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TPACK Template

Subject Science

Grade 3rd

Learning Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems

Objective 3.7 The student will investigate and understand the major components of soil, its
origin, and its importance to plants and animals including humans. Key concepts
a) soil provides the support and nutrients necessary for plant growth;

b) topsoil is a natural product of subsoil and bedrock;

c) rock, clay, silt, sand, and humus are components of soils; and
d) soil is a natural resource and should be conserved.
Online This is an asynchronous course and all materials needed will be available ahead of time.
Activity The teacher will record a short video lecture on the basics of soil and the importance it
has in the environment. The students will watch the video and be asked to participate
in a simulation of plant growth using Growing Plants.

Students will be directed to where they will enter the code to
enroll into the class account to launch the simulation.

They will begin by choosing the soil type, the type of plant, amount of water, and the
amount of light each plant receives. They can choose from tomatoes, beans, and
turnips for the plant seeds. They can also decide whether they want to use fertilizer or
compost with the soil. They will then press the play button on the bottom right-hand
side and see how the different variables effect the plants growth. The teacher should
recommend that each student do the simulation at least 3 times and try different
plants and change the amount of light and water with each trial.
The students can then click on the data tab at the top of the screen and see their
results in graph form and see the differences between the plants.

When students are done with the simulation, they should have gained a better
understanding of why soil is important and how it contains special nutrients that plants
need to grow.

At the end of the simulation, the students will each post the graphs of one of their trials
in the class google drive for teacher verification. They will then compare their graphs to

their classmates and reflect on 2 other students results and say why they think it
turned out the way it did.
Technolo Growing Plants simulation on the explore learning website:

Computer and required accessories (up to date Flash)