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Umbilical pole
on the belly of the sky
Jiu river reversed.

Stlp ombilical
Pe pntecul cerului
Jiu curgnd de sus.
Through the gate, the flakes Prin poart fulgii
traversing the travertine Traversnd travertinul
carrying kisses. Poart sruturi.
The tables dozen Duzina mesei
clepsydrae turned into stone Clepsidre mpietrite;
silence is singing. Tcerea cnt.
The melting snows
on clepsydraes chairs
murmuring moments.

Zpezi topite
Prin scaune clepsidr -
Clipe clipocind.
Brought down on the knees
her prayer to Almighty
giving her a hand.

Spre Cel suit la ceruri,
O mn ruga.
Germinated grain
on the hatched shell of egg
yamming newborn.

Pe coaja eclozat
Nou nscut scncind.
Staying face to face
the fertile semicercles
gate of the sun. Stnd fa-n fa
Fertile semicercuri
Poarta soarelui.
Yellowish blackbird
the silence is chirping
the Blond Negress.

Glbuie mierl
Tcerea ciripete
Negresa blond.
Returned on his knees,
penitent - from a vague oak
the prodigal son.

ntors n genunchi,
Spit din stejar amorf
Fiu risipitor.
The essence of life Esena vieii
in halves of sun embodied n jumti de soare
born in Hobia. Dinspre Hobia.
The essence of life
in halves of sun embodied
born in Hobia.

Esena vieii
n jumti de soare
Dinspre Hobia.
Wisdom of the earth Pmnt cuminit
femininity in stone Feminitatea pietrei
self-contemplation. Privind spre sine.
Romanian sand
clepsydras to the skies -
rhomboidal shapes.

Nisip romnesc
Spre infinit clepsidre -
The final act: Scena final:
carrying in skyes the genius, Purtnd spre ceruri geniul,
a flying turtle. estoasa n zbor.
A slippery face
in a continued melting
to Danaidae

Chip alunecos
Continu topirea
Spre danaide.
Chairs of marble Scaune-n piatr
between silences and gate ntre tceri i poart
of non-division. Nedesprire.
Flight of the torrents
a flowing form of the bird
feathered thought.

iroaie n zbor
Forma psrii curgnd
Gnd naripat.
Prayer on prayer,
rhombuses endless crosses
up to the angels.

Rug pe rug,
Romburi cruci infinite
Pn la ngeri.
Whipping clepsydrae Clepsidre-n lacrimi,
on the Path of Heroes Pe Calea Eroilor
ding-dong of a bell. ipot de clopot.
Between us and the clouds ntre noi i nori
a flock of musical notes Stol de note cltor
the first dumb scream. Primul ipt mut.
Abstract whir
in bronze undulations
the spirit of flight.

Flfit abstract
n ondulaii de bronz
Duhul zborului.
Shaking the hands
column up to the Heaven
upright Jiu river.

Din strngeri de mini

Coloan pn-n ceruri -
Un Jiu vertical.
A spring flying
to majestic endlessness
a brushed-up cry.

Primvar-n zbor
Spre nesfriri miestre
ipt stilizat.
Flow towards the Sky Spre Ceruri curgnd
a Romanian longing Necontenite lacrimi
permanent tears. De dor romnesc.

Haiku: Radu erban

Photo: Internet
Tokyo 2016