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do homework: hacer los deberes chat online: hablar por Internet

get dressed: vestirse go shopping: ir de compras

get up: levantarse go swimming: ir nadar

go home: ir(se), marchar a casa listen to music: escuchar msica

go to bed: ir(se) a la cama meet friends: quedar con amigos

go to school: ir al colegio play computer games: jugar a juegos de ordenador

have a shower: ducharse read a book: leer un libro

have breakfast: desayunar ride a bike: montar / ir en bici

have dinner: cenar play football: jugar al ftbol

have lunch: comer play the guitar: tocar la guitarra

send text messages: mandar mensajes (de texto)

read e-mails: leer correos electrnicos

tidy my room: ordenar / recoger mi cuarto / habitacin

watch TV: ver la television


busy: ocupado/a

daily: diario/a

either: tampoco

rarely: casi nunca, rara vez, raramente

real-life: autntico/a, verdadero/a, la vida real

save: ahorrar

social networking site: sitio web de redes sociales

task: tarea
1 Answer these questions.

1 What does Mike do at quarter past seven? He gets up.

2 What does Mike do at half past seven? ________________________________________________________

3 What does Mike do at half past eight? ________________________________________________________

4 What does Mike do at quarter to four? ________________________________________________________

5 What does Mike do at four oclock? ________________________________________________________

6 What does Mike do at five oclock? ________________________________________________________

7 What does Mike do at quarter to seven? ________________________________________________________

8 What does Mike do at eight oclock? ________________________________________________________

2 Write about your routines.

1 I get up at half past seven.








3 Complete the sentences with routines.

1 I __________________________________every afternoon. My favourite programme is La que se avecina.

2 I get up in the morning and I _____________________________. Then, I have breakfast.

3 I ____________________________every afternoon. There arent any books or clothes on my bed or chair.

4 I never __________________________________at school. I eat at home.

5 I always _________________________________at quarter past eight. My first lesson is at twenty-five past

4 Tick the activities you can see in this picture of life in the year 1900.

1 ride a bike ___ 6 go shopping ___

2 play computer games ___ 7 listen to music ___

3 go swimming ___ 8 play the guitar ___

4 play football ___ 9 read a book ___

5 meet friends ___ 10 chat online ___

5 Complete the sentences with the suitable activity.

1 We havent got a computer, so we never ______________________________

2 I often _________________________to my friends on my mobile home.

3 My parents havent got a car. They _________________________to work.

4 I ____________________________on my iPod. Ive got 300 songs on it.

5 My sister and I _________________________for clothes once a month.

6 Match the routines in A to their description in B.


1 send text messages the first routine of the day

2 play football the last routine of the day

3 get up an evening routine

4 have dinner an activity with a ball

5 go to bed an activity with a mobile phone