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Crossword that practices words from the game

BLURT! the uproarious word race game loved

by young and old!

Teacher: How do you like doing your homework?

Student: ________________________________________

3 H I K E
1. To shut and open the eyes quickly.
2 S H U F F L E
2. To arrange playing cards to change their order.

3. A long walk out in nature. 7 R I N G

4. A large, furry rodent with a flat tail and large front 1 B L I N K

4 B E A V E R
5. The liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain.

6. Someone who cuts up and sells meat.

12 N O D
7. A circular metal band worn on a finger.
13 R O O T
8. A heavy metal object attached to a rope or chain used to
keep a boat in one place.
14 W H I T E
9. A plant with a thick, fleshy stem covered with spines.
8 A N C H O R
10. A variety of pasta formed in short, curved, narrow
tubes. 23 S T A G E
11. The hard, bony parts in your mouth, used to bite and
chew. 20 N O T E
12. To raise and lower the head in a quick motion
1o M A C A R O N I
to show agreement or approval.

13. The part of a tree or plant that grows under the 5 W A T E R

6 B U T C H E R
14. The opposite of black.

19 T W I N S
15. A floor or level of a boat or ship.

16. The result of mixing blue and yellow. 22 F I N

17. Designs made of fabric that are worn to cover the body. 16 G R E E N
18. A small amount of snow that appears for a short time.

21 B E N C H
19. Two children born to the same parents at the same time.

20. A short, informal letter or written message. 11 T E E T H

21. A long seat for several people. 17 C L O T H E S
22. A flat moving part that sticks out from the body of a
9 C A C T U S

23. The raised platform on which actors or entertainers 15 D E C K

18 F L U R R Y