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Linguistic communication Acquisition and use of language skills and Communicative actions, reflect on every-
components (linguistic, pragmatic, socio- day and literary language.
cultural and strategic) to act effectively in
different communicative contexts.
Mathematic competence and basic Capacity to apply mathematical thinking Data language, basic syntax, use of
competences in science and technology and its tools to describe, interpret, and dictionary.
predict different phenomena in their
Digital competence Creative, critic and safe use of ICT to Access information through ICT,
meet the goals related to work, manipulation and work through different
employability, learning, use of leisure media, sharing and working on-line.
time, inclusion and social participation.
Learning to learn To know and manage ones own learning Self-evaluation, co-evaluation, peer-to-
processes, to adjust them to times and peer observation, re-definition of goals
demands of tasks and activities leading to and planning.
Civic and social competences Ensure optimum physical and mental Explore different social situations, adopt
health, as a resource for oneself different social roles, reflect on life-style
and one's family and one's immediate and promote healthy living and social
social environment. participation.
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship Capacity to recognise existing Collaborative projects, adaptation on
opportunities to develop personal, demand of common needs, analysis and
professional and commercial activities, management of risks and conflicts.
basic knowledge of organisations.
Cultural awareness and expression To know, understand and value, from a Working on different artistic
critic and tolerating perspective, different representations through history,
cultural expressions, as a source of developing self-sense of art and exploring
enjoyment and personal enrichment, and different media and ways of expression.
part of the cultural heritage of people.