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Technical Data Bulletin ISD 1012000

Technical Data Bulletin ISD 1012000

Ionization Smoke Detector

The Ionization Smoke Detector is supplied with the following standard features:


Stable operation under extreme environmental conditions


Dual Bi-color LED status indication


Low-Profile design – attractive, unobtrusive


Conforms to U.L. Standard 268, latest edition


Designed in accordance with NFPA Standard 72E


FMRC approved


Backward compatibility to preceding detector and base designs


to preceding detector and base designs Description %% S TATE - OF - THE -A RT


The Chemetron Fire Systems Ionization Smoke Detector features two bi-colored LEDs for status indication. In standby the LED’s flash green once every second. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm, the LEDs latch on red. The detector is comprised of a patented dual chamber smoke sensing element utilizing advanced electronic circuitry. The sensing chamber is unique in that a single radioactive source ionizes both the reference and sample chambers. This provides for stable operation over a wide air flow range.


Advanced smoke chamber design is enhanced by the use of high quality components. Automated assembly and 100% functional testing assure uniform operation. Each detector contains an alarm LED that pulses in the standby mode when power is present. In an alarm condition, the LED illuminates steadily to pinpoint the location of the triggered detector.



Early warning smoke detector shall be Chemetron Fire Systems detector stock number (see ordering information). It shall operate on the ionization principle. The detector shall consist of a dual chamber smoke sensing element with sampling and reference chambers that use the same radioac- tive source. Detectors shall be of low-profile design and shall protrude from ceiling not more than 2 inches. Static shielding shall protect against the operation interference of electrical noise. The detector shall not be affected by pressure or humidity changes. Detector head shall be fitted with locking pin that requires an “uncommon tool” for removal from its base.

The head shall incorporate dual pulsing green LEDs as an indication of power at the detector head. The dual LED shall illuminate steadily on red to provide a positive indication when the detector is in the alarm condition. Wiring shall be accom- plished by using screw terminals.

Testing is easy and reliable. A built-in reed switch permits Positive, convenient testing shall be provided by a built-in

reed switch, permitting activation by an external magnet, simulating activation by smoke.

The base shall be capable of being used with both ioniza- tion and photoelectric detector heads. An optional relay base shall permit detectors to activate additional devices such as remote alarms, door closers, etc.

the detector to be test-activated by an external magnet. This simple magnet test simulates activation by smoke at a level between 4% and 6% obscuration. This magnet test is especially useful in environmentally unstable or clean areas.


An optional relay base is available to permit the smoke detector to activate additional devices such as remote visual and audible alarms, door closers, etc. The compact relay module fits into the detector junction box.

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Ionization Detector head with 43 mA Standard Base




Ionization Detector head with 43 mA Relay Base




Ionization Detector head with 93 mA Base