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What are causes of disagreement between the

cash balance of ledger account and of a

depositors balance of a bank statement?
The following are the important causes or reasons for the disagreement
between the balances shown by the pass book and cash book.

1. Cheques issued but not presented for payment.

2. Cheques paid or deposited but not collected and credited by the bank.
3. Interest credited by the bank but not entered in cash book.
4. Bank charges, commission and interest in overdraft debited by the
bank but not entered in cash book.
5. Expenses directly paid by the bank on behalf of customer but not
recorded in cash book.
6. Incomes directly collected by the bank on behalf of customer but not
recorded in cash book.
7. Amount directly deposited into the bank by debtors but not entered in
cash book.
8. Cheque deposited into the bank but dishonoured.
9. Dishonour of bill discounted with the bank.
10. Errors committed in the cash book and pass book.

Raihan Rahman just receive the monthly statement at 31 October from
the National Bank Ltd. And the statement shows an ending balance of
Tk. 3968. Listed on the statement are a service charge of Tk.12, two
dishonoured checks totalling Tk. 46 and a Tk. 9 charge for printed
checks. In reviewing his cash record, Mr. Rahman, identifies outstanding
checks totalling Tk.467 and 31 October deposit of Tk.788, which does
not appear on the bank statement. During October he recorded a Tk.
190 check for the salary of a part time employee as Tk. 19. If cash
journals were posted Mr. Rahmans cash at bank account would show
31 October balance of Tk.4527.
Raihan Rahman

Bank reconciliation statement

As on 31st October..........

particulars Mr. Rahmans ledger Bank statement

Balance as on 31 4527 3968
Service charge (12) +
Two dishonoured (46) +
Charge for printed (9) +
Outstanding checks (467)
Deposit in transit 788
Wrongly check posting (171) +
Corrected balance 4289 4289

Raihan Rahman

Journal entries

date particulars Ref Debit Tk. Credit Tk.

A/C payable 12
Bank account 12
(to record service charge)
A/C payable 46
Bank account 46
(to record dishonoured
A/C payable 9
Bank account 9
(to record charge for printed
A/C payable 171
Bank account 171
(to record wrongly posted