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EPC 3903 Mentor College observation form

Mentor College Assessment Report First observation B.Ed Teaching Practice

Name of the student: Aaesha ID#: H00300151

Name of the School: Emirates Grade: 4
National School
Grade level: 4 Date of the observations: Oct 9, 2017
Unit / lesson title: Operations and Number of students:
Algebraic Thinking
Competency Area E G S M US

A- Commitment to the Profession X

B- Planning for Learning X
C- Managing Learning X
D- Implementing Learning X
E- Assessment and Evaluation X
F- Reflection on Practice X
Strengths of the lesson:
Professionalism was shown in the planning for the lesson and in engagement with the students. The lesson
was planned well and an understanding of mathematical properties of operations and the relationship
between addition and subtraction was covered well. The teaching materials prepared helped to reinforce the
learning. The song at the beginning of the class worked well as an active introduction. The Bingo Game
worked well to help students experience operations in a creative and interesting way. The explanations done
by the teacher were clear. The management of student behavior was good with the use of positive
reinforcement and a number of strategies to manage the learning were implemented.
Areas for development:
Try to be a little more careful with the grammar of your English Language use both on worksheets and orally
in the classroom.
Evaluation and assessment of what students are learning along the way and during activities needs to be
monitored and documented on an individual basis (this could be done on a simple sheet with a class list with
simple objectives which are observed and ticked off and/or commented on.

Students reflection on the feedback:

Overall I found that my lesson was good. I think I worked vigorously in the activities by differentiated style of
activities and differentiated students level. According to the lesson procedure I found that it moves smoothly.
I could say that I was taking a lot time in each activity for that next class Im going to use a timer which could
help me. According to classroom management I believed that using my MST classroom management strategies
such as star stickers and group points was a good point because this will helps students to dont be confused
with new strategy. Also My MST using Dojo point however I didnt using yet. I think I am going to use it in
my following lessons. I found the class was long for that next time I will try to have fun transition for the
students that will not keep to the students feeling boring. In next class Im going to improve my weakness