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Questions for Study and Discussion #4 Kyle Kucsma

1. Baker makes good use of transitional expressions, repetition of words, and ideas, and

pronoun references in paragraphs 1 and 2. Carefully reread the paragraphs, and identify

where he employs these techniques.

Through the first paragraph of the selection Baker enforces that he was not initially interested in

writing or English, and all topics associated in it by explaining his reasons why he dislikes

writing. Further repetition is placed upon the description of Mr. Fleagle and the word "prim".

2. Examine the transitions Baker uses between paragraphs from paragraph 4 to the end of

the essay. Explain how these transitions work to make the paragraphs flow from one to


From paragraph four to the end of the essay Baker transitioned from the explanation of Mr.

Fleagle's quirk to an assignment he was given, to the night that he did said assignment, to the day

where his assignment was read by Mr. Fleagle, and lastly the emphasis of Mr. Fleagle's quirk.

These transitions give facts, foreshadow, and make the section feel like it's a personal story

someone wanted you to understand.

3. How does Baker describe his English teacher, Mr. Fleagle, in the second paragraph?

Why does he repeat the word prim throughout the paragraph? Why is the vivid description

important to the say as a whole?

Baker describes his English teacher by repeating the word "prim" to emphasize that his teacher

was very formal and took his job seriously. The description of the character emphasizes his

appearance and gives the reader a glance to what he was like.

4. What does Baker write about in his informal essay for Mr. Fleagle? Why does he write

about this subject? Why doesn't he want to turn the essay in?

Baker decides to write about the art of eating spaghetti for his informal essay, because he

remembered an important day in his life where he had fun with his family eating spaghetti. He

decided to not turn in the essay after he wrote it due to the personal style and approach he took

when writing it. Baker writes that the essay was against all rules of formal composition he had

learned about in school.

5. What door does Mr. Fleagle open for Baker? Why is Baker reluctant to pursue the


Mr. Fleagle opens the door to a career of writing to Baker, but he was reluctant to take the

chance because writing at the time couldn't lead to a job after high school.