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For 300 Dia Pipes

Estimation of Heat Transfer rate to earth

Outer diameter of pipe 0.300 m 0.98 ft
Inner diameter of pipe 0.295 m 0.97 ft
Wall Thickness 0.005 m 0.02 ft
Perimeter 0.94 m 3.09 ft
Soil Depth 4m 13.12 ft
Soil Temperature/Avg Annual Temperature 23.50 C 74.3 F
Ambient Air temperature 35.6 C 96.08 F
Dt 15.00 F
Pipe Thermal conductivity 0.45 W/mK
Pipe Thermal conductivity 90 W/m2K F
Total Thermal conductivity F
Rate of heat transfer / unit length 736 Btu/hrft
Estimation Air side heat removal rate
Air Quantity 315 CFM
Earth Tunnel Air inlet Conditions
Temperature 35.6 C 96.08 F
Specific Humidity 116.4 gr/lb
Dew point temperature 21.88 C 71.39 F
Relative humidity 45 %
Earth Tunnel Air outlet Conditions
Design supply air Temperature 27 C 80.6 F
Specific humidity at saturation 159.6 gr/lb*
Design supply air Specific humidity 116.4 gr/lb
Design supply air Relative humidity 73.65 %
Heat Removal required 5266.3 Btu/hr
Min Length of pipe 2.18 m 7.2 ft
Total No of Pipes required 1 Nos
Air quantity per pipe 315 CFM
Total Air Quantity 315 CFM
* As dew point temperature of outside air is less than design conditions no latent heat
At a depth of about 4 m below ground, the temperature inside the earth remains
nearly constant round the year and is nearly equal to the annual average temperature
of the place.