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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership / M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 5324 Integrating Technology into Education
Ayan Sharif September 18, 2017

Cite the reviewed article in APA format:

Waxman, H., Boriack, A., Yuan-Hsuan, L., & MacNeil, A. (2013). Principals' Perceptions of
the Importance of Technology in Schools. Contemporary Educational Technology, 4(3), 187-


Research Questions (if research questions are not specifically mentioned, what is the
theoretical background or overarching theme):

Authors are researching school principals viewpoint of the importance of technology in


Purpose of the research:

The purpose of this questionnaire study is to find out principals reasons for utilizing
technology in school and the importance of it. This study provides insight into principals
perceptions of technology importance.


What is the methodology for the research or approach used to understand the issue?
Provide information regarding the following:

Participants: 311 principals from a large metropolitan area in the southwest region
area of U.S.A

Procedures: These participants each had to reply to the questionnaire. Then they
analyzed how gender and experience effected their results.

Data Collection Methods/Data Source: Questionnaire was used to gathered different

principals results.

Data Analysis: These results indicate that both gender and years of experience
influence how principals perceive the functions of technology in their schools.

Findings or Results (or main points of the article):

This could affect the technology leadership of principals, which may influence the success
of technology implementation in schools.


Conclusions/Implications (for your profession):

Principals are respected in schools and when they take a liking to technology, there is a
greater chance of it wide spreading and being used in every classroom. In order of that to
happen principals need to know how to use technology. I believe going to a how to basic
technology class should be encouraged for all principals.

Students Reflections (changes to your understanding; implications for your

I found the results to be very accurate. They indicated that each principal used technology for
different reasons. They results differed from those how to taught for different lengths. Bottom
line was that technology is important and should be encouraged to be utilized by all principals.
Therefore, teachers would have a better chance of implementing technology in their