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1 cup oatmeal 2 slices whole 1 whole-grain 1 cups oat-ring 2 whole-grain 1 cup oatmeal 1 whole-grain
topped with 1 wheat toast with English muffin cereal topped waffles with 2 Tbsp blueberry muffin
cup strawberries 1 Tbsp peanut with cup with 1 sliced cup raisins topped with 2 tsp
2 Tbsp chopped butter yogurt cheese small (4 oz.) blueberries 2 Tbsp chopped soft margarine
nuts cup fruit and 2 tsp light banana 2 Tbsp chopped peanuts 1 small apple
1 cup nonfat cocktail in jam 2 Tbsp pumpkin walnuts 1 cup nonfat
milk water 1 small banana seeds 23 cup plain/ milk LUNCH
23 cup plain Latte made with 1 cup nonfat flavored fat-free 2 oz. tuna in
LUNCH fat-free yogurt 1 cup nonfat milk yogurt LUNCH water mixed
1 6-inch milk 1 cups pea, with 1 Tbsp fat-
wholewheat pita LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH lentil or bean free mayo, plus
Salad with 1 2 oz. grilled LUNCH 2 oz. lean roast 2 oz. grilled soup Salad lettuce and
cup lettuce, 1 salmon Platter with 13 beef, lettuce, chicken breast with 1 cup tomato on 2
cups each Medium (6 oz.) cup hummus, tomato slices, 1 23 cup brown lettuce, 1 cup slices of whole-
tomato and baked potato 1 cup carrot oz. reduced-fat rice with 1 Tbsp mixture of wheat bread 1
cucumber with 2 Tbsp sticks cheese on a pine nuts 1 cup mushrooms, cup steamed
Dressing of 2 reduced-fat sour 1 cup pepper medium (2 oz.) sauted spinach peppers, carrots, green beans
tsp olive cream slices, 1 oz. whole-wheat roll with 1 tsp olive tomato topped with 2
oil+vinegar of 1 cup sauted lowfat feta Salad with 1 oil Latte with 1 Dressing of 2 tsp Tbsp slivered
your choice broccoli with 1 cheese, 8 olives cup lettuce, 1 cup nonfat milk olive oil+vinegar almonds 1 cup
1 cup nonfat tsp olive oil 23 cup plain cup cherry of your choice nonfat milk
milk 23 cup flavored fat-free yogurt tomatoes DINNER 23 cup flavored
light fat-free Dressing of 1 tsp 3 oz. tuna in light fat-free DINNER
DINNER yogurt DINNER olive oil+vinegar water mixed with yogurt 3 oz. grilled
3 oz. grilled 3 oz. grilled of your choice 1 Tbsp fat-free shrimp 1 cup
chicken breast DINNER salmon 23 cup 1 cup nonfat mayo, plus cup DINNER homemade 3-
topped with 1 tsp 1 cup all-bean brown rice 1 milk diced avocado, 3 oz. grilled pork bean salad made
pesto 23 cup chili with 2 Tbsp cup cooked lettuce and loin cup corn with 1 tsp olive oil
wholewheat grated reduced- carrots 1 cup DINNER tomato on a 1 slice wheat 1 Tbsp diced
couscous 1 cup fat cheese strawberries 23 cup whole- medium (2 oz.) bread with 1 tsp avocado 1 cup
grilled or roasted Salad with 1 cup oz. piece dark wheat spaghetti wheat roll 1 cup soft margarine 1 steamed broccoli
zucchini brushed chocolate cherry tomatoes 1 cup
with 1 tsp olive lettuce, cup with cup cup canned cup sauted green strawberries
oil 1 cup melon each tomato and tomato sauce and pineapple beans with 1 tsp
cubes cucumber 3 oz. ground olive oil 1 small
Dressing of 2 tsp turkey cup banana
olive oil+vinegar steamed green
of your choice beans 1 cup
100% juice melon cubes
frozen fruit ba oz. piece dark


Frozen nutty Fruit soup Apple surprise
banana Egg sandwich Peanut butter Pumpkin granola Lemon poppy
LUNCH LUNCH sandwich with parfait seeds protein
LUNCH LUNCH banana and chia squares
Curried chicken Little Italy seeds LUNCH
Mr. stripey Spelt salad with salad with chicken pitas LUNCH
tomato, arugula white beans and apples and with potato soup LUNCH Avocado soup
and pancetta artichokes raisins with with citrus- Beef , orange,
sandwich with tomato soup DINNER Tuna pan bagnat shrimp relish gorgonzola
tpumpkin soup DINNER Chicken stew with spinach Pan fried tuna sandwich with
Chickpea & DINNER with turnips and soup rice Hippocrates soup
DINNER chorizo fideos Rosemary mushrooms
Eggplant lentils& greens DINNER DINNER DINNER
parmesan Served with on toasted bread Served with Salmon cakes Cowboy beef & Duck chiles
roasted olive bread with olives, bean chili with rellenos with
Sauted spinach cauliflower Sliced tomato lemon & dili whole grain Belizean
and red onion cornbread habanero hot
salad sauce

Zucchini bread Quinoa fruit Pumpkin Ricotta and Zucchini muffins Waffle PBJ-wich Egg and cheese
oatmeal salad oatmeal bowl tomato breakfast cups
sandwich LUNCH LUNCH
LUNCH LUNCH Garden salad akalising green
Lamb, roasted Asian green with citrus soup Red lentil and
Tabbouleh with tomato and bean salad Brunswick stew vinaigrette spicy avocado carrot soups
chicken and red artichoke Chicken breast rice Inihaw na wraps Smoked salmon
pepper sandwiches and with lemon bangus and avocado
Rice olive spread rice DINNER Rice DINNER sushi
Beef and barley Apricot- chile Grape chutney
soup DINNER glazed salmon DINNER served with pork DINNER
DINNER Creamy green served with Creamy mustard tenderloin and Broccoli rabe &
Brussels sprout chile chicken couscous and chicken served spinach salad turkey sausage
DINNER and potato hash soup grilled asparagus with steamed lasagna served
Shrimp Rye toast Cheese green beans with a mixed
dumplings quesadilas green salad
Edamame, bell
pepper &
seasoned with
rice vinegar
Avocado toast Zapped Fruit and yogurt Breakfast burrito Oat chocolate Quinoa with Fruit and yogurt
with egg scrambled eggs parfait muffin eggs and veggies smoothie
with veggies
Chicken tinola Pinakbet Monggo Porkchop Sinigang na Adoboong pusit
rice Kare kare Mushroom soup rice Rice hipon rice
rice rice Creamy corn rice
steak fajitas DINNER DINNER Quick risotto DINNER Sopas
with Belizean Pork Milanese Orzo and grape with shrimp, DINNER Pancit Bulgogi
habanero hot with mashed salad with feta corn and French toast with Rice rice
sauce & brown sweet potato and mint edamame pear cranberry Bean and pea
rice and broccolini compote serve soup
with sausage