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ISSN 1516-3601 #55, JAN/2015


by Ben Goldstein

Nuevas Rutas
Vente de las TIC a las TAC
Adapta tu manera de ensear
a su forma de aprender
por David R. Sousa y
Clara M Molero

Nouvelles Routes
Au Bonheur des Dames
par Marie Gabrielle Bardet

Interview with
Norbert Schmitt
by Jack Scholes


05. Editorial

06. Opinies

08. News

10. Interview

14. Cover Topic

19. How do you say...

in English?

20. Variedades

22. Bilingual Education

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Renato Guazzelli Ben Goldstein Carolina Kano
Catarina Pontes Gleice Mori
25. Slang Editor
Jack Scholes
Clara M Molero Perea
David R. Sousa Fernndez Nuevas Rutas
Higor Cavalcante Sara Tcharkhetian
Conselho Editorial Igor Morais

26. Livros Francisco Gomes de Matos

Graeme Hodgson
Jack Scholes
Jos Roberto A. Igreja
Nouvelles Routes
Leonardo S. Bandeira
Heloisa Brito de Albuquerque Costa Lyle French
Karen Fraser Marie Gabrielle Bardet Eventos

28/30. Articles
Jos Olavo de Amorim
Lizika Goldchleger
Melody Pablos Souza
Norbert Schmitt
Carolina Kano

Lyle French Stephen Krashen Arte: Projeto e Diagramao

The end of motivation Nancy Lake Wilson Akifumi Onishi Myat Comunicao
Pronunciation practice for multiple- Prof Dra. Gretel Eres Fernndez
intelligence classes Prof Antonieta Celani PromoMag Jornalista Responsvel
Sara Walker Cynthia Silva Jos Nello Marques / MTP: 14162

34. Nuevas Rutas

Vente de las TIC a las TAC
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43. Eventos como os anncios veiculados so de inteira responsabilidade dos respectivos anunciantes.

04 | New Ro u t e s D is a l


First of all, a very Happy New Year to teachers can exploit this powerful like us, interested in language for its
all our readers from the New Routes tool. He proposes numerous ways to own sake, and hypothesizes that for
team. We are all looking forward to motivate learners and enrich their most people, motivation plays no role
being able to offer you three more learning experience, including using in successful language acquisition.
issues in 2015, featuring contributions video and text, simultaneous viewing He suggests that we take advantage
from internationally and nationally and reading and new video genres we
of the natural process and make
renowned authorities on language can find online such as literal music
teaching. We sincerely hope that sure students have access to input
videos and mash-ups, in which text
the original interviews and inspiring and visual image combine in different, that they find compelling in class and
articles and activities will be of unexpected ways. Ben ends his article outside of class.
immediate interest to all of you, and inviting teachers to be on the look
of direct relevance to the practice of out for opportunities to enhance The contributions mentioned here
your profession. any text-driven work with video are, of course, just a few of the
this will motivate your learners and many sections in a magazine full of
In this first issue, we feel proud and enrich the learning experience, as original ideas, practical suggestions
privileged to have the Interview video is undoubtedly the media of and information to help make your
with Norbert Schmitt, Professor of the moment. teaching and learning more interesting
Applied Linguistics at the University
and effective.
of Nottingham, and one of the worlds
leading experts in second language We feel very honoured to have an
vocabulary. Among other issues, he article in this issue by Stephen Enjoy!
discusses how many words learners Krashen, the renowned linguist
need to function in English, how and educational researcher who
we identify the vocabulary that is introduced various influential
worth focusing on for learners, and concepts and terms in the study of
what it means to know a word. He second-language acquisition. In his
also explains exactly what formulaic article - The End of Motivation - he
language is, why it is important announces the end of motivation as a
and what criteria should be used to relevant factor in language education
incorporate formulaic sequences into
and the end of concerns that our
students just arent motivated, and
In the Cover Topic - Video: The Media claims that we need to convince our
students that language acquisition is Jack Scholes
Of The Moment - Ben Goldstein offers
compelling reasons for using video good for them and worth the effort. Editor
in the classroom and explains how He points out that very few people are

Dans cette dition, vous apprendrez les quivalences entre franais et

le vocabulaire et dcouvrirez les portugais. Avec laimable courtoisie
curiosits sur le monde de la mode de notre partenaire Marie Gabrielle Leonardo S. Bandeira
avec des tableaux qui montrent Bardet. Profitez-en bien!

El artculo versa sobre la diferencia y aprendizaje de ELE. Un material a la reflexin de que hay que adaptar
entre el uso de las TIC y las TAC que incorpora como novedad a su nuestra manera de ensear a la forma
en el aula de espaol como lengua secuenciacin didctica el uso de de aprender de los nuevos nativos
extranjera. La importancia de dotar a las TAC como apoyo y complemento digitales.
las TIC de un sentido didctico y por digital al libro. Los vdeos, carteles, la
lo tanto, transformarlas en TAC. plataforma virtual o el Manual de Uso
Despus de analizar someramente sern algunos de los elementos que
este concepto presentaremos un analizaremos en el artculo. Sara G. Tcharkhetian
nuevo material para la enseanza El artculo tiene como objetivo llegar

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 05
Opinies - Disal nas Redes Sociais

Raquel Sonego @raquelmaga Yasmin Bueno @yasminbuen0 As entrevistas so as melhores!
Sempre quis ser professora de ingls Ler a revista me faz ver que h pessoas #euamoNR
para poder ser presenteada com a capazes de fazer uma boa entrevista
revista NR #euamoNR e matrias diferentes magnficas! BRUNO CORIOLANO @brunocoriolano
#euamoNR I was surely lost, but I found
#euamoNR Desde que a revista era #NewRoutes. It has undoubtly
impressa, eu a amo de paixo. Sempre Desyre Holtz @DezyHoltz provided me with new ideas and
quis ser professora de ingls para @disallivraria Adoro trocar ideias e connected me with the TEFL world.
poder receb-la de presente assim que me sinto lendo a revista! #euamoNR

COMENTRIOS NO FACEBOOK: Envie sua opinio ou sugesto para:
Beatriz Souto Fabro Borges Luci Cardoso Silva
I read New Routes very frequently with Adoro a revista. Tenho a coleo
my English students and Ive always impressa e agora on line. A disal tem
admired its structure! um diferencial de atendimento e um
suporte ao professor muito legal.


Ive been reading New Routes for to my becoming a blogger and, more
as long as I can remember, and it recently and again thanks to Disal
has had a tremendous impact on an author-to-be.
my career and on the teacher I am
today. The democratic nature of the Regardless of how busy we get
magazine anyone in the ELT world with teaching and with life, taking
can contribute an article! means the time to stop and read every
we have the opportunity, with every article when every new issue of New
new issue, to find out what is going Routes comes out is something I
on in classrooms the world over, will always cherish.
learn cutting edge techniques and
ideas, get to know modern classroom I wish Disal and everyone at New
materials and technologies, and Routes a very happy new year
much, much more. and lots of success. And many new
issues of New Routes , of course!
On a more personal note and in
keeping with what I said above, about Higor Cavalcante is a teacher and
how democratic a magazine it is teacher educator based in So Paulo,
New Routes was where I published Brazil. He is currently the Second
What a pleasure to have been asked my very first article, some seven or Vice-President of the Braz-TESOL
to write few words about one of the so years ago. That article (having it and his first book on language
most incredible ELT magazines in published, that is) was a huge first development for English teachers is
the world! step for me, one that eventually led coming out later this year.

06 | New Ro u t e s D is a l

American Slang,
o ingls de rua, o ingls coloquial,
ainda pouco ensinado nas escolas e
que nos faz falta no momento
de interagir no idioma
de forma natural e eficaz.
As grias e os termos coloquiais
usados pelos americanos.






Chega ao fim e com grande sucesso o evento da Disal de
setembro, outubro e novembro de 2014. E novamente
contamos com a presena de timos palestrantes , pblico
engajado e sempre em busca de conhecimento e novidades.
Nesta edio, foi realizada a campanha Estude no
Canad de graa, em parceria com a agncia This Way
Intercmbios. Para participar do sorteio final deste ltimo
evento, mais uma regra foi adicionada: a cada semana do
evento, a This Way Intercmbios postava em sua pgina
do Facebook uma letra aleatria e, ao final da campanha,
o participante que obtivesse a maior participao nas
palestras e respondesse corretamente a pergunta Qual
a palavra formada anunciada na pgina da This Way
Intercmbios? estaria na final para concorrer ao prmio.
Dessa vez, tivemos cinco finalistas e o vitorioso desse
incrvel prmio foi Michael F. Driscoll. O participante
aceitou com muita alegria o prmio de quatro semanas
de curso na General English, The Language Gallery,
localizada em Toronto, Canad. Clique na imagem e veja
o depoimento do ganhador desse incrvel prmio. Confira
a nova programao do Calendrio de eventos na pg. 43! Ganhador da Campanha" Estude no Canad
de graa!"

Empec a trabajar con la Editorial Edelsa de Espaa como Asesora verdadero Best Seller en el mundo de E/LE. Con el xito del VEN en
Didctica en Brasil en abril de 1993. Diez aos despus, en 2003 Edelsa lanza el NUEVO VEN y en 2014 ofrece VENTE.
noviembre de 2003, en la empresa Disal Distribuidora de Livros,
Representante Exclusivo para todo Brasil . Los mtodos ms recientes para escuelas de idiomas y colegios
son : Colega para los ms chiquitos (6 a 10 aos), Cdigo ELE para
En todos estos aos particip en varios Congresos de Espaol a los adolescentes (11 a 14 aos) y Embarque, Pasaporte y Vente (15
lo largo de todo Brasil; tuve la oportunidad de conocer a muchos aos en adelante) Algunas de las escuelas de idiomas y colegios que
profesores con los que pude compartir experiencias, hice muchos adoptan nuestros libros: Colegio Porto Seguro, Colegio Petrpolis,
talleres y formaciones en colegios y escuelas de idiomas, en los Colegio Augusto Laranja, Colegio Divina Providencia (Jundia),
que di soporte sobre nuestros mtodos adoptados. Son amistades Liceu Albert Sabin (Ribeiro Preto) , Colegio Provincia de So Pedro
profesionales de mucho valor. Trabajar para una editorial tan (Porto Alegre ), SENAC , entre otros. Estoy siempre a disposicin,
importante como Edelsa me dio la posibilidad de aprender mucho para todos los profesores que quieran conocer nuestros mtodos,
sobre libros didcticos, pero, lo ms importante, fue conseguir pueden combinar conmigo una visita contactndome por telfono
contemplar las necesidades de los profesores, tanto con las o por e-mail.
formaciones sobre los mtodos como con muestras gratuitas.
EDELSA, la editorial Espaola pionera en la implantacin de las
Lo que ms me gusta de trabajar con Edelsa es la importancia Nuevas Tecnologas en sus mtodos de E/LE (libros On-line,
que le da al profesor mandando dos veces por ao autores para plataforma Moodle, libros digitalizados) para todos los soportes:
impartir talleres. Lo hacemos por varias capitales de todo Brasil. tablete, iphone, ordenador, etc. Espero que nuestros contactos
Tambin me brindan un soporte total a m, para poder dar la mejor sean provechosos, dinmicos y satisfactorios. Para m, siempre lo
atencin posible a los profesores; eso me da confianza, la que les son. Es un renovarse da a da.
transmito a los profesores a la hora de decidir una adopcin con
criterio y tranquilidad del trabajo hecho a conciencia. Edelsa se
fund en 1986 como una Oficina de Representacin en Espaa
del grupo escolar francs Hatier. En 1988 Edelsa compr una
incipiente editorial espaola , EDI 6 ,dedicada al Espaol como
Lengua Extranjera, en cuyo catlogo se encontraba el famoso
curso comunicativo de Espaol en libros tales como: Para Empezar,
Esto funciona. Desde ese momento Edelsa, con definitiva vocacin
de Editor especializada en el campo de E/LE, empieza a desarrollar
un importante catlogo. El primer mtodo comunicativo editado
fue el VEN, libro ms vendido en Brasil y en el mundo, un
08 | New Ro u t e s D is a l Sara Tcharkhetian - apoioped.espanh


O lanamento do livro A caa de baleias no Brasil:
De peixe real a iguaria japonesa foi realizado na Livraria
Leitura do Shopping Center Manara,, Joo Pessoa, no
dia 5 de dezembro de 2014. Um dos coautores, William
Edmundson,, participou do evento organizado pela Disal
Editora e Livraria Leitura, que contou com uma sesso de
autgrafos e um bate-papo sobre o trabalho com bilogos e
acadmicos da rea.
Durante as duas horas do evento, estiveram presentes cerca ra
Shopping Mana
de 50 pessoas, incluindo representantes da comunidade de Livraria Leitura
Costinha-PB (onde existiu uma estao baleeira at 1985), o
diretor do zoolgico de Joo Pessoa, jovens historiadores, Reser ve agora
professores da UFPB e do IFPB, bem como pesquisadores clique aqui!
universitrios de Pernambuco e da Bahia.


Im thrilled to announce that my We had a lot of fun writing this book!
brand-new book with American Check out some other common terms
coauthor Robert C. Young is out! This used on a daily basis by Americans
new work is packed with up-to-date that you can expect to find in this
and usual slang words/colloquial new work: give someone a heads-
terms used by Americans in everyday up; the new black; what the fuck;
conversation. break bad; cut the crap; flip the bird;
Heres a sample: chain-smoke; badmouth; go with
the flow; a no-no; selfie (Over 600
slang words/colloquial expressions)
317 pages of real English and
Jos Roberto Igreja
fun like youve never seen before.
A great book to stay current with what
Americans are saying these days.
We hope you get a kick out of it! Reser ve agora

Jos Roberto A. Igreja clique aqui!

A loja ganhou uma confortvel rea destinada leitura e um espao para encontros e palestras, sempre buscando um
atendimento aos clientes cada vez melhor. Aguardamos sua visita!

Loja de pinh
eiros veja como chegar

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 09
Interview with Norbert Schmitt by Jack Scholes


JS: Could you please tell us a little bit first about your vocabulary in reading texts and listening passages. You
background, and your main areas of interest? dont have to know every word. Sometimes we can skip
a word and dont lose any meaning, but sometimes we
NS: I started my career quite late, as a lot of applied have to guess meaning from context. So the research
linguists do. When I was 32, I decided I wanted a change in seems to show that if you know 95-98% of the words,
life and I wanted to travel, so I went to Japan without any youre normally able to get the meaning. What does that
teaching experience or any real knowledge, and basically mean in terms of the vocabulary size you need? Our best
learned on my feet, and I ended up really liking it. So I estimates now are you need 8,000-9,000 word families to
did a Masters at the Osaka branch of Temple University. be able to read a wide variety of texts. For speaking and
It was during the bubble economy in Japan so they were listening, speech is less dense than written discourse, so
able to bring in all the big names. There was a monthly 2,000 or 3,000 word families will get you a long ways in
visiting speaker. It was the most fabulous place in the everyday conversation.
world. At some point when I had finished my Masters,
I started becoming interested in vocabulary. I just fell in JS: The English language is estimated to have between
love with it and the questions of how people learn words one and two million word forms. How do we even begin
and phrases. to identify the vocabulary that is worth focusing on for
JS: You specialize in vocabulary. Do we know how many
words learners need to function in English? NS: Thats a really good question because nobody knows
all the words in English. Native speakers dont know them.
NS: Yes, we have a rough idea, but the correct answer The best tool we have is frequency. We can look at how
to any applied linguistics question is: It depends. With often words occur. High frequency words like table, look,
productive vocabulary, its really hard to tell. If youre and love occur over and over again because we need them
speaking and you dont know a word, you can paraphrase, a lot.
you can somehow get around it. So people can have
strategies for getting meaning across even if they dont JS: Many writers and publishers focus on the 2,000 or
know the best word. People who are good at that will 3,000 words that are the most frequent according to
require fewer words and people who are not so good corpora. Is this the most effective way?
might just get stumped. With receptive vocabulary we
have a better idea, because we can analyze the range of NS: Thats the best way we have. Its not perfect. Just

10 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
Interview with Norbert Schmitt by Jack Scholes

because a word is in the 2,000 or 3,000 word list doesnt that weve already studied. Its really difficult for teachers
mean that everybody uses it all the time, but the to recycle enough in the classroom, so maximizing
probability is that for most people, most of the time, exposure outside the classroom is key. We can do this
these high-frequency words will be useful, and will by extensive reading, watching TV, anything that gives
probably be useful for anybody learning English because more exposure, in different contexts that will enhance or
these are about everyday, basic ideas. From about 3,000- elaborate the meanings of the words that students have
5,000 words, you get into common mid-frequency words. started learning in the classroom.
Theyre not going to come up all the time, but theyre
really useful. Beyond that, maybe from about 5,000-10,000, JS: What about extensive reading and graded readers?
these are still useful mid-frequency words, like brandy,
which will only be useful if youre feeling like a nice drink NS: Extensive reading is really valuable to give more
in the evening, but that happens sometimes, doesnt it? repetition and seeing the words in different contexts. One
thing many teachers and programmers forget about is
JS: What does it mean to know a word? Does greater that its not just about learning more words. Its also about
vocabulary size relate to greater depth of vocabulary enhancing words you already know. Im a vocabulary guy
knowledge? so I look at it from a vocabulary standpoint and I know that
extensive reading really helps vocabulary learning, but
NS: Yes it does. One of the things that its important to whats really sweet about it, is that it helps all of language
realize when we talk about vocabulary size is that were learning. Of course, it helps your reading, it helps you
actually measuring it in some way. Every measurement become more familiar with grammar, to understand how
we have is in some way a depth measurement. So, are we English is structured for pragmatic purposes. So extensive
going to measure size in terms of how many words you reading is probably the best value way of enhancing your
can recognize and understand the meaning of? Thats one learning beyond what you get in the classroom, in a very
way to measure it. But we could also measure it by asking enjoyable way. Everybody needs learning beyond the
how many words you can use in a sentence with the right classroom and extensive reading is a really valuable way
collocations and very appropriately. That would also be of doing that.
size, but it would be many fewer words. So depth and size
are absolutely related because however we measure size, JS: Could you please explain exactly what formulaic
theres going to be depth. From my own research what Ive language is, and why it is important?
found is that for the high frequency words you typically
know a lot about them because you see them a lot. For NS: Very simply, formulaic language is vocabulary that has
low frequency words maybe all you know is the meaning, a meaning, but that meaning is attached to more than one
but maybe you cant pronounce them right, maybe you word. For example, lets take the idea of dying. How can
dont know the right collocations, maybe you cant use we express that meaning? We can use a single word die,
them appropriately. Its much less likely that youre going we can have a sort of euphemism pass away. That still
to have full mastery. means die, but there are two words, so thats formulaic
language. Kick the bucket would be an expression, thats
JS: Could you please explain the difference between three words, but theyre not three separate words really.
incidental learning and explicit intentional learning, and They look like it, but theyre really one word that has one
what each adds to vocabulary knowledge? meaning - to die. So formulaic language is multi-word units
that have a single meaning. For me, formulaic language is
NS: Think about learning a language in your mother the umbrella term for this idea, but there are different
tongue. Its almost all incidental. Children in their first categories, like collocations, phrasal verbs, and idioms.
language learn almost totally incidentally. At school,
children learn the written form for words they already When we do research we find that somewhere between
know orally. When it comes to second language learning, 25-50% of language is actually formulaic language. So we
we need both incidental and explicit learning. Incidental need to get away from the idea that language is individual
learning does help, but it is slow, not very sure, and vocabulary words that are held together with grammar.
you can forget quite easily. For mother tongue learning, Some scholars estimate that native speakers know as
theres so much exposure, so much repetition, that its many formulaic sequences as they do individual words,
always reinforced. and I think they are probably right.

Explicit learning is stronger, more powerful, just because JS: What criteria should be used to incorporate formulaic
youre focusing on the words. The problem is you cant sequences into teaching?
study every word. The punchline for me is we need both.
Explicit instruction focusing on the most useful words is NS: The honest answer is, I dont really know. We know
necessary, and then we need to have lots of incidental that formulaic language is important, but were still trying
learning to reinforce and learn more about those words to figure the pedagogy out. Were at the point where we

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 11
Interview with Norbert Schmitt by Jack Scholes

know that formulaic sequences exist and that theyre pencil thats pretty clear. Students probably will be
important and were starting to describe what they are, able to guess that, so maybe we dont need to teach that
but were not at the point yet that we can make very clear meaning sense. But how about might as well? What does
statements or give clear help to the teachers about what that mean? You cant really figure it out from the three
to do. At the moment, the best I can do is to say that we words. We might as well get married next week. This is
need to make students aware that vocabulary is not just something you actually have to study. So what we did was
individual words and maybe teach prototypical examples. we took the highest frequency multi-word units that were
I think the main way of looking at it is meaning-based. If not transparent, non-guessable and we built a list of 505
we want to teach students how to say certain things, in formulaic sequences. Since they had a special definition
many cases those will be formulaic sequences. So maybe based around frequency and opaque meaning, we had
instead of teaching collocations as if they were just two to find a new name for that so we called them PHRASal
words added up, like A+B, if we want to teach the idea Expressions, or PHRASE for short. The PHRASE List is
that I want coffee with nothing in it, instead of teaching available on my website where you can download it for
coffee and then the adjective black to go with it, we just free. This is the first step toward giving teachers some
teach black coffee as a single chunk to express that idea. help in deciding which formulaic sequences are most
So start teaching some multi-word units the same way as valuable to teach. Its not the only list. Its not the perfect
individual vocabulary. list, but we feel like its a good start for teachers who want
to include this in their classroom, but really dont have
JS: Can we rely on incidental acquisition of formulaic any idea how to proceed.
language or does it require targeted teaching?
JS: What do you enjoy most about your job?
NS: Incidental learning does help and thats one reason
why extensive reading, for example, is really important, NS: Two things I enjoy most. First is I really enjoy
because youre going to get exposed to these collocations research and writing. The second is mentoring my PhD
and formulaic sequences in a way that we cant really students. Ive got world class PhD students who are going
address in an instructed manner. So probably the best to be the next generation of vocabulary researchers. I
way is to encourage massive exposure. As we begin to learn as much from them as they learn from me. Its a real
understand the learning of formulaic sequences better, collaboration. Ive seen some of my former students going
we might be able to develop a more explicit, targeted out and becoming established names and are already
teaching approach, but at the moment we dont really very influential, so its a real pleasure to mentor these
have it. future stars and help them get a quick start and see them
take on their own PhD students. Now I have academic
JS: Could you please explain the selection framework grandchildren, my students students. Thats what I get
based on frequency and transparency suggested by you most pleasure from.
and Ron Martinez?

NS: I mentioned that were struggling with actually how

to give teachers help. So my former PhD student, Ron
Martinez, and I tried to take a really practical approach.
We cant teach all formulaic sequences, but which
ones might be most useful for students? Frequency is
important because formulaic sequences come up all the
time. But theyre still too many. So how are we going to
make the list smaller so that teachers could teach it?
And so we came upon the idea of transparency. If its
a collocation, for example like pick up pick up your

The interviewee

Norbert Schmitt is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Nottingham. He is interested in all aspects of
second language vocabulary and has lectured and published widely on this topic, including 8 books, and more than
50 research articles. This includes the best-selling textbook on academic vocabulary entitled Focus on Vocabulary:
Mastering the Academic Wordlist by Pearson Press, co-authored with his wife, Diane Schmitt. His personal website
( provides many research and teaching resources, including vocabulary wordlists and
tests. It also includes most of his research articles available for free download.

12 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
Estude nos EUA
de graa! Maro

Comece bem Participe das palestras ministradas

em 2015!!
na Disal-Matriz!
Amplie seu conhecimento!

> Veja programao no site: / Fone 11 3226-3100

Estude nos Estados Unidos
de graa!*
Quer estudar nos Estados Unidos de graa? A Disal, em parceria
com a World Study, leva voc! *Consulte o regulamento e
saiba como participar. No perca esta chance, inscreva-se!:

Realizao: Apoio: Parceiros:

Cover Topic by Ben Goldstein


Exploiting and creating video

It takes you into another world.
Its clear that most language teachers believe that using Its a window on the world.
video is a good idea but why do they think this? When I It encourages intercultural awareness and critical
was in the preparation stages for my new book Language thinking. Visual stimuli is processed faster in the brain
Learning with Digital Video (Cambridge University than text.
Press, 2015, co-authored with Paul Driver), I conducted Being visually literate, knowing how to process visual
a series of interviews with teachers on the subject of data is an increasingly necessary skill these days.
video; the following reasons were frequently given for Authentic videos provide an enormous amount of
using it in the language classroom: cultural information economically.
We can take in so much more information if it is
Its dynamic, and its what our learners are watching presented visually or in combination with text.
outside class. Video is a powerful motivational tool for learners.

14 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Ben Goldstein Cover Topic

I would agree with all of these statements but the way this relationship is played out online.
interesting thing about them is they see video very
much from the point of view of its exploitation Indeed, it seems clear that the digital age is transforming
potential. However, taking up that last point, how much the way we read. Consider a website that you visit
more motivational if the learners produce the videos regularly, for example your daily newspaper, think about
themselves? It then occurred to me that a book on this how its homepage has changed in the last five or ten
subject at the present time should be divided fairly years. Youll see that video has taken on a much more
equally into Video Exploitation and Video Creation. This important role in the way this information is transmitted
is especially important since YouTube and other sites online. These technological advances also offer us new
and platforms have blurred the divide between creator ways to combine language with other symbol systems
and viewer; nowadays we are all users. The plethora of and modalities on the same page. On the Internet, you
self-made or self-edited videos on such sites show how may be alerted to the presence of video by a play icon
we can manipulate and select what we want, when we or a flashing camera symbol on the home page of your
want it. If we are then not happy with the result, we digital newspaper, for example.
simply record and upload our own version.
However, the Internet does not serve only as a way
To the above list made by teachers, I would add the of retransmitting familiar formats, as a new delivery
following: mechanism for old media. As Frank Rose has said, a new
(Some of the ideas here come from research found at multi-modal narrative form is emerging: The Internet is the first medium that can act like all media it can be
text, or audio, or video, or all of the above. It is non-linear
* Visual media helps students retain concepts and ideas ... it is inherently participatory and often game-like, and
thats designed above all to be immersive. This is deep
* Video can play an important role in new learning media. (2011)
environments that feature increased student interaction
and student-generated content (e.g. students making At the same time, text accompanies video in many
their own videos) different ways in these online environments. For
example, what would You Tube be without all the
* The familiarity and appeal of the video format (present comments and surrounding text? Although some
in leisure contexts such as YouTube) can help engage of these written contributions are boring or even
and motivate learners and maintain their interest. offensive, many others enhance our understanding and
appreciation of the video. More importantly, they allow
* Visual literacy is a key skill to develop in the digital new online communities and affinity groups to emerge
age. Learners may require it in many walks of life not often via English, the Internets lingua franca. They are
just language learning. They will see it impact on their also interesting as texts in themselves because they
studies in general. include symbols, which refer specifically to the video
clip, such as a quotation or a specific time reference.
Video and text In the past, we wouldnt have understood a piece of
shorthand such as LOL 2.46 *hair flick* but watching
As video is so all-pervasive these days, there are the video alongside this, we can conjecture that this
arguments in favour of exploiting the medium purely comment means I thought the moment that the
for its visual stimulus. I have a lot of sympathy with person flicked his/her hair back at 2.46 minutes was
this notion since removing the issue of listening really funny!
comprehension means that you can use the same piece
of video material at different levels. Instead of grading Simultaneous viewing & reading
the visual content, you simply grade the corresponding
tasks. However, I feel it would be wrong to dispense Another important change is that nowadays we can read
with the idea of working with text alongside video. In these short texts at the same time as we view the clips.
fact, I believe it is precisely the relationship between People are increasingly accustomed to multi-tasking in
the visual image and the written word (its multi- this way, to switching from one discourse to another
modality) which is so fascinating, especially in the and to be watching and interacting with other viewers

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 15
Cover Topic by Ben Goldstein

at the same time. This has implications for preparing lectures these days are frequently animated to bring to
materials with video. There are now platforms and life what would be a static oral text. Once again, the
programs which enable you to show a video sequence combination of word and image (the multi-modal nature
and the students to answer questions simultaneously of the text) is what appeals to us and keeps our attention.
on the same screen, making the viewing experience In the above examples, cognitively challenging texts
much more interactive and immersive. These questions are made accessible and more enjoyable by the use of
can be time-linked so that students know exactly when video, which provides vital support to comprehension.
to answer them (e.g. one such platform is Educanon: From a practical point of view, So, returning to the issue of videos impact on how
this means that video can be integrated increasingly we read today, I think we could add some other bullet
into other language work in and outside the classroom points to the equation (some of these points can be
and not considered as a separate entity, which it still found at:
so often is. impact-technology-learning/)

Likewise, there are an increasing number of tools * Video can provide contextual information and
which make the viewing and learning experience comprehension scaffolds to guide and support an
more dynamic. Lyrics Training (http://lyricstraining. individuals reading.
com/) is another site which allows learners to watch a
music video and complete the lyrics at the same time. * Multimedia presentations (video, images, sound, text)
If learners make a mistake, the video stops until they can create stronger memory links than text alone. In
get the lyrics right. Like many digital tools, the instant addition, digital technologies allow instant playbacks,
gratification that this tool brings has major implications so memory can be refreshed at once.
for the classroom. If learners can do this so easily and
efficiently on their own at home - why waste time filling * Digital reading materials can be hyperlinked to
in gaps in the classroom? This suggests to me that we different media (including video), which students can
should be working with established genres (such as the choose to help their comprehension of the material.
music video) in different ways in class. For example, we
could ask learners to read the lyrics and then visualize The same thing is happening with genres specifically
their own images for the accompanying music video. related to language learning. For example, language
They then watch the clip and compare. Likewise, we coursebooks such as Cambridges new secondary
can compare different video versions of the same song, course Eyes Open / Uncover has video (from Discovery
analyse mash-ups or study literal music videos a Education) fully integrated into its methodology. Many
parody of an official music video clip in which the lyrics publishers also have associated platforms in which
have been replaced with those that describe the visuals video is embedded and, of course, their own YouTube
in the video. Channels. One advantage of this is that formal work is
given an informal or fun quality by being made available
New genres on a platform or site that learners associate with
leisure activities.
Literal music videos and mash-ups are just two
examples of the new video genres we can find online One particular genre which is being reinvented thanks
in which text and visual image combine in different, to the digital age is the graded reader. For example, the
unexpected ways. This can be seen in the use of kinetic Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive Readers
typography (the technical term for moving text) in include embedded video, audio and interactive
which the text is presented in a dynamic way using exercises for both self-study and classroom use.
illustration to transmit a certain concept or emotion. These are available in the format that you feel most
This leads to the creation of new genres such as visual comfortable with, in print with an access code, 100% or
poetry in which a combination of word and image via a downloadable app.
enhance comprehension of a poetic text. Likewise,

16 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Ben Goldstein Cover Topic

Of course, not all readers possess associated video but

this is easily solved. Simply do a search on YouTube
or other platforms such as Vimeo (
under a relevant tag. For example, you could check
out clips which introduce the topic you are tackling in
a text to raise interest before reading. Likewise, after
working with the reader, you could search for clips
which consolidate the input that students have already
seen. This works particularly well when a topic is all-
encompassing and there are lots of possible angles that
you could explore.

Most of us are now accustomed to reading and viewing

information at the same time, so be on the look out for
opportunities to enhance any text-driven work with
video this will motivate your learners and enrich the
learning experience, as video is undoubtedly the media
of the moment.


Ben Goldstein & Paul Driver (2015) Language Learning

with Digital Video, Cambridge.
BenGoldstein & Ceri Jones (2015) Uncover / Eyes Open,
Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive readers
Rose, F. (2011) The Art of Immersion, Norton.

The author

Ben is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. He has taught English for over twenty years in the UK, Spain and
Hong Kong. He currently teaches on The New Schools online MATESOL program (New York). He has published the
new secondary level series Uncover / Eyes Open, as well as English Unlimited Advanced and the teachers methodology
handbooks Working with Images and Language Learning with Digital Video (with Paul Driver) all published by Cambridge
University Press. He also published two adult coursebook series for Richmond: New Framework and The Big Picture.
Visual literacy and identity and language learning are among his interests. /

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 17
Talleres Edelsa
Disal 2015
Estrategias de induccin
en la enseanza de la
gramtica de Espaol
como lengua extranjera.

Fecha: 20/03/2015 - Horario: 14:00 ~ 17:00hs

Direccin: Disal Higienpolis - Rua Maria Antnia, 380 - Cep 01222-010 - So Paulo
Telfono: 11 3256-7293 / 3256-0264
Inscripciones: | 3226-3100
Por favor, es muy importante que envie su confirmacin por e-mail, con nombre completo, telfono y nmero de cpf.
Sortearemos el libro Gramtica en Contexto y al final del evento todos recibirn el certificado de participacon.
Los esperamos!

La induccin en el abordaje de los contenidos gramaticales est orientada al descubrimiento y a la construccin de una explicacin
sobre el funcionamiento de formas y estructuras, a partir de la observacin y reflexin de muestras de lengua contextualizadas.
En este taller profundizaremos sobre la induccin en la enseanza de lenguas extranjeras (teora y prctica) y elaboraremos secuencias
didcticas inductivas con los participantes.

Lorena Menn
Licenciada en Letras (FESB - Bragana Paulista - SP). Tiene posgrado en Ensino de espaol para brasileiros.
(PUC-SP), la maestra en Letras-Espanhol (USP-SP). Actualmente, cursa el doctorado en Letras-Espanhol
(USP-SP). Es coautora de la la obra: Gramtica en contexto. Curso de gramtica para comunicar, por la
editorial Edelsa.

Enrique Melone
Licenciado em Letras Portugus/Espaol (UNIP - Universidade Paulista). Profesor de espaol como lengua materna
y extranjera, se desempea actualmente como coordinador del Departamento de Educacin en CNA - Sede
central de So Paulo. All se ocupa fundamentalmente de la capacitacin de profesores y la elaboracin de
material didctico. Es coautor de la la obra: Gramtica en contexto. Curso de gramtica para comunicar, por la
editorial Edelsa.
by Jos Roberto A. Igreja How do you say ... in English?


Existe tambm o verbo to arm wrestle.

Confira os exemplos abaixo:

Todd is definitely the best at arm wrestling.

No one has beat him so far.
Todd sem dvida o melhor no brao de
ferro. Ningum ganhou dele ainda.

Nick wouldnt stand a chance if he were to

arm wrestle Josh.
Nick no teria a mnima chance se
disputasse um brao de ferro com o Josh.



Mary lives in a two-story house at the After a bumpy flight, Jim was glad they Ayrton Senna will remain in our
end of the street. had landed at the airport safe and memories as one of the best formula 1
Mary mora num sobrado no final sound. drivers of all times.
da rua. Aps um voo turbulento, Jim estava Ayrton Senna permanecer em
Observe que, alm de ser usado contente por terem aterrissado sos e nossas lembranas como um dos
em sua acepo mais comum (de salvos no aeroporto. melhores pilotos de Frmula 1 de
histria, narrativa), o substantivo todos os tempos.
story tambm significa floor PR UM PONTO FINAL EM/PR Para dizer piloto de corrida,
(pavimento, andar). UM FIM EM independentemente da categoria,
A five-story building. PUT AND END TO o substantivo correto driver,
Um prdio de cinco andares. e no pilot. Pilot usado para
Its about time we put an end to all this referir-se a piloto de avio, navio e
TORRAR GRANA/GASTAR TOA gossip!, said the boss at the office. nave espacial.
BLOW MONEY J est na hora de colocarmos um
ponto final em toda essa fofoca!,
I wonder how Bill managed to blow disse o chefe no escritrio.
one hundred thousand dollars in such
a short time! DEIXAR CLARO
Gostaria de saber como Bill MAKE IT CLEAR
conseguiu torrar 100 mil dlares em
to pouco tempo! Jerry made it very clear that he had no
O verbo to squander (esbanjar), intention to run for any political office.
menos informal, tambm pode ser Jerry deixou bem claro que no
usado nesse contexto. tinha inteno de concorrer a cargo
poltico algum.

O autor

Jos Roberto A. Igreja has a BA in English and Literature from PUC/SP. He is the author of Ingls Fluente em 30 Lies;
Fale tudo em Ingls nos Negcios!; Como se diz em ingls?; How do you say ... in English?; Say it all in Brazilian Portuguese!;
Fale Tudo em Ingls!; Fale tudo em Ingls em Viagens! and False Friends. Hes also the co-author of Ingls de Rua -
American Slang; Fluent Business English; English for Job interviews!; Fale Ingls como um Americano; Phrasal Verbs and
American Idioms!, all published by Disal Editora. You can check out his blog at

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 19

Many learners of English have difficulty understanding Hospitals sued by 7 foot doctors
newspaper headlines. Because headlines need to be short and
to the point, and attract the readers attention, they are often Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers
incomplete sentences, and they also use special rules, which
are different from everyday grammar. Many words are often Miners refuse to work after death
left out, replaced or simply implied. Here are a few of the most
common rules of the grammar of newspaper headlines. War dims hope for peace

1. A string of three or more nouns may come together without Man kills self before shooting wife and daughter
a verb.
More power cuts in countryside. Something went wrong in jet crash, expert says

2. Present tenses are used for both present and past events. If strike isnt settled quickly, it may last awhile
Terrorists attack village.
Cold wave linked to temperatures
3. The infinitive form refers to the future.
Prime Minister to visit Brazil. Couple slain; police suspect homicide

4. Auxiliary verbs are left out in passive structures. Red tape holds up new bridges
Thousands killed in earthquake.
Man struck by lightning: faces battery charge
5. Articles are usually left out.
Man found dead in bus station. New study of obesity looks for larger test group

These different grammar rules can sometimes cause headlines Astronaut takes blame for gas in spacecraft
to be ambiguous and silly. Headlines can also be accidentally
hilarious. See if you and/or your students can discover why Local high school dropouts cut in half
the headlines below are funny.
Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead
Juvenile court to try shooting defendant
Missipis literacy program shows improvement
Panda mating fails; veterinarian takes over
Miracle cure kills fifth patient
Kids make nutritious snacks

Now try to explain these puns. A bicycle cant stand on its own because its two-tired.

He did a theatrical performance about puns. It was really just I dont trust these stairs. Theyre always up to something.
a play on words.
I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.
I used to be a banker, but I lost interest.
When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.
Im glad I know sign language. Its pretty handy.
No one knew he had a dental implant until it came out in
Police were called to a daycare centre where a 3-year-old was conversation.
resisting a rest.

The man survived mustard gas and pepper spray. Now hes a
seasoned veteran.

20 | New Ro u t e s D is a l

Focaccia pugliese
fogaza pugliese


1 tablete de fermento para po
1 batata mdia cozida
500 g de farinha de trigo
1 colher de azeite de oliva extravirgem
gua o suficiente
uma pitada de sal


20 tomates-cereja
20 azeitonas pretas sem caroo
1 colher de azeite de oliva extravirgem
organo e sal a gosto
ejar a
, desp ra com
u m a tigela ma assadei as
. Em tar u arte d
mates es. Un map
o os to tomat ates co despej
ar o
ar ao mei mperar os ir o s tom im o,
e co rt
e te istrib u
e, por
lt orga-
l. Mis sa e d eitonas hando
e o sa a mas polvil da, a
azeite te, es palhar r co m as az . Finalizar b em doura
ta ia r
de azei ma. Comple focacc estive
um fio ar a ci o r ci ma da s. Q uando
tes p e sal p inu to
semen azeite r 45 m
ho de 0C po u morn
molhin ao forno a 20 ir quente o
var . Serv
no. Le t pro
n ta
ia es

Derreter o fermento em um copo de gua morna. Em uma tigela, amassar
a batata ainda quente, a farinha, o azeite, uma pitada de sal e acrescentar
o fermento. Misturar todos os ingredientes at obter uma massa macia.
Deixar repousar por cerca de 2 horas em um lugar seco, cobrindo com um
pano limpo.

Lavar e cortar ao meio os tomates. Em uma tigela, despejar a colher de

azeite e o sal. Misturar e temperar os tomates. Untar uma assadeira com
um fio de azeite, espalhar a massa e distribuir os tomates com a parte das
147 para cima. Completar com as azeitonas e, por ltimo, despejar o
molhinho de azeite e sal por cima da focaccia. Finalizar polvilhando orga-
no. Levar ao forno a 200C por 45 minutos. Quando estiver bem dourada, a
focaccia est pronta. Servir quente ou morna.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 21
Bilingual Education by Lyle French


The 5th International Conference on Language Immersion education to take on immersion education; it is now the
Education took place at the end of October for the first fastest growing new segment in American education.
time in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this year we had the Over the last five years Utah alone has opened 118
largest number of Brazilian educators in attendance. Over immersion schools teaching 25,000 students in public
the last few years this event has taken place every four schools academic content in: Spanish, Portuguese,
years at the University of Minnesota and was organised Chinese, French and German (adding Russian in 2016).
by CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Gregg Roberts, the director for World Languages and
Acquisition). Now with the addition of the University of Dual Immersion for the state of Utah department of
Utah, the plan is that this event will take place every two education summed it up with, Yes, America is behind
years alternating between Utah and Minnesota. the world when it comes to being bilingual/multilingual.
I truly believe that monolingualism is the illiteracy of the
The event this year had about 600 delegates representing 21st Century and now we are trying to move forward.
22 countries and 44 states in the USA. Over 15 languages
of instruction were represented at the event although the The list of invited speakers was reminiscent of the events
two official languages were English and Spanish. One of held here in Brazil over the last six years and included:
the reasons the event was held in Utah is because this Dr. Fred Genesee (Canada), Dr. Roy Lyster (Canada), Dr.
state represents the growing movement in American Siv Bjorklund (Finland), Dr. Cristina Banfi (Argentina), Dr.

22 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Lyle French Bilingual Education

Peeter Mehisto (Canada), Dr. Myriam Met (USA), Dr. Tara the classroom. They showed student work samples and
Fortune (USA), and Dr. Diane Tedick (USA), just to mention then compared literacy development of monolingual
a few. The overarching theme was mainstreaming access students in Brazil vs students in immersion schools.
to multilingual communities with an emphasis on looking This was based on the work of Dr. Telma Weiz (PROFA).
at which best practices allow our immersion students to They engaged participants to draw parallels between
gain the most while learning content in a 2nd language. the phases of literacy of English and Portuguese and to
consider what interventions are needed to ensure that
Brazilian Schools Participation both languages advance.

Over ten schools from Brazil were represented at this I showed work from Escola Beit Yaacov in So Paulo on
event including four presentations in the programme. how we are working to ensure that language is a focus
Karen Fraser Colby de Mattos (Beacon School), Paula in all lessons, specifically during content lessons, in my
Teixeira Castro (Escola do Futuro), Silvia Juhas (Aymar presentation, From theory to Practice: Form-Focused
Educao e Tecnolgia) and me, Lyle French (Escola Beit Instruction in Action; A look into a Brazilian Immersion
Yaacov). In addition to this there were two presentations School. This was a summary of work done in my school
on the Portuguese immersion programmes in the Utah based on Dr. Roy Lysters research on form-focused
and their ties to Brazil both in writing curriculum and instruction during content lessons. At my school,
selecting teachers. In addition, I was asked to participate teachers have very clear language goals in content
on the Literacy Development in Immersion Programs lessons and through a counter-balanced approach are
panel together with Dr. Myriam Met, Dr. Michael Everson, making students aware of form, (for example used to
Dr. Elisabeth Howard and Dr. Thorsten Piske to highlight during a science lesson).
effective practices and promising trends in setting
literacy goals for our immersion students. What Model of Immersion is Best?

Brazilian Presentations What was clear at this event, and has been evident at
similar events organised here in Brazil, is that there is
The presentation by Silvia Juhas was done together with no one model of immersion education, except to say
Jamie Leite, director of Portuguese Immersion in Utah and that students must learn academic content in a second
focused in on how to implement an authentic literacy language, and that, in the main, most schools operate
programme in Portuguese immersion. This was a turning with at least 40% of the day in the instruction in the 2nd
of the tables for those of us working in Brazil as we got language. Aside from this, there are many models and
insight into what students in the US need in order to be ways of working with our immersion students to grant
successful with Portuguese as a second language, rather them very high levels of fluency (academic and social)
than the other way round for us here. What was clear in the second language. A common thread throughout all
here was that in order to be successful with immersion the presentations was the fact that teachers need to be
literacy, nothing can be left to chance, and that we need more aware of and systematic about student language
to be systematic in our instruction. The benefits of this output during academic instruction (the fact that we
are paying off in Utah as they are on the road to having are teaching science in English does not mean students
excellent readers and writers in Portuguese. are thinking about and improving their 2nd language),
and that teachers require more and specific training to
Paula Castro and Karen Mattos presented together on develop this.
English and Portuguese literacy and how integrating
the two is akin to putting the puzzle together. This Save The Date: BIC (Brazilian Immersion Conference for
presentation gave insight into how two different schools Educators) on September 6 and 7, 2015 at Escola Beit
in So Paulo are working to ensure high standards in Yaacov in So Paulo.
both languages at both the curricular level as well as in

The author

Mr. Lyle French is Pedagogical Director of Escola Beit Yaacov, So Paulo, Brazil. He holds a BSc & MSc in Psychology,
licensure (QTS) from the UK, as well as Licenciatura em Pedagogia from Brazil. He is currently working on his second
Masters (in Education) as well at the Dual Language Immersion Certificate from the University of Minnesota. He is
an advocate of immersion education and loves to travel. He has travelled extensively around our world and visited
all continents.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 23
a qualidade
enquanto se
5. VOC! SI

o de respos
refrigerante de
cola batata
eixe frutas fre s fritas
scas hamb
s leguminos rgueres
as carne ar
ovos doces roz

de sua alimen
car-se de inge SUCESSO
tao, e sim d
rir bastante al
e con-
ntalmente, vo
ara o ar e se d deve fazer uma
edicar a outr
ara funcionar as coi-
da melhor fo
mbustvel de rm
alta qualidad a.
erais. Minera e, es-
is que auum
Enfrentar xiliaexame VOCPor
m a pode ser muito estressante. COisso,

importante estar em plena forma para lidar bem com isso e
estar no seu melhor, fisica e mentalmente. Isso bom senso, No se trata de cortar esses itens de sua alimentao, e sim
e germe de tr claro, mas, no calor do momento, fcil desemesquecer.
uito til pasde
igo; sarconsumi-los
um mpo ecom moderao, e certificar-se de ingerir
, fgado e feij Tambm uma boa ideia cuidar de si mesmo
como social
voc se e cobastantete alimentos xpque
lo rado
ndo energia
de manaelongo prazo.
parecem fun mp estar
Paraort a cono moseu ir a co nsciedeve
do mar, carn espiritualmente. cionuma u m melhor mentalmente,
estudante. Q voc nte fazer
e nono
(a mmelhor ar mpausa
elhor para u e ti p o
e- fisicamente significa quefuvoc
a? p ar relaxar,
a ajud-lo afi car de papo para od ar
e coisasdedicar
e se
cuidar de seu corpo. Certifique-se de fazer exerccio fsico a outras coisas. aprender? O
mas tambm vezeuma que no
o brcolis, m e de descansar bastante. Se sh s maiSua
s fmente
cil inicprecisa descansar para funcionar da melhor forma.
a- u sa
atividade de que voc gosta de fazer, como caminhadar is so comouo umAlimente ia
seu r e ss e
crebro p ro ce
com combustvel de alta qualidade,
ponto de par ss o a partir do ne
dana do ventre, mantenha-a enquanto estiver e o im pedem de apespecialmente
estudando, ticom
da: qvitaminas
ue tipo de ecominerais. gatMinerais
ivo, e que
no a suspenda. re n d
auxiliam e r? a memria incluem: is as at ra p
nte, import alham
ante deixe
odo. No de No m antede
r-secomer razoavelmente bem tambm, e no
e de conem
tinugorduras, acares, farinhas e estimulantes. Lecitina: encontrada na gema do ovo e germe de trigo;
mlia e no fi Muitas
que isolavezes,
-quando estamos estressados, comemos um
cido flico: encontrado nas verduras, fgado e feijo;
do, s
monte de porcaria. Complete a fr Selnio: encontrado no atum, frutos do mar, carne e nozes
ase co m 5 respostas
do que isso Pode parecer que comer porcaria economiza quando tempo, (a melhor fontedifecastanha
rentes: Edo par);
gnifica paratemporariamente e nos d um nimo
Boro: encontrado no s nas
u no aprend
nozes,o b mas
ser ou qualqu em tambm no
er ritual que mas na verdade, a longo prazo, isso suga brcolis, mas, pras e pssegos.
eve-o a um plaa nossa energia e nos faz funcionar mais devagar, Ento, se su
no superior. tantoas respostas
so ve adei
mentalmente quanto fisicamente. a prende bem? Para que voc firdque bem
ras, socialmente,
quando q importante manter-
Pense um pouco sobre como voc est alimentando sua se ligado a outras pessoas durante esse
ue perodo.
voc No deixe
mente e seu corpo. de continuar a passar um tempo com amigos e famlia e no
Quais comidas e bebidas seria sensato reduzir o consumo? fique isolado, s pensando no exame.
Risque os itens nesta lista que normalmente contm alto Estar bem espiritualmente depende do que isso significa
teor de gordura, acar, farinha, efeito estimulante ou uma para voc! Pode ser algo religioso, seu jeito de ser ou
mistura de todas essas coisas! qualquer ritual que traga-lhe consolo, lhe d a paz interior
ou leve-o a um plano superior.
biscoitos, bolos, caf, refrigerante de cola, batatas fritas,
chocolate, batata chips, peixe, frutas frescas, hambrgueres,
sorvete, nozes, massas, leguminosas, carne, arroz, gua,
po, ovos, doces

Consuma alimentos de alta qualidade enquanto se

prepara para o exame.
po, ovos, doces
frutas frescas, hambrgueres, sorvete, nozes, massas, leguminosas, carne, arroz, gua,
biscoitos, bolos, caf, refrigerante de cola, batatas fritas, chocolate, batata chips, peixe,

Sugesto de resposta:

24 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Jack Scholes Slang


I need to go to the loo. Im just going to the john.

Eu preciso ir ao banheiro. Eu s vou ao banheiro.

Na gria britnica, papel higinico loo Em gria americana, diz-se tambm the
paper ou loo roll. can ou the head.

No sculo XVI, bem antes da instalao TO SEE A MAN ABOUT A DOG

de banheiros nas casa inglesas, usava- DIZER QUE SE VAI SAIR, SEM QUERER
se penicos. De manh cedo as pessoas CONTAR O QUE SE VAI FAZER
esvaziavam os penicos, jogando o
contedo pela janela, com um grito de Im just going to see a man about a dog.
aviso: Gardy loo!, uma corruptela do I wont be long.
francs Gardez leau!, ou seja, Cuidado S vou dar uma saidinha. No demoro.
com a gua!
Ao p da letra, essa expresso pitoresca
Loo uma palavra tipicamente significa ver um homem sobre um
britnica. Internacionalmente, fala-se cachorro e usada principalmente
the toilet, the restroom ou the bathroom. quando se vai ao banheiro.



Im just going to the bog. I always pee a lot when I drink beer. Dont forget to tinkle before you leave.
Eu s vou ao banheiro. Eu sempre fao muito xixi quando No se esquea de fazer xixi antes de
bebo cerveja. ir embora.
O significado original da palavra bog
(pntano, lamaal) explica essa gria Usa-se tambm to have a pee ou to go Tinkle usada principalmente por ou
tpica da terra da rainha Elizabeth for a pee. para crianas.
II, onde, informalmente, tambm se
chama papel higinico de bog paper A LEAK A SLASH (UK)

THE GENTS (UK) I need to take a leak. Im just going for a slash.
BANHEIRO PBLICO MASCULINO Eu preciso fazer xixi. Eu s vou ao banheiro dar uma mijada.

I need to go to the gents. To leak significa deixar vazar. Em To go for a slash uma expresso
Eu preciso ir ao banheiro. gria, diz-se to take a leak ou to have a deselegante, sendo normalmente
leak quando se deixa vazar o lquido usada apenas por homens.
Gent uma forma abreviada de do corpo, ou seja, quando se faz xixi.
gentleman. O banheiro pblico para
mulheres chama-se the ladies ou the
ladies room. Exemplo:

Is there a ladies here?

H banheiro feminino aqui?
See PromoMag Page 03

The author

Jack Scholes is the author of many books, including Slang - Grias Atuais do Ingls, Modern Slang and Slang Activity
Book. He is also co-author with Jane Revell of Sucesso nos Exames. His most recent publications are Ingls Rpido and
Quick Brazilian Portuguese. All published by Disal Editora.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 25

Book Review

William Edmundson e Ian Hart,
Disal Editora, 2014
312 pginas

Como resgatar uma histria esquecida linguagem acessvel e um rico acervo de dspares como um adolescente gacho
em um pas com to pouca memria, raras imagens, eles nos guiam atravs e um Almirante Vice-Chefe das Foras
seja histrica ou recente, como o do surgimento das primeiras estaes Armadas uniram-se para fortalecer o
Brasil? Foi este o desafio que os baleeiras na costa, denominadas movimento Salvem as baleias! no pas.
historiadores William Edmundson e armaes durante o Brasil colonial, neste movimento que repousa o
Ian Hart enfrentaram ao pesquisar e da modernizao da atividade no germe de projetos como o Baleia
uma atividade que, apesar de abranger incio do sculo XX, quando imigrantes Franca, Baleia Jubarte e Monitoramento
mais de 380 anos da histria brasileira, britnicos e holandeses, com uma de Baleias por Satlite, que se dedicam
permanece negligenciada nas escolas pequena ajuda de mos norueguesas, pesquisa e conservao dessas
e distante da mente do cidado substituram os barcos a remo e vela espcies nos dias atuais e dos quais
comum. Tal fato nada menos do que com arpes manuais por navios a boa parte da informao sobre a
surpreendente quando constatamos motor com canhes que disparavam biologia destas disponvel no livro
que esta atividade a caa s baleias arpes explosivos. se origina. Em um ano onde o Brasil
chegou a ser um poderoso lobby O uso de tais tcnicas atingiu seu auge comemora a sada da baleia-jubarte
do governo, estreitando as relaes com a chegada dos japoneses nas um dos alvos favoritos dos baleeiros
Brasil-Japo, e uma importante atrao estaes localizadas nos litorais da no passado da Lista Vermelha de
turstica, responsvel at mesmo por Paraba e Rio de Janeiro, que trouxeram Espcies Ameaadas, a prodigiosa obra
fomentar a criao de linhas areas. tambm inusitadas estratgias de de Edmundson e Hart serve como uma
No entanto, isso apenas uma nfima marketing pelo consumo de carne prova dos avanos pela conservao da
amostra das preciosidades que o livro de baleia e o inacreditvel caso do biodiversidade que somos capazes de
A histria da caa de baleias no Brasil: arpoador que, at se aposentar, matou fazer quando aliamos o conhecimento
De peixe real a iguaria japonesa traz 30.000 baleias e errou apenas 1 tiro ao cientfico educao do pblico. Quem
tona, vindas das profundezas de um longo da sua carreira. Destas histrias sabe, ao ficarmos alertas quanto aos
vasto mar de arquivos, bibliotecas, ora prosaicas e s vezes bizarras da erros do passado, possamos estar
museus, revistas antigas e conversas explorao das baleias, os autores mais inspirados e esperanosos para
com especialistas de renome, fruto passam mudana de conscincia da enfrentar os desafios ambientais ainda
de uma pesquisa sem igual feita por populao brasileira com relao a maiores da atualidade e os que, por
Edmundson e Hart no Brasil, Reino estes animais, num momento quando ventura ou no, o futuro traga.
Unido, Noruega e Estados Unidos. Com personagens aparentemente to

Autor da resenha

Igor Morais bilogo formado na Universidade Federal de Pernambuco e Mestre em zoologia pela Universidade
Estadual de Santa Cruz em Ilhus, no sul da Bahia. Durante o mestrado, desenvolvido em parceria com o National
Marine Mammal Laboratory da NOAA, em Seattle (Estados Unidos), realizou uma avaliao indita da populao
reprodutiva de baleias-jubarte da costa brasileira ao incluir, pela primeira vez, os dados de capturas dos baleeiros no
sculo XIX. pesquisador colaborador do Projeto de Monitoramento de Baleias por Satlite e membro do Comit de
Bem-Estar Animal da Sociedade de Zoolgicos e Aqurios do Brasil.

26 | New Ro u t e s D is a l

Eu Recomendo

W ith re a d y -to -u s e a c tiv itie s th a t c a n b e re fe re n c e te a c h e r s g u id e a t th e e n d o f th e
e a s ily a d a p te d to b e u s e d w ith d iffe re n t a g e b o o k a im s a t h e lp in g te a c h e rs c h o o s e th e
g r o u p s a n d l e v e l s , Creative Writing b r i n g s m o s t s u ita b le a c tiv ity fo r th e ir le a rn e rs
a fre s h lo o k to w ritin g le s s o n s . W ith s im p le b a s e d o n th e ir le v e ls a n d o n h o w m u c h
y e t in n o v a tiv e a c tiv itie s , te a c h e rs c a n a d d tim e c a n b e d e d ic a te d fo r th e a c tiv ity in th e
v a rie ty to th e ir le s s o n s a n d p ro v id e le a rn e rs l e s s o n . Creative Writing i s c e r t a i n l y a g o o d
w ith th e o p p o rtu n ity to d e v e lo p th e ir c h o ic e fo r th a t e x tra fu n e le m e n t le a rn e rs
w ritin g s k ills in a v e ry c re a tiv e fa s h io n . lo o k fo r in w ritin g le s s o n s .
W h e th e r te a c h e rs w a n t a fu ll w ritin g le s s o n
o r s im p ly h a v e a w ritin g a c tiv ity u p th e ir
s l e e v e , Creative Writing m e e t s b o t h n e e d s .
O rg a n iz e d in s e v e n d iffe re n t s e c tio n s ,
a ll a c tiv itie s b rin g d e ta ils re g a rd in g th e
s u g g e s te d le v e l in w h ic h th e y c o u ld b e
u s e d , h o w lo n g th e y la s t, m a te ria ls n e e d e d
a n d a lis t o f p ro c e d u re s a n d p o s s ib le
a d a p ta tio n s fo r th e im p le m e n ta tio n o f
Catarina Pontes th e ta s k . H ig h e r o rd e r th in k in g s k ills a re
Coordenadora Acadmica e n c o u ra g e d th ro u g h o u t th e m a te ria l in
Frank, C. & Rinvolucri, M.
Cultura Inglesa a n a tte m p t to h a v e le a rn e rs th in k m o re Helbling Languages, 2007 c ritic a lly a b o u t th e ir p ro d u c tio n s . A q u ic k - 128 pginas

Sugestes da Disal


Editora: Disal Editora Editora: Pearson
Editora: Cambridge Autor: Jos Roberto A. Igreja, Autor: Coleen Degnan-Veness
Pginas: 504 Robert C. Young Pginas: 24
Pginas: 317

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 27
Article by Stephen Krashen


I announce in this paper the end of motivation as a so compelling that the acquirer is not even aware that it is
relevant factor in language education. I announce in this being delivered in another language.
paper the end of concerns that our students just arent
motivated,and claims that we need to convince our Jack
students that language acquisition is good for them and
worth the effort. Here is the case history that started my thinking in this
direction (Lao and Krashen, 2008). Jack was a student in
Few people are like us a summer Mandarin program organized by Christy Lao in
the San Francisco area. The program was aimed at children
First, it needs to be pointed out that very few people are like in families who immigrated from Mandarin-speaking areas
us, interested in language for its own sake. Very few people and children who had participated in Mandarin immersion
take the pleasure that we do in understanding and using programs who spoke Mandarin as a second language.
another language, let alone the pleasure of successfully
monitoring a consciously-learned rule. We are, I suspect, a Jack was 12, had been in the US for about four years,
fringe group. and was clearly loosing his Mandarin proficiency. And he
was not interested in improving. After a while, he decided
I hypothesize that for most people, motivation plays no to leave the program. The program director gave Jack a
role in successful language acquisition. Rather, language few books in Mandarin to take home from her collection:
acquisition is the result of doing something else: It is Among them was an illustrated book, The Stories of A Fan
the result of obtaining truly interesting, or compelling Ti (title translated into English).
compehensible input. When this happens, our focus is
NOT on improving in another language: Our focus is on Jack loved it. It was a little above his level, so he asked his
the message. In fact, it can be hypothesized that language mother to read it to him. The program director loaned Jack
acquisition occurs most efficiently when the message is more books from the A Fan Ti series, and Daniels mother

28 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Stephen Krashen Article

read him two to five books a day. Eventually they made a when they were young. All learned to read very late: Eleven
deal: Jack washed dishes while his mother read to him. of the fomer dyslexics learned to read between ages ten
and twelve and one did not learn to read until grade 12. All
Here is the crucial part: Jacks Mandarin was improving, but learned to read quite well. In fact, nine published creative
he was not aware of it. He was only interested in the stories. or scholarly works and one won a Nobel Prize.

Paul Compelling comprehensible reading was the path for all

of them: As children, each had a passionate personal
Since learning about Jack, I have come across many similar interest, a burning desire to know more about a discipline
cases: What they have in common is successful language that required reading. Spurred by this passionate interest,
acquisition, access to comprehensible input, and a deep all read voraciously, seeking and reading everything they
interest in the message. Christy Lao has contributed could get their hands on about a single intriguing topic
another case (Lao and Krashen, 2014): Paul grew up in a (pp. 274-275).
Cantonese-speaking family in California and is bilingual in
English and Cantonese. Their goal, I suggest, was not to learn to read. Their goal
was to find out more about something that was interesting
to them.
Despite having little or no motivation to acquire Mandarin,
today, as a teen-ager, Paul speaks Mandarin quite well. His
Lets take advantage of the natural process
competence comes from watching TV and CDs: cartoons
when he was little, then TV series and movies in Mandarin,
Most people dont care about language acquisition. For
thanks to TV shows and CDs his dad brought home regularly.
most people, its the story and/or the ideas that count.
Lao and Krashen (2014) estimate that over the years Paul
Instead of trying to motivate our students by urging them
watched, with great interest, more than 500 hours of movies
to work hard and reminding them how important it is to
and TV shows in Mandarin. (It should be pointed out that
know English, lets take advantage of the natural process,
Mandarin and Cantonese share some common vocabulary,
and make sure they have access to input that they find
but they are not completely mutually comprehensible.
compelling, in class and outside of class.
With the help of context, Cantonese speakers are able to
understand a limited amount of Mandarin and vice versa.)
Paul never watched TV shows or CDs in order to improve
Fink, R. 1995/96. Successful dyslexics: A constructivist
his Mandarin. In fact, Paul had no obvious motivation to
study of passionate interest reading. Journal of
improve his Mandarin. At all times, his motivation was
Adolescent & Adult Literacy 39 (4): 268-80.
entertainment and interest in content. His acquisition of
Jylha-Laide, J.and Karreinen, S. 1993. Play it again, Laura:
spoken Mandarin was a by-product, a result.
Off-air cartoons and videos as a means of second-
language learning. In: K. Sajavaara and Takala, S.
For a similar case of the acquisition of English through
(Eds.) Finns as Learners of English: Three Studies
cartoons by a Finnish young girl, see Jylha-Laide and
Jyvaskya: Jyvaskyla Cross-Language Studies no.
Karreinen (1993).
16. Pp. 89-145.
Lao, C. and Krashen, S. 2008. Heritage language development:
Recovered dyslexics
Exhortation or good stories? International Journal
of Foreign Language Teaching 4 (2): 17-18.
Of course, compelling compehensible input works in
Nell, V. 1988. Lost in a Book. New Haven. Yale University
developing literacy as well, in both first and second
languages. It may be that the only real path to literacy
Lao, C. and Krashen, S. 2014. Language acquisition without
development is getting lost in the book (Nell, 1988).
speaking and without study. Journal of Research of
Here is one spectacular report dealing with English literacy
Bilingual Education Research and Instruction 16
among native speakers of English. Fink (1996) studied
(1): 215-221.
twelve people who had been considered to be dyslexic

The author

Stephen Krashen is Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California. His research interest is language and literacy
acquisition. Current areas of interest include animal language and the negative impact of overtesting on literacy
development. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was the 1977 Venice Beach Incline Bench Press Champion.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 29
Article by Melody Pablos Souza and Wilson Akifumi Onishi


1. The role of pronunciation in class not knowing how much progress, if any, they are making.
It has been pointed out by many authors that pronunciation Hewings (2004) suggests how pronunciation can be
has been neglected in class. Marks (2012) states that it has been integrated into other language systems, such as grammar and
relegated to a subservient role in communicative syllabuses, vocabulary. In the authors view, learning how to pronounce
methodology and materials (p.5). Also, the author stresses the words adequately can help students memorize new lexical
that although pronunciation is not given its due importance, items. If students have confidence that they can pronounce
it can be a barrier to successful communication. Underhill a word correctly, they are more likely to use it as they speak,
(2010) suggests that the reasons for such neglect may be that and using words successfully aids memorisation (p.19).
the teachers do not sufficiently embrace in [their] teaching
the physicality of pronunciation and that many students 2. Different learning styles
and teachers do not seem to have a clear mental concept Working with pronunciation can be even more challenging
and sense of direction. That means teachers do not feel when facing a class with a range of learning styles. As Hewings
confident enough to present pronunciation for the students (2004) points out, different students learn things in different
as they do when teaching grammar or vocabulary. As Marks ways at different times, so using an unvarying approach to
(2012) points out, teachers feel that they lack the phonetic pronunciation teaching is unlikely to provide a variety of
knowledge and the classroom techniques needed to intervene learning opportunities to the maximum number of students
effectively (p. 5). As a result, on the one hand, there is the (p. 21).
teacher struggling with the pronunciation exercises, having What the author means is that the teacher may prioritize
to figure out how to integrate them meaningfully into the a specific type of practice that will be more beneficial for a
lesson planning, and to handle their own insecurity. On the specific type of students. In that respect, Gardner (1985),
other hand, there is the student struggling to understand the states that every one of us has multiple intelligences
rules and physicality of pronunciation in a different language, developed at different levels. The author defines seven

30 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
by Melody Pablos Souza and Wilson Akifumi Onishi Article

intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, c) Tongue twisters

musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal, Have students work on meaning and pronunciation with
including, some years later, another intelligence to his theory: tongue twisters. You may ask them to create their own
naturalist (Thirteen ed online, 2004). Gardner himself has tongue twisters depending on their proficiency level.
mentioned that there is not and there never will be a definite
and irrefutable list, as our mind processes and capacity can 1.3 Naturalist
change. The nature smart tend to enjoy activities related to nature,
in which they can notice the presence of the outdoors in the
So how can you, as a teacher, integrate pronunciation classroom, such as measuring, mapping changes, charting,
practice while meeting the needs of your multiple collecting, classifying. Some suggested activities:
intelligence students? By varying the kinds of practice you
use in class. a) Number of syllables
Have students go outside the classroom and find nature
3. Activities for a multiple-intelligence class elements to complete a chart classifying the words
The following activities are suggestions for practicing according to the numbers of syllables.
pronunciation features in class, based on Gardners
theory. Grouped according to one type of intelligence, that b) Stress patterns
arrangement may not be so clear-cut, as they may activate You can also work on the stress pattern of words by doing the
different intelligences. same as proposed in the previous activity, now having the
students classify the words into stress-pattern categories.
1.1 Bodily-kinesthetic
Body smart tend to benefit from activities which require 1.4 Logical-mathematical
movement, touch, displacement and consciousness of their Logic smart people tend to benefit from activities which
own body. Some suggested activities: require some reasoning, such as solving problems, finding
patterns, using codes, inferring, making graphs. Some
a) Voiced / Voiceless sounds suggested activities:
Have students place their index finger and thumb on their
throats (so as to feel the vocal chords) and produce the s a) Number of syllables
sound and the z sound, for them to feel the vibration and Have students create sentences with a given number of
non-vibration of the chords. syllables or have them count the number of syllables in a
b) Minimal pairs
You can work on minimal pairs by having students jump or b) Stress pattern
move to the right or to the left when they hear one sound Have students predict where the stress goes in a sentence
or another. or word by association (e.g. if they know how to pronounce
comfortable, have them predict the pronunciation of
c) Rising / Falling intonation vegetable).
Have students stand up/raise hands when hearing a
sentence ending in rising intonation, and sit down/lower c) Linking sounds
hands when the falling intonation. Challenge your students to identify rules for when two
words or more can be linked in pronunciation.
d) General pronunciation
Have students practice any sound, word or sentence in 1.5 Spatial
pairs by lip reading. Picture smart learners tend to benefit from activities with
images in which students are required to draw, paint, design,
1.2 Linguistic sculpt and create color patterns. Some suggested activities:
Word smart may benefit from activities which require the
use of language and its set of rules, such as storytelling, a) General pronunciation
interviewing, tongue twisters, jokes, role playing, creating Have students practice sounds, words or sentences in front
dialogs or poems. Some suggested activities: of a mirror to notice the position of speech organs.

a) Verb / Noun stress b) Word or sentence stress

Have students work on both meaning and pronunciation by Students can notice the stress better by painting it a different
having them make sentences using the same word as a verb color in a word or in a sentence.
and as a noun in order to practice the different stresses (e.g.
progress, record, permit) c) Word stress
Have students make higher or lower towers with building
b) Minimal pairs blocks to represent the stronger and weaker syllables
In order for students to work on meaning of minimal pair in the word.
words, have them create dialogs and act them out.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 31
Article by Melody Pablos Souza and Wilson Akifumi Onishi

1.6 Musical b) General pronunciation

Music smart people take advantage of music Have a dictation activity to practice several
performances, singing, whistling, using an instrument, pronunciation features.
following rhythm with hands or feet. They usually think
via rhythms and melodies. Some suggested activities: c) General pronunciation
Have students record themselves reading a text and then
a) Rhyming words listen to it while being attentive to the pronunciation.
To work on pronunciation patterns, have your students
create poems or a song with rhyming words. d) Intonation
Have students say the same sentence with different
b) Number of syllables intentions to each other (e.g. being angry, sweet,
Have students tap the table for each syllable they suspicious, dramatic, etc.)
pronounce or hear.
4. Conclusion
c) Link-ups and elision
Have students notice link-ups and elisions by listening This article intends to offer practical suggestions for
to a song and following its lyrics. pronunciation features which can help teachers deal
with the different learning styles and intelligences in
1.7 Interpersonal the class, as proposed by Gardner (1985). The range
People smart like to lead, relate, organize, collaborate, of activities can benefit students by activating and
communicate person-to-person, cooperate with others, developing their different intelligences, therefore,
games in groups, group projects, collaborative activities, making their learning more enjoyable and meaningful,
cooperative learning strategies and empathy practices. and facilitating intake of some pronunciation features
Some suggested activities: and possibly transfer of pronunciation aspects to their
own speech. Nevertheless, we would like to point out
a) General pronunciation that the suggested activities can be altered, adapted
Have students prepare a mini-presentation, in or redesigned to suit the students you have or the
pairs, in which they are interviewed at a TV pronunciation feature you are teaching. What is essential
show. Then have each of the other students pay is that variety in pronunciation practice be offered to
attention to a different pronunciation feature. learners and that their diverse learning styles are taken
into account.
b) General pronunciation
You can use EVA foam letters and have the students, in References
groups, write the word they hear.
GARDNER, Howard. Frames of mind: the theory of
c) Rhyming words / Minimal pairs multiple intelligences. New York: Basic Books, 1985.
You can play the game Go Fish with rhyming words, they HEWINGS, Martin. Pronunciation practice activities:
may ask: Do you have a word that rhymes with?. It a resource book for teaching English pronunciation.
also can be used to work on minimal pairs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.
MARKS, Jonathan. In praise of pronunciation. In: English
1.8 Intrapersonal teaching professional. Issue 81, July 2012.
The self smart usually enjoy emotional processing, silent Thirteen ed online (2004). Tapping into multiple intelligences.
reflection, thinking strategies, introspection, focusing Accessed on: September, 20th, 2013. Available at:
and concentration skills, meta-cognitive techniques,
working at their own pace, spending time alone and UNDERHILL, Adrian. Pronunciation - the poor relation?
making their own choices. Some suggested activities: Published online on: September, 28th, 2010. Accessed on:
September, 20th, 2013. Available at: www.teachingenglish.

The authors

Melody Pablos Souza, English teacher, holds a degree in Translation and Interpretation in English and a Masters in
Social Communication from UMESP. Specialist in English Language from UMESP. E-mail:

Wilson Akifumi Onishi, English teacher, holds a BSc from I.B - USP and a Teaching Degree from E.E. - USP. Specialist in
English Language from UMESP. E-mail:

32 | New Ro u t e s D is a l
DE 6 A 10 AOS

Colega es un perrito de peluche protagonista de la historia en 4

niveles. Solo habla espaol y no entiende otros idiomas. Desde un
enfoque fundamentalmente comunicativo y ldico, se combinan
e integran estrategias de comprensin y expresin tanto oral
como escrita con los contenidos interculturales y Colega ayuda a EL MUNDO DIGITAL DE COLEGA
los profesores a presentar todos estos contenidos. SOPORTES DIGITALES PARA EL ALUMNO:
NIVELES 1 Y 2 Gratuito con la compra del libro
El libro del alumno consta de seis unidades.
Plataforma para alumnos y profesores con actividades
Se estructura en:
interactivas y autocorrectivas.
4 lecciones de doble pgina: presentacin de actividades que
Para PC, Mac y tablets.
permiten trabajar el lxico y las nuevas estructuras mediante
canciones, juegos, etc. Se trabajan especialmente las destrezas
orales: comprensin auditiva y expresin oral.
Proyecto: para utilizar los conocimientos adquiridos de forma
ldica y participativa.
El nivel 2 presenta un cmic del Ratn Prez en cada unidad.

Para ms informacin entre en contacto con:

Sara Ganimian Tcharkhetian | Apoio Pedaggico Espanhol | Fone: 11 3226-3102
Nuevas Rutas por David R. Sousa y Clara M Molero


Para los profesores que hoy en da ejercen la docencia, su las herramientas digitales de una orientacin didctica y una
primer xito acadmico y social como estudiantes consista metodologa adecuada.
en aprender a leer y escribir. Sin embargo, en las ltimas
dcadas, el impacto del progreso tecnolgico ha hecho Las TAC van ms all de aprender
que el desarrollo de la competencia digital se convierta en meramente a usar las TIC y apuestan por
el prembulo formativo de las nuevas generaciones que, explorar estas herramientas tecnolgicas al
actualmente, acuden a las aulas de esos profesores. servicio del aprendizaje y de la adquisicin de
El rpido desarrollo de las tecnologas, el inters que conocimiento
suscitan y su uso generalizado nos imponen la necesidad de (Lozano, 2011)
incorporarlas tanto a nuestra vida diaria como a los procesos
de enseanza y aprendizaje. Mishra y Koehler (2006), en un intento por establecer los
componentes necesarios para la integracin eficaz de la
En estos procesos, las TIC (tecnologas de la informacin y tecnologa en la enseanza, proponen el modelo TPACK
comunicacin) funcionan como herramientas que facilitan (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge). Esta teora
tanto el acceso como la gestin de contenidos. Si bien la sostiene que el buen manejo y desarrollo de las TIC y las
dificultad para el docente reside en valorar qu contenidos TAC en el aula depende de la combinacin resultante de los
digitales emplear y cmo adaptarlos a su entorno educativo. conocimientos sobre la materia impartida, la preparacin
Bajo esta premisa surgen las TAC (tecnologas del aprendizaje pedaggica y los saberes tecnolgicos del docente, sin
y el conocimiento), como resultado de la aplicacin educativa descuidar, por supuesto, el entorno particular en que se aplica.
de las TIC, mediante metodologas apropiadas, principalmente Por tanto, los educadores no solo deben manejar
significativas y colaborativas, promoviendo a su vez nuevos conocimientos didcticos, sino tambin los tecnolgicos que
escenarios de aprendizaje y construccin del conocimiento le permitan seleccionar las herramientas digitales adecuadas
(Aduviri, 2012). Es decir, las TAC son el resultado de dotar a para desarrollar los contenidos que quieren llevar a clase.

3 4 | Nu eva s Ru tas D is a l
por David R. Sousa y Clara M Molero Nuevas Rutas

De este modo, el docente no es solo el facilitador de los Una de las TAC que encontramos en Vente es tuaulavirtual.
contenidos lingsticos a travs de canales tecnolgicos, sino Se trata de una plataforma on-line que puede ser utilizada
que se convierte en la figura vertebradora de todo el proceso en cualquier tipo de dispositivo (PC, porttil, Mac, Ipad y
de aprendizaje. Ha de conocer las metodologas didcticas tableta) y que permite a los alumnos realizar actividades
adecuadas y aplicarlas de manera cooperativa para que complementarias de diferente tipologa. Estos ejercicios
el discente aprenda a construir conocimiento a partir del abarcan mbitos tan variados como la pronunciacin y la
desarrollo de contenidos digitales. ortografa, el lxico, la gramtica o la comprensin y expresin

Para facilitar la labor docente, el profesor dispone de la

posibilidad de crear un grupo con sus alumnos a travs del cual

podr supervisar las actividades realizadas por los estudiantes,
comprobar sus progresos y obtener sus calificaciones. Una de
las grandes ventajas que aporta la plataforma es que el propio
sistema se encarga de corregir automticamente todas las
actividades y muestra los resultados de una forma sencilla y
ordenada. Permite tambin guardar una copia del expediente

de los estudiantes en diferentes formatos. Dicho expediente

est disponible tanto para el profesor como para el estudiante.

Los alumnos, adems de comprobar los resultados de
las actividades que realizan, tambin tienen acceso a las
soluciones de los ejercicios, lo que permite que puedan

trabajar de manera autnoma siendo conscientes de su

propio aprendizaje y comprobando sus progresos. Esto,
evidentemente, implica el crecimiento de sus habilidades
como aprendientes autnomos.

Reproduced by permission of the publisher, 2012 by
La comunicacin multidireccional entre los integrantes del

grupo se ve favorecida por el intercambio de mensajes que
la plataforma permite hacer entre los usuarios. El profesor,
Esta orientacin tecnolgica se adapta a la forma de aprender adems, puede compartir archivos con sus estudiantes y
de los llamados nativos digitales (Prensky, 2010), etiqueta comunicarse con otros docentes que estn trabajando en
que engloba a las generaciones que nacen y se forman en un la plataforma con el mismo manual. Los alumnos, a su vez,
contexto de inmersin tecnolgica. podrn comunicarse con otros estudiantes de cualquier
parte del mundo que tambin estn utilizando la plataforma,
Afirma Perry (2000) que diversas clases de experiencias compartiendo experiencias y fomentando la construccin
conducen a diversas estructuras cerebrales o sea, que el conjunta del conocimiento. Al mismo tiempo, potencia el uso
entorno y los estmulos recibidos afectan al modo en el que de la lengua.
las personas procesan la informacin. A travs de este tipo de
hiptesis se explican las rupturas o desfases existentes entre Otra de las tecnologas vinculadas al aprendizaje que Vente
diferentes generaciones. pone a disposicin de los docentes es el libro digital manual
de uso. Este material ofrece en soporte USB, utilizable tanto en
Un ejemplo de esta ruptura lo conforma la llamada brecha pizarra digital como a travs de un simple proyector, el libro
digital existente, en ocasiones, entre nativos e inmigrantes del alumno con audios incluidos y enriquecido con vdeos y
digitales, al verse estos ltimos obligados a adaptarse a la documentos extra.
vorgine tecnolgica en la que se han visto envueltos, pero en
la cual no se han formado. Una brecha digital y generacional El salto de la tecnologa de la informacin a la tecnologa del
que no puede ser ignorada ni aceptada sin propsito firme de aprendizaje se produce porque no solo se digitaliza el manual
cambio para intentar paliarla o solventarla (Prensky, 2010). y se le aaden diversos elementos tecnolgicos (vdeos,
imgenes digitalizadas, psteres, audios), sino que estos
Esto evidencia que se debe adaptar la manera de ensear componentes, adems, se introducen dentro de la secuencia
a la forma de aprender de los alumnos. Un ejemplo claro didctica relacionndolos con las actividades comunicativas
de todo esto es Vente, que responde a la necesidad de que en ella se trabajan. De este modo, se dota a las TIC de
elaborar materiales que se ajusten a las caractersticas de los una adecuada metodologa y se orienta didcticamente su uso
aprendientes. (TAC).
Ante el reto de elaborar un manual moderno e interactivo,
adaptado a las particularidades de la generacin digital, Vente Los audios permiten su reproduccin sin necesidad de utilizar
ofrece la posibilidad de ensear, aprender y disfrutar del ninguna otra herramienta; los psteres complementan, amplan
espaol a travs de las TAC. y refuerzan los contenidos lxicos y culturales trabajados en

Nuevas Rut as Dis a l | 35

Nuevas Rutas por David R. Sousa y Clara M Molero

clase; y los vdeos, insertados cada dos unidades, permiten a docentes consigan adaptar su manera de ensear al modo
los alumnos enfrentarse a situaciones comunicativas reales y de aprender de sus alumnos.
realizar motivadoras actividades de base audiovisual.
Todos estos materiales se encuentran ubicados en el punto de
la secuencia didctica ms conveniente para que puedan ser Aduviri, R. (2012), Tecnologas para el aprendizaje y el
empleados adecuadamente y se obtenga la mayor rentabilidad conocimiento. En
pedaggica. Para facilitar su explotacin, la llave USB que para-el-aprendizaje-y-el-conocimiento
contiene el libro digital viene acompaada de un librito donde
se detallan las caractersticas de estos elementos y se propone Lozano, R. (2011), De las TIC a las TAC: tecnologas del
una posible explotacin didctica para cada uno de ellos. aprendizaje y el conocimiento. Anuario ThinkEPI, v. 5 pp. 45-47.

Asimismo, en esta reproduccin digital del manual podemos Mishra & Koehler (2006), Technological pedagogical content
movernos por las pginas libremente y realizar zoom, pintar, knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers
subrayar, escribir, insertar flechas e, incluso, nos permite crear College Record, 108(6), pp. 10171054
cortinas que oculten parte de la imagen con el fin de alterar
la informacin visible y modificar las secuencias didcticas Perry, P. (2000), American Way. Citado en Prensky, M. (2001),
para adaptarlas a nuestras necesidades. Adems, todas estas Realmente piensan diferente?, MCB University Press, Vol. 9 N. 6.
modificaciones pueden ser capturadas en formato de imagen
y enviadas a travs de la herramienta Enviar al profesor que Prensky, M. (2010), Nativos e Inmigrantes Digitales, SEK
se encuentra insertada en el propio libro. (
Por ltimo, para que el docente se sienta cmodo y
acompaado en todo momento, dentro del libro digital se
facilita el acceso a una gua didctica, descargable en formato
PDF e imprimible, que en ningn caso pretende decir a los
docentes cmo trabajar con el manual, sino simplemente
orientarles, darles ideas y facilitarles su labor.
Con todo, podemos concluir afirmando que actualmente
se socializa de modo muy diferente a la poca anterior a la
expansin digital, circunstancia que influye en la manera
de construir la cosmovisin, de relacionarse con los dems
y, por supuesto, de concebir los procesos de enseanza y

La educacin debe adaptarse al contexto que la rodea, en un

intento para que las aulas sean un reflejo de la sociedad y no
un lugar aislado de la realidad en la que vivimos. De que los

Los autores del artculo son:

David R. Sousa Fernndez. Licenciado en Filologa Hispnica y titular de un mster en Lengua y Sociedad de la
Informacin. Posee tambin 3 ttulos de postgrado: Especialista Universitario en Enseanza de ELE, Especialista en
didctica del Espaol de los Negocios y Especialista en el tratamiento de la literatura, el cine, el cmic y la msica
hispnicos para la enseanza de ELE. Ha completado su formacin con diversos cursos y seminarios en didctica de
ELE. Ha sido profesor en la Escuela Superior de Educacin del IPB [Bragana] y responsable acadmico de un centro
de enseanza de espaol y centro de examen DELE en Portugal, donde ejerci como organizador y presidente de
tribunal de los exmenes del DELE.
Cuenta tambin con experiencia como formador de profesores y, en Espaa, trabaj como profesor de ELE en el Centro
de Lenguas de la Universidad de Vigo. Actualmente es asesor didctico de la editorial Edelsa.

Clara M Molero Perea. Licenciada en Filologa Hispnica por la Universidad de Alcal de Henares, mster oficial en
Lingstica Aplicada en ELE por la Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. Ms de diez aos de experiencia como profesora
de ELE tanto en el mbito universitario como en escuelas privadas. Lectora MAEC-AECID en la Universidad Dzemal
Bijedic de Mstar, en Bosnia y Herzegovina, y profesora de Literatura Espaola e Hispanoamericana en la Universidad
de Zagreb, Croacia. Ha trabajado en el Instituto Cervantes de Bruselas y en las Instituciones Europeas durante tres
aos. Examinadora acreditada del DELE y formadora de docentes de ELE en los cursos de verano de la Universidad
Internacional Menndez Pelayo de Santander desde hace cuatro aos. Coautora del material complementario de ELE
Uso interactivo del vocabulario y sus combinaciones ms frecuentes de la editorial Edelsa.

3 6 | Nu eva s Ru t a s D is a l
VENTE pretende ser una herramienta cmoda y eficaz para ensear,
aprender y disfrutar del espaol en el aula y on-line.

PUNTOS FUERTES Trabajo sistemtico de la gramtica con cuadros y ejercicios.

Calidad de la secuencia didctica para conseguir un CRITERIOS FUNDAMENTALES

aprendizaje real siguiendo las tres P : Presentacin -
Prctica - Produccin Est estructurado en 14 unidades para facilitarles la tarea a
Facilidad de utilizacin y claridad en la organizacin de los los usuarios que necesiten trabajar el libro en dos semestres.
Trabajo equilibrado de las competencias comunicativas. El nivel 1 cubre los contenidos de A1 y A2 definidos
Muestras de lengua reales, variadas y asequibles. en los Niveles de referencia para el espaol y sigue las
Progresin realista, contrastada en el aula. El ritmo no es ni recomendaciones del Marco comn de referencia para las
muy lento ni muy rpido. lenguas: aprendizaje, enseanza, evaluacin.
Equilibrio entre contenido y prctica.
Consignas claras y sencillas.

Para ms informacin entre en contacto con:

Sara Ganimian Tcharkhetian | Apoio Pedaggico Espanhol | Fone: 11 3226-3102
Nouvelles Routes por Marie Gabrielle Bardet


L une des innovations franaises importantes du bourgeoisie qui souhaite des articles moins chers mais
Second Empire (1852 1870) est louverture des Grands de bonne qualit quand mme Cest exactement ce
Magasins. Le Baron Haussmann venait de terminer la quoffrent les Grands Magasins, do lengouement de
cration des 12 grandes avenues rayonnant en toile la clientle !
autour de lArc de Triomphe lorsquapparurent les
Grands Magasins qui offraient au public parisien une Cest cette poque galement que nat le concept des
diversit incroyable de produits textiles exposs dans soldes saisonnires (fvrier et aot) mais aussi et surtout,
dnormes espaces sur plusieurs tages. Le Bon March tout un glossaire de termes spcifiques au secteur du textile :
dAristide Boucicaut est le premier dentre eux (1850), taille et coupe, tissus, imprims, modles de vtements,...
puis Le Printemps (1865), ensuite La Samaritaine (1870)
et enfin Les Galeries Lafayette (1912). Les deux premiers Par exemple, en France, si vous demandez une jupe-culotte
et ce dernier existent toujours, mais le troisime a ferm en tartan cossais ou un jodhpur en coton blanc cass
ses portes en 2005. ou encore un pull marin encolure bateau, la vendeuse
saurs tout de suite ce que vous souhaitez sans que vous
Emile Zola - lun des crivains les plus clbres ayez donner des dtails ou chercher frntiquement
de lpoque et fervent admirateur de lurbanisme dans les portants. Si elle a ce que vous voulez, elle vous
haussmannien sen inspire pour crire un de ses le montrera immdiatement, sinon elle vous indiquera
ouvrages les plus lus, encore aujourdhui: Au Bonheur peut-tre o vous tes susceptible den trouver. Elle vous
des Dames (1883). Il y dcrit notamment le dclin des proposera rarement autre chose car une cliente franaise
petits commerces et boutiques de quartier, consquence sait pertinemment ce quelle veut et fera les magasins
naturelle du bouleversement socio-conomique de la jusqu ce quelle trouve son bonheur, do le titre du
socit franaise. Les petits mtiers tels que tailleurs, livre dEmile Zola: Au Bonheur des Dames.
cordonniers, chapeliers-gantiers ont alors bien du mal
faire face car leurs prix ne sont pas comptitifs avec Dcouvrons un peu, maintenant, le vocabulaire principal du
ceux des grandes boutiques.Ils sont trop onreux pour la jargon spcifique la mode fait dexpressions souvent

38 | No u ve lle s R o u te s D is a l
por Marie Gabrielle Bardet Nouvelles Routes

images - qui vous sera trs utile si vous partez en France En ce qui concerne les robes, les mots diffrent selon le
dans lintention de ramener des valises pleines ou si vous type de modle et loccasion.
tes tudiante et souhaitez intgrer une Ecole de Mode
dans lHexagone.
Robe Vestido

En matire de tissu, Il faut savoir que tout ce qui nest pas Robe courte Curto
imprim est appel UNI (cor lisa). Robe longue Longo
Robe cocktail Longuete
Robe dos-nu ou bain-de-soleil Frente nica
A carreaux Quadriculado (pode ser Robe bustier Tomar-que-caia
diversos tamanhos e cores) Robe-chemisier - boutonne Chemise (abotoado na frente)
Vichy (originaire de la ville Especificamente quadrados devant
de Vichy o se trouvaient les iguais e somente em duas Robe droite Lapiz, reto
filatures qui fabriquaient ce cores : branco e vermelho Robe vase Folgado no quadril
(muito usada como toalhas
tissu) de bistrs), branco e verde, Robe droite fendue Vestido reto com fenda
branco e azul, etc....
A damiers ou motif Arlequin Com losngulos (fantasia de Robe de soire Baile, Festa, Formatura,
Arlequim) Robe de marie (+ voile) Vestido de noiva (+ vu)
A rayures ou Ray Listrado
Ecossais (Tartan) Xadrez (tem todos os tipos
de tartan dependendo do Quand il sagit dun ensemble deux pices, on distingue le
condado..da Esccia mas o haut (top) du bas (parte de baixo). Les mots changent
mais conhecido l fora a
estampa Burberrys, muito aussi.
A pois Po Hauts Tops
Lopard, Zbre Oncinha, Zebra Chemisier (en coton, Camisa de alfaiataria (algodo, linho,
A fleurs Motivo floral en lin, en soie...) seda,...) tipo Dudalina
Pied-de-Poule P-de-Galinha (comum) Bustier Tomara-que-caia
Pied-de-Coq P-de-Galo (estampa gigante, Haut bretelles Com alinhas
geralmente na Alta Costura -
YSL) Dbardeur Regata
Prince-de-Galles (costume Prncipe de Gales Dos-nu Frente nica
pour hommes) (terno masculino) Cache-coeur Cache-coeur (as partes da frente cruzam
Rayures tennis (costume Risca-de-giz (terno masculino) no peito, como em roupa de bailarina)
pour hommes)
Impression Cachemire Estampa Caxemira (comum em
(dessins caractristiques - tecido de bandanas) Outre les termes spcifiques franais, beaucoup
XIX me sicle) de mots sont anglais : cardigan, tee-shirt, twin-set,
Changeant, moir Furta-cor
sweat-shirt, manches raglan , spencer, blazer,
bermuda, jodhpur, short, pull-over, trench-coat, bob,
Pour ce qui est des vtements, la description est smoking et plus rcemment depuis la seconde Guerre
amplement facilite par lusage de termes exclusifs Mondiale : slip, string, body, rugby-shirt, jogging,
relatifs lencolure (tipo de gola), aux types et longueur legging, etc... On a aussi emprunt le mot kimono
de manches, lemplacement des poches, etc... Attention aux Japonais, robe Mao aux Chinois, caraco aux
! Ne pas confondre encolure avec chancrure qui Espagnols, Jeans aux Amricains et pyjama
dsigne la profondeur dun dcollet de femme (decote). aux Hindous.

Saviez-vous galement que le spectre des couleurs et

Encolure Tipo de Gola son interprtation varie dun pays lautre, sans doute
Col en V Gola en V parce que la luminosit dune rgion lautre du globe
Col roul Gola rol diffre sensiblement. Qui na pas remarqu sur une
Col bteau ou marin Sem gola, que abraa os ombros photo ou dans un film, la lumire toute spciale des pays
Col ras de cou Gola redonda mditerranens ou du Sud de la France ? Les rayons du
Col boutonn Com botes soleil frappent en effet plus obliquement sur les Tropiques
Col chle Gola que cai que nem um xale que sur lEquateur ! Dans les pays forte tendance mode
(France et Italie), lventail de dgrads et camaeux
Col chemine Gola que sobe no pescoo mas sem
enrolar para baixo de couleur est plus vaste et chaque nuance a un nom
Col Mao Gola tipo roupa chinesa particulier que tout le monde reconnat facilement. La
gamme de bleus est certainement la plus ample !

No uvel l es Ro ut es Dis a l | 39
Nouvelles Routes por Marie Gabrielle Bardet

Du plus clair au plus fonc, on a entre autres : bleu Tissu / Etoffe Tecido
pastel, bleu clair, bleu ciel, pervenche, myosotis, lavande Coton peign Algodo penteado
et hortensia (noms de fleurs), bleu Gitanes (cigarettes), Coton ponge boucl (linge de Algodo boucl (especfico a
turquoise, bleu royal, bleu lectrique, bleu YSL (Yves maison) toalhas de banho)
Saint Laurent), bleu canard, bleu ptrole, bleu fonc et Soie gaufre Seda gaufre (toda plissada)
bleu marine. Nid dabeilles Ninho de abelha (similar
s alveolas das abelhas na
La gamme de verts va du vert pastel, vert deau, colmia)
Dentelle, guipure, ... Renda, guipure (renda mais
vert menthe, vert lagune, vert pistache, vert gazon, grossa)
meraude, vert fluo au kaki et au vert sapin. Les tons de A trous-trous ! Esburacado (tipo rede,
blanc et de gris sont galement bien caractriss : blanc trama larga com buracos)
pur (frigo), blanc cass, coquille doeuf, greige, sable, Damass (tissus de Damascado, Brocardo
Fendi (couturier italien) puis gris clair, gris pigeon, gris dcoration) (tecido para cortinas ou
ardoise, gris acier, gris plomb, gris argent, entre autres. Velours (uni ou ctel) Veludo (liso ou com
Les rouges-orangs ont aussi une appellation spcifique, Brod Bordado
toujours en rfrence des objets connus ou courants : A paillettes Com paets
rouge Ferrari, bordeaux, brique, tuile, terre cuite, Tweed Tweed (da inglaterra)
orange, saumon, sang de boeuf, rouge de Chine, rouge
vermillon, etc...
En ce qui concerne les accessoires de mercerie
(armarinho) vous trouverez une liste impressionnante:
Les dgrads de marron vont du camel, moutarde,
boutons, pressions, fermeture-clair (zper), attaches-
caramel et chocolat au caf. Les roses peuvent tre
velcro, lacets, oeillets (ilhoses), crochets et agrafes
pastel, fluo ou aux noms de fleurs : fuschia, ptunia et
(ganchos), pelotes de laine (novelos de l), fil coudre
cyclamen. La couleur la plus difficile pour les Brsiliens
(carretel de linha) et fil btir (fio mais fraco p chulear)
est notre LILAS que beaucoup ici attribuent un violet
et bien entendu, le fameux biais (vis) qui est toujours
assez fonc alors quen France, il sagit dun ton clair,
grand teint en France ce qui signifie que celui-ci ne
comme celui de la fleur du lilas, un peu plus clair que la
bouge pas au lavage (no sangra na lavagem nem
desbota), mme grande temprature. Il faut savoir que
chez nous, les machines laver sont le plus souvent
Enfin pour terminer, je voudrais parler des tissus eux-
tambour (porte-hublot sur le devant) et vont jusqu 90
mmes qui peuvent tre coups soit droit fil (seguindo
degrs pour mieux laver le linge blanc.
o fio da trama) ou en biais, (no vis) dans le cas de
jupes vases ou godets, par exemple.
Pour plus dinformations sur le vocabulaire franais de
la mode et du textile (en France), vous pouvez consulter
des sites franais de vente par correspondance (via
Internet) comme celui du catalogue de la Redoute,
par exemple.

Amusez-vous lire les lgendes des photos et vous vous

familiariserez ainsi trs vite avec les termes dusage
courant. Bonne lecture !


Marie Gabrielle Bardet rside depuis 20 ans au Brsil, So Paulo. Journaliste, guide touristique, traductrice-interprte,
professeur de franais pour trangers, danglais et despagnol (cours particuliers). Fait galement des confrences de
linguistique dans des universits brsiliennes. Cel : (11) 999 44 26 59 / e-mail :

40 | No u ve lle s R o u te s D is a l


FOCUS Speaking and Listening; Fluency and spontaneity; Holding the floor; Helping a
speaker to continue

LEVEL ElementaryAdvanced

TIME 5 minutes

MATERIALS AND PREPARATION Get a watch or clock. There is no handout for this exercise.

1. Ask your students to choose a letter between A and Z, This activity gives students practice in producing the
and write that letter on the board. extended turns of speech that are necessary for a speaker
who wants to hold the floor.
2. Ask students to call out nouns that begin with that letter.
So, if the letter on the board is S, they may call out sugar, The rst time you do this activity a student may offer
sister, snow, etc. the letter X or the letter Z. But once they find out that this
means theyll have to talk about things like xylophones,
3. Write three or four of their suggestions on the board. x-rays, zebras, and zoos, theyll suggest more common
letters the next time.
4. Ask students to form pairs, A and B, and ask all the As to
put their hands up. Outside the classroom (at train stations, in cafs, etc.)
you have to deal with unexpected subjects that may come
5. Explain that the As will choose one of the words on the up. This activity gives practice in dealing with this kind of
board and talk about it for 30 seconds to their partner. Tell unpredictability.
them not to worry about grammar or mistakes, and tell
them not to correct each other. The idea is for them just to It also keeps students busy while you sort out handouts
keep going and to say as much as they can. If they get stuck for later or boot up your computer.
and dont know what to say, their partner (B) should help
them to continue by asking them questions (e.g. When did
you eat sugar last?, What colour is sugar?).

6. Tell them that soon they are going to start speaking.

When you want them to stop, you will give them a certain
signal. Tell them what your signal will be, e.g. you will turn
the lights on / off.

7. Get your watch out and start the As off.

8. Once the 30 seconds is up, stop the talking by giving your

pre-arranged signal.

9. Next, it is Bs turn to choose a different subject from

among those listed on the board and talk about it as A did

If your students are above Low intermediate level, set a
talking time of 60 seconds, or longer.

New Ro ut es Dis a l | 41
Cdigo ELE
Un mtodo con marcha para jvenes de hoy

El nuevo mtodo para adolescentes combina un aprendizaje sistemtico y

secuenciado en el aula con un desarrollo de actividades de autoaprendizaje en
autonoma (individual o en grupo) on-line.
Activa y moviliza a los adolescentes con proyectos interculturales, fomenta un
aprendizaje dinmico de la lengua con temas transversales e interdisciplinares
y desarrolla un concepto global de la educacin para formar a los futuros
ciudadanos del mundo.

Gratuito con la compra del libro

Tiene las mismas caractersticas que el libro offline: interactivo,

posibilidad de escribir, subrayar, or, etc.
Los estudiantes que han comprado el libro en formato papel
tienen una clave de acceso gratuita.

Para ms informacin entre en contacto con:

Sara Ganimian Tcharkhetian | Apoio Pedaggico Espanhol | Fone: 11 3226-3102

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06/02 14h00 s 15h30 Caltabiano Idiomas - On teacher development: becoming a better Bruna Caltabiano e
teacher in 2015. Higor Cavalcante
06/02 15h45 s 17h15 Caltabiano Idiomas - On learner autonomy: preparing learners for Bruna Caltabiano e
success in 2015. Higor Cavalcante
27/02 14h00 s 15h30 Cultura Inglesa - Too much, too soon? Using authentic materials Rubens Heredia
before advanced levels.
27/02 15h45 s 17h15 Cultura Inglesa - Enhancing speaking skills. Karina Nazzari
06/03 14h00 s 15h30 Faculdade Cultura Inglesa - Teaching and learning in light of Maria Eugenia
the new educational paradigm. Witzler DEsposito
06/03 15h45 s 17h15 Faculdade Cultura Inglesa - Is your learning style your teaching Lizika Goldchleger
13/03 14h00 s 15h30 Cultura Inglesa - Promoting effective speaking in the classroom. Ricardo Mucciolo
13/03 15h45 s 17h15 Cultura Inglesa - Motivation, a feeling or a skill? Julice Daijo
20/03 14h00 s 15h30 Actus Idiomas - The challenges of opening an English school. Juliana dos Santos
Voltan Costa
20/03 15h45 s 17h15 Tripppin - Learn How to Teach Online. Mauricio Buchler
27/03 14h00 s 15h30 Cultura Inglesa - Making the difference Techniques to better work Felipe Emerick
with mixed-ability groups.
27/03 15h45 s 17h15 Cultura Inglesa - Metaphorical thinking and language teaching: Rodrigo Garcia Rosa
developing students communicative competence.
10/04 14h00 s 15h30 Faculdade Cultura Inglesa - Giving and receiving constructive Marilisa Shimazumi
10/04 15h45 s 17h15 Faculdade Cultura Inglesa - What does English language teaching Francisco Estefogo
in the 21st century really entail?
17/04 14h00 s 15h30 Cultura Inglesa - Autonomous learners - can that become a reality? Adriana Salvanini
17/04 15h45 s 17h15 Cultura Inglesa - Hooking teenagers to your lessons. Marcela Cintra

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Av. Marginal Direita do Tiet, 800 - Jaguara - fone: 11 3226-3100

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Eventos em outras localidades

Data Local Evento Informaes e inscries
22/01 a 23/01 So Paulo - SP CNA Seminrio de Gesto Pedaggica
11/03 a 13/03 So Paulo - SP Aliana Francesa SP
20/3/2015 So Paulo - SP Talleres Edelsa & Disal 2015
18/4 a 20/04 Fortaleza - CE ACINNE
29/04 a 02/05 Maring - PR CDC Maring

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