:
The project is planned to be developed based on the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode, with a consultant EmailBy
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appointed to look into issues related to the identification of a suitable site for the project development. Initially, the
HDMA had many sites at its disposal that could be employed for the project that included sites at Izzatnagar, or by e-mailEnter
address to receive
apartment when
Khanamet, Jawaharnagar and Shamshabad. From among these sites, the one at Khanamet was selected as it was we publish new content
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11/23/2017 Hyderabad Habitat Centre
suitable for the proposed project, besides the availability of large expanse of undeveloped land that could be utilized Select Category
for the purpose.
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Privacy guaranteed
Khanamet, which is located 20 km north-west of Hyderabad, along Prof. C.R. Road, has in its vicinity many renowned
areas like Hitech city and Gachibowli which are commercially well developed. The proposed HHC could result in
considerable appreciation of land value in the proximity. Hence it will be a lucrative proposition for realty developers to
embark on prestigious projects so as to tap into the prospects that the area offers in future.
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11/23/2017 Hyderabad Habitat Centre
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