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Deep groove ball bearings 61900-2RSR (main dimensions to DIN 625-1, lip seals on both sides)

Example 1
What is the rating life in hours of operation (L10h) for deep groove ball bearing 6208 operating at a
rotational speed of n = 650 rpm, with a radial load F of 3.2 kN?
From formula P X.V. Fr Y Fa
The dynamic equivalent radial load:
FAG 6208 has an inner diameter of 40 mm and outside diameter of 80 mm width 18 mm
Basic dynamic load rating Cr for bearing 6208 given on catalogue is 22.4 kN,
C 22.4
L10 for a uniform loading L10 L10 = 343 million rev.
Ks P 1 3.2
L10h = 343 106 / (650 60) = 8795 hr

Example 2
In a particular application, the radial load acting on a bearing fixed on a 50 mm shaft is 5 kN. The
shaft is running at a speed of 1450 rpm under moderate shock loading. Select a suitable cylindrical
roller bearing when the expected life for 95% of the bearings is 8000 hr.
The equivalent static load: PoF 5kN
Co= Fs . Po assume Fs = 2 Co = 10 kN
The equivalent dynamic load: PFr5kN
L10 = 8000 1450 60 / 106 = 696 million rev. Ks = 1.3 aL = 0.6
C K s P L10 / a L C 1.3 5 696/0.6 10 53.98 kN
1 3

Considering an inner diameter of 50 mm and a dynamic load capacity of 53.98 kN the selected
cylindrical roller bearing would be FAG NU2210 which has a dynamic load capacity of 58.5 kN and
Static load capacity of 42.5 kN.

Rolling and Fluid film Bearings 9 Dr. Ibrahim El Fahham

1.9 Fits and Tolerances
In the ISO system there are 27 positions provided for 18 grades of tolerances on both shaft and
holes. The most precise fits and tolerances are those specified for bearings and bearing
The fits and tolerances depend on the type of bearing, whether the inner or outer ring is
stationary or rotating and on the type of loading.

Type of Load Bearing Type Shaft Diameter Axial Displaceability / Load Fit

Point Load on Ball, Roller, and All Sizes Floating Bearings with Sliding g6 (g5)
Inner Ring
Inner Ring Needle Roller Anngular Contact Ball Bearings h6 (j6)
and Tapered
Bearings Roller Bearings with Adjusted
Inner Ring
Circumferential Ball Bearings up to 40 mm Normal Load j6 (j5)
Load on Inner up to 100 mm Low Load j6 (j5)
Ring or Indeter- Normal and High Load k6 (k5)
minate Load up to 200 mm Low Load k6 (k5
Normal and High Load m6 (m5)
over 200 mm Normal Load m6 (m5)
High Load, Shocks n6 (n5)
Roller and up to 60 mm Low Load j6 (j5)
Needle Roller Normal and High Load k6 (k5)
Bearings up to 200 mm Low Load k6 (k5)
Normal Load m6 (m5)
High Load n6 (n5)
up to 500 mm Normal Load m6 (m5)
High Load, Shocks p6
over 500 mm Normal Load n6 (p6)
High Load p6

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