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Adverb + adjective participle collocations

artistically talented
musically talented
naturally talented
linguistically talented

absolutely amazing
absolutely clear
absolutely delicious
absolutely dreadful
absolutely essential
absolutely exhausting
absolutely overwhelming
absolutely perfect
absolutely ridiculous

amazingly entertaining (evening)

amazingly successful (project)

beautifully performed

bitterly cold
bitterly disappointed
bitterly disappointing
bitterly opposed
bitterly resentful

brilliantly conceived (view)

brilliantly executed (performance)

completely absorbed
completely acceptable
completely disgusted
completely honest
completely thrown by sth
deeply grateful for sth
deeply hurt
deeply moved
deeply offended

desperately uncomfortable

dreadfully boring

efficiently organised

enormously impressed

excruciatingly painful
excruciatingly tedious (task)

extremely good
extremely expensive
extremely happy
extremely hot
extremely important
extremely limited
extremely nervous

fiendishly difficult

frankly absurd

fully aware
fully conscious
fully insured

generally understood

genetically modified
genetically pioneered (robots)
greatly changed
greatly different
greatly mistaken

heavily influenced by sth

highly amused
highly amusing (book)
highly articulate
highly competitive
highly entertaining (film)
highlt qualified
highly sensitive
highly successful (career)
highly trained

horribly polluted (city/river)

hugely disappointing (exam result)

hugely impressive (process of adaptation)
hugely influential (film)
hugely successful (performance)

increasingly difficult to do sth

increasingly popular

incredibly brave
incredibly generous

innately sinister

liberally dressed

most generous
most helpful
most kind

naturally gifted

officially authorized (bounty hunter)

overtly political

particularly interested in sth

particularly upset

perfectly fair
perfectly honest
perfectly reasonable
perfectly simple

potentially harmful

profoundly moving (tale/story)

psychologically damaging

rather annoying
rather embarrassing

reasonably priced

recently retired (policeman)

relatively easy
relatively few and far between

seriously ill
seriously injured
seriously wounded

severely affected by sth

severely injured
superbly recorded

technically feasible

terribly boring
terribly important

totally amazed
totally overwhelming

tremendously exaggerated

utterly boring (conversation)

utterly hilarious
utterly mind-blowing
utterly ridiculous (comment)
utterly tedious (job)

well designed
well spoken
well structured

widely spoken
widely understood