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3rd Summative Examination


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I. Write the letter of the theory of development which is being described in the following
statements below, which are based from their respective theories of development.

____________1. We are suffering from different dilemma and we have different judgment
towards it.
____________2. We might be fixated in a certain stage according to this theory.
____________3. It includes social approval like being a Good Boy-Good Girl Orientation.
____________4. This theory focuses on the erogenous zone or the pleasure areas.
____________5. Development happens when an individual is actively involved in the
____________6. Sex role identity formation called puberty awakened our sexual interest.
____________7. It considers the active role of an individual as an important factor in human
____________8. Socialization is an important process.
____________9. There is recognition of authority who gives punishment or reward.
____________10. This theory states the Oedipus and Electra Complex.
____________11. One needs to strike a balance of equilibrium.
____________12. It involves how a child thinks, reason out, remembers and solves problems.
____________13. This theory studied how children understand what is right or wrong.
____________14. We are suffering from psychosocial crisis.
____________15. This theory shows the point of view of an individual with regards to judging
of things.

II. Identify what is being defined in the following items.

____________________16. The tendency of a child to only see his point of view and assume
that everyone else also has his same point of view
____________________17. The cognitive structure by which individuals intellectually adapt to
and organize their environment
____________________18. The process of fitting new experience into an existing created
____________________19. Reasoning that is neither inductive nor deductive, reasoning that
appears to be from a particular to a particular thing
____________________20. The ability to perceive the relationship in one instance and use
that relationship to narrow down possible answers in similar problems
____________________21. The ability of the child to perceive the different features of objects
and situations
____________________22. The ability to arrange things in a series based on one dimension
____________________23. Inability to reverse their thinking
____________________24. The tendency of the child to attribute
____________________25. The process of creating new schema
____________________26. One achieve a proper balance between assimilation and
____________________ 27. The ability to think logically from general to specific situation
____________________28. The ability to know that an object still exists even when out of sight
____________________29. The ability to represent objects and events
____________________30. The tendency of the child to only focus on one thing or event and
exclude other aspects

III. Tell whether the statements is about our PHYSICAL, SOCIO-EMOTIONAL,

COGNITIVE, or SPIRTITUAL development. Write your answer on the space provided in
each number.

_________________1. The overall increase in size of the body and internal organs
_________________2. Responses develop from simple anger, fear and joy to more distinct
_________________3. Your belief in God, in the Higher Being, or however you see it your way
takes a huge part of yourself.
_________________4. In the beginning, what we had is what is called received faith.
_________________5. You will need to discern from facts and opinions,
_________________6. We have to avoid personal biases that cloud your mind.
_________________7. Growth spurts are at its peak brought about by hormonal changes.
_________________8. Wellness should be a primary concern as you grow.
_________________9. Forces within that affect us respond to different life experiences
_________________10. Assess the situation and make a preliminary decision

VI. Give 5 changes that is happening in Male and Female during puberty
1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

4. 4.

5. 5.

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