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Karen Fombona
LBS 200
Philosophy of Education

Education is very important in our world it is all around society and it is what can define

the future. As a future educator, teaching should not be taken for granted and learning shouldnt

be taken for granted either. It is important to know the benefits and purpose of an education, as

well as what students should be taught. Future educators need to be aware of the responsibilities

they have as educators and also create a well learning environment for their students. Educators

need to have commitment to a social justice education and be adding subjects to the curriculum

that will be more beneficial to the students education.

The purpose of education in American society is to create well-rounded citizens with

basic knowledge and to educate people on academic skills as well as social and emotional skills.

Courses need to be added to the curriculum in order to prepare students to tackle social and

economic problems at the time (Oaks and Lipton 2015). Education provides social and emotional

skills that can help students interact with others and build social skills. Education also creates

academic skills, which are very important because students are able to develop skills to help

them in their future. Students will be able to use the skills they learned in school when they are

applying for a job, help them communicate well with others, think critically and many more

aspects they can use with these skills.

Teachers need to encourage learning and provide an environment where every student

feels encouraged to learn and to feel confident to participate in the classroom. When an educator

creates a safe learning environment for the students, the students will feel secure and this will be

more beneficial in the students learning. Teachers should make the content of the classroom

interesting in order for their students to actually want to learn. A great technique would be to
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connect the material to something personal in the students lives in order for them to become

interested and engaged in the learning. For example, Brian Mooney who used Kendrick Lamar

albums as a way for the students to learn critical thinking and extended thinking. Teachers want

their students to have extensive thinking and joy to finding critical ideas and extending those

ideas and understandings to the world around us (Mooney 2015). An environment where the

student can relate and promotes learning is the best way a student can learn.

Social justice education is very important to empower the students because it allows

students to learn social issues and encourage social change. Educators need to be committed and

make effort towards working for a social justice in their classroom. Social justice education

encourages students to take an active role in their own learning and supports teachers to create

empowering, democratic and critical educational environment (Hackman 2005). A social justice

education helps encourage students to social change and encourages educators to create an

empowering classroom where students learn about social issues.

Students need to be taught about subjects that expand their critical thinking, creative

skills and engage their interest in learning and not just focus on the subjects that are on the

standardized test. Critical thinking is one of the many important skills that a student should be

learning because with this skill, students can build successful and efficient problem solving

skills. Educators should use techniques like project-based learning, where the students learn as

they are completing the project. This is very beneficial to the students learning because it

requires critical thinking where the students need to do more than just remember information, the

students need to use higher-order thinking skills and learn to work as a team (Larmer and

Mergendoller 2010). Project-based learning is a very creative technique, which benefits the
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students in many different ways such as thinking outside the box, communicating with others,

sharing each others ideas and many more great benefits.

Teachers need to focuses on methods that will help the students learning. Methods that

involve with inquiring based learning or project based learning. These methods help children

think critically, from their own ideas, have students search for answers and many more great

skills that will engage the student in the learning and improve the education system in America.

Teachers who can relate to the students on a personal level and incorporate the material into the

students lives are the characteristics of an effective teacher. However it is not all up to the

teacher, the student needs to be bringing something as well. A good teacher wants the interaction

and the student wants it too and in order for that to happen, the teacher needs to encourage

interaction and gets everyone involved that way everyone brings something to the table and

everyone is satisfied (McGuire and Duff 2005).

Add more about student experiment learning/ hands on activity

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