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TPACK Template

Subject Physics

Grade Level 10-12

Learning Objective PH.11 The student will investigate and understand how to
diagram, construct, and analyze basic electrical circuits and
explain the function of various circuit components. Key
concepts include a) Ohms law; b) series, parallel, and

combined circuits; c) electrical power; and d) alternating

and direct currents.

Online Activity This is an asynchronous online class. The students will have
assignments posted at the beginning of each week due at the
end of that week.

The teacher will assign this simulation during the direct current

The teacher will post the website address and instruct students
to click the play button on the game.

The teacher will also post a set of circuits for the student to
create during the simulation in an editable document including
but not limited to
a) Battery, on/off switch, 2 wires, light
b) Battery, 3 wires, paper clip, resistor, light
c) Larger Battery, light bulb, dog, on/off, switch
The teacher can also have the students increase and decrease
the voltage of the battery and ask what does and does not
complete a circuit.

The student will then place the ammeter in the circuit and
record the current shown on the ammeter on the document

The teacher will then instruct students to create their own

circuits using whatever they would like and attach pictures
showing what they create to the document

After completing the assignment, the student will submit the

document by email with their name, class, and assignment

Circuit Construction Kit: DC- Virtual Lab