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EDU 1010

Orientation to Education
Teaching Demonstration

Name: Mackay Clayton_____________ Date: 11/15/17___________

Activity Title _Financial Literacy Lesson 1_______

Utah Core Standard:

Students will understand how values, culture, and economic forces affect personal
financial priorities and goals.

Objective (s):

Help students to gain a vision and enthusiasm for financial success and begin building a

Learning Outcomes: (What do you expect students to master as a result of your


1. Effectively identify and differentiate needs from wants.

2. Identify social, cultural, and commercial influences on their financial decisions.
3. Make and personalize a basic financial plan by making goals and filtering
financial through them.

Instructional Procedures:

1. A brief introductory presentation, followed by;

2. A guided discussion and whiteboard/smartboard presentation using student
examples and input.
3. Filling out a needs/wants worksheet
4. Discussion on real-world application, discussion observing real scenarios in
students lives
5. Overview of section vocabulary; pass out Purchase Analysis sheet and vocab


Smartboart/whiteboard; projector
Worksheets and vocab sheet; paper quiz for next class period
Lesson guide (notes for me)
Family Connections: (take home activity)

1. The Purchase Analysis sheet: This homework assignment will be to make a list or
observation of ten purchases the student or his or her family made, and a brief
statement of whether it is a need or want, as well as if it fits the scope of the
students goals.
2. Study Vocabulary: Learning the terms and definitions from this section and
memorizing them for future use (and a quiz, too).

Assessment Plan: (how do you plan to assess whether or not students mastered the

1. At the beginning of the next class we will have a quiz on the vocabulary terms
from the first section.
2. The students will turn in their Purchase Analysis worksheet. I will go over and
grade each sheet; then, on the class after its graded I will call each student to my
desk to return it and briefly go over the material with her/him to make sure they
understand it individually. This will allow me to dedicate time to specific students
who are struggling.