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NAME: Oscar Esposito DATE: __November 14, 2017_____ TIME: 12:31- 1:16
SCHOOL: ___Chicopee High School____ LESSON#: __4__ FACILITIES: Gym
Control/ Utilization
EQUIPMENT: 1. __nitroball net 2. Nitroballs
FOCUS OF LESSON: _Game rules review
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

Psychomotor: Students will be able to work together to make 2 passes to three different students
during the first activity and be successful 2 out of 3 times (National #:S1.H2.L1, MACF#2.17,2.19,
Activity #1)

Cognitive: Students will understand and be able to explain the rotation used in a game of nitroball
when asked by the teacher at closure(National# S2.H3L1, MACF#2.25, Activity# Closure)

Affective: Students will be able to follow the teachers rules regarding safety and sportsmanship
(National # S4.H3.L1,S4.H5.L1, MACF#2.26, Activity#, Whole activity)

Check each objective: Is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally appropriate?

TEACHER PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES - During the lesson the teacher will:

1. The teacher will keep all students safe at all times during the lesson and will address any unsafe
behavior exhibited by the student appropriately
2. The teacher will maintain the student's attention during the entire lesson by keeping all activities
developmentally appropriate and engaging
3. Reflect on the lesson to make improvements on further lessons

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS - What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the students
in this class?

1. Large class
2. balls may cause distraction
3. Respect all equipment being used
4. Students that have IEP


Couturier, L., Chepko, S., & Holt/Hale, S. (2014). Elementary School-Level Outcomes
(K-Grade 5). In National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical
Education (p. 56-59). Champaign, Illinois: Human Kinetics.
NitroBall Activity Instructions. Gopher Sports. Retrieved November 3, 2017, from

Nitroball/ Gopher Sport YouTube. (2015, July 16). Youtube. Retrieved November 4, 2017,



0-10 Students are given time to
change. Once changed students
enter the gym and begin walking
warm up laps.
Students will be asked to go to
the whiteboard and review the
objectives of the day
Posted on the board:

I will be able to make different

passes to different students and
keep the ball in play

I will be able to explain the

proper rotation and know who
serves the ball during gameplay

I will be able to follow all the

teachers rules as it applies to

Students will be placed in pre-
assigned groups posted on the
wall. Students will be told that
teams may still change at the
discretion of the teacher. The
teacher may switch students
around to make teams more
competitive with each other.
Students with an IEP will be
placed into teams that will allow
for the greatest success.

Students must not start the
activity until the teacher gives
the command and both teams
are ready to play
There will be no kicking or
punching of the ball.
Students must stay off the nets
and not jump them or over them.

Activity 1: (Team passing)

15-20 Explanation
The pre-determined teams will
work on passes before hitting
the ball over the net.
Setting up teammates for a spike
is a big part of being successful
at nitroball.
Student will start in a 2-2
The activity will start just like a
game with a player serving the
ball to the other team. No points
will be scored during this
The team must make at least 2
passes and have 3 different
students touch the ball before
hitting the ball over the net.
The students will be encouraged
to come up with a strategy that
best fits the players needs.
The teacher will reinforce

Extension up/down
Allowing the students make
riskier or safer passes depending
on skill level.

Teacher will blow his whistle.
He will then have all students
meet by him to explain the
second activity, gameplay.
Students will place themselves
as if playing a game. With 4
players the recommended
formation is 2-2 with two
players at the front and two
players behind.
The student will then practice
volleying the ball back and
fourth but the team must make 2

Activity 3 Game play

Students will play a game of
4v4 nitroball.
Students will be asked to play
by the rules and obey all the
safety instructions given earlier
and reinforced before and
during the activity. Focus will be
placed on serving from the right
side, rotating clockwise after
winning the serve back and
playing safely yet competitively.
All games will be posted on the
wall as well as teams.
20-35 Transition
Students will put all equipment
away neatly and meet by the
whiteboard to go over the

35-40 Closure
A quick question and answer
with the students to review
objectives of the day.
45-50 Transition
Students will be given time to
Period 6 NitroBall

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6

Destiny O. Alyson G. Julie M. Tabarek A. Kyla B. Tailor C.
Niah M. Mamadi T. Damian T. Nathan R. Seth M. Damian D.
Jack L. Tyson P. Ryan M. Savian M. Jose Z. Sam Q.
Jacob D Miguel A. Keith S. Chase L. Ricky E. Nicholas A.
Justin H. Adrian A.

Game Court 1 Court 2 Court 3

1 1V2 3V6 5V4
2 3V4 6V1 2V5
3 6V4 2V3 1V5
4 4V1 5V3 6V2
5 5V6 1V3 4V2