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Andrew Cherng
From: Peilin Duan
Date: Oct. 23, 2017
Subject: Proposal for Green Panda CSR Program

Panda Express has been a leader for more than a decade in the Americanized
Chinese fast food industry. To create a healthier relationship between people and
food includes protecting the environment and finding sustainable ways to grow
our business. Therefore, the Panda Express communication team would like to
propose a corporate social responsibility program entitled Green Panda.

In the Green Panda program, the Panda Express would partner with
Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) to develop new
construction and interior strategies with more environmentally friendly design
and materials. LEED helps to improve indoor environmental quality for better
occupant comfort and uses a comprehensive approach to water efficiency by
reevaluating total building water use.

The Panda Express communication team hopes that not only flagship stores will
use LEED certification but all company-operated stores would. Our engineer
estimate that about 2,000 old units will finish retrofitting in four years and at the
same time, we will continue to adopt LEED in new construction. Both customers
and employers will appreciate the new comfortable surroundings provided by
Panda Express. Water used in every Panda Express units will achieve the
maximum utilization rate.

To better transmit the Green Panda information to the public, there will be sign
in every panda restaurant. Social media platforms like Twitter will also be used
to promote the program.

The Green Panda programs help to increase the number of fans and inspire
employees by increasing positive attitudes. A study in International Journal of
Hospitality Management claimed that restaurants involved in green practices
could elevate the brands green image.1 In addition, it showed customers who
are health consciousness are more likely to choose a green restaurant.

Panda Express as a family-owned business has always been known for caring
about people. This program is a great opportunity to show the companys
attitude and improve the brand image. I look forward to hearing your feedback
about this proposal and to discuss more details or any thoughts you have about
the Green Panda program.

1 Namkung, & Jang. (2012). Effects of restaurant green practices on brand equity formation: Do green

practices really matter? International Journal of Hospitality Management, International Journal of

Hospitality Management.