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Name Morgan Martucci Date 7/19/17

School Williams Middle School Lesson # 8

Grade 6 Class size 16 Class/Time 8:30 - 9:21

Unit/Theme Respiratory System Lesson Focus Lung capacity

Objectives (must be measurable, use action verbs and include elements of success)
Cite appropriate standards from MA Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

Calculate a rough estimate of their lung capacities by blowing into a balloon and measuring the
diameter during the activity (National Standard 1, MCHCF 1.7).

Identify how to improve lung capacity and why it is important to have strong lungs by listening
to and reading the presentation (National Standard 1, MCHCF 1.7).

Materials/Supplies/Lesson Preparation
Pre-Cut Masking Tape (a little over a foot)
16 Balloons
8 Markers
8 Rulers
16 Lung Capacity Worksheets

Special Accommodations (How will the special needs of individual students be met?)

Ask students if they have a latex allergy, if so, they can be the teacher helper of the day and be in
charge of the computer during the presentation.

If student cannot blow up a balloon, they can be the official recorder of the pair and record the
scores of their partner.

References/Resources (include books, articles, websites, etc.)

Opening (activator/instant activity)

Tell the students that we are going to be estimating their lung capacities today with a fun

Procedures Step by step description of teaching strategies/methods/pedagogy to be used.

(Include time frame for each activity, transitions, extensions/adaptations, cooperative learning
techniques jig saw, pair/share, etc.)
1. Teacher Presentation 10 minutes - Go over 1st part presentation on the lungs and how
they work
2. Get students into their basketball sports partners and have 1 student from each pair get a
piece of masking tape, 2 balloons, and 1 marker.
3. Activity 15-20 minutes - Explain that the students are going to take a deep breath and fill
the balloon as much as they can using only that 1 breath.
a. First, they will write down an estimate on how much they think that they can blow
up the balloon and also guess if their measurements will get bigger or smaller
over time.
b. They will then blow up their balloons as much as possible using only 1 breath.
c. They will then take the tape and put it around the balloon to have a reference for
the diameter and place a mark on the tape with the marker where the tape overlaps
on the balloon.
d. Then they will measure the tape with the rulers and mark down their
measurements on their lung capacity sheet.
e. Have each student repeat this 5 times and record each of the trials.
4. Class Discussion 5 minutes - After the students have finished with the activity, ask if
anyone wants to tell the class what their biggest number was.
a. Ask if their numbers went up or down as they went through more trials. Ask why
or why not the numbers increased/decreased.
b. Discuss that this activity is not exactly the most scientific way to measure lung
capacity, but it gives us a good visual about how much air our lungs hold.
5. Show the youtube video about how an actual V02 max test is done
6. Teacher Presentation 5 minutes - Show 2nd part of presentation about how to increase
your lung capacity

List Assessment(s) informal or formal how do you know they have learned the desired
content and you have achieved your objectives?

Informal - Walk around the class while the students are doing the activity to make sure that they
are on task and doing the activity in the intended way.

Informal - Ask questions to each group as you walk around about what it means if the balloon is
more/less full. Also ask questions about the general lung mechanics that we looked at during the
presentation while walking around.

The 2nd part of the presentation will serve as a summarizer.
Have students throw away the tape and balloons and wait to be dismissed.
Notes/Reflection (to be completed right after you finish teaching a particular lesson)
What did you accomplish? How much did the students learn? What would you leave the same
and what might you change in the future to improve this lesson?