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CRN: 1786 Fall 2017


To have a safe and inviting learning environment / To further my knowledge of physical
education. /To learn how to create an environment that is conducive to kinesthetic learning /
To learn ways to incorporate PE(movement) into lessons, as well as ways to incorporate other
subjects into it./ To learn of different ways for students to be active in PE lessons, taking into
account disabilities (ADHD, Autism, wheelchair bound students...etc) / Find out more
information about the standards for PE /this year I want to be able to learn how to
creatively incorporate the PE standard's into our common core classroom, with English
language arts, social studies, math or science. / I'd like to be able to use the lesson plans I
create in class, involving one or more PE standard and English, social studies, math or science
standards, when I go forth into my own classroom one day (soon) / I want to actively practice
kinesthetic classroom experiences so that I can think of my own creative movement to
incorporate into the classroom / To learn something in this class that I can actually
implement in a classroom / To have interactive lessons / Being able to discuss the content /
To teach me to involve movement in lessons / To teach us to have lessons with a physical
component while still being fun / To be a fun and not boring class / Learn how to integrate PE
with other subject / Learn how to use PE in teaching / Learn new things/ideas / Learning
about classroom management / Know and Understand State Standards for PE / Learn
comprehensive lesson planning incorporating PE / how to integrate movement in all subjects
/ Learn how to make my classroom more kinesthetic / Become familiar with the Physical
Education Content Standards / Create a P.E. lesson plan I will use in my own classroom / The
course should be interactive / Engaging / I want to be able to learn something new that I can
incorporate into my own daily life, not just my future classroom / Im looking forward to our
semester together / Integrate physical education with other subjects / Teach a physical
education lesson from beginning to end / Have more confidence when creating lesson plans / To
learn classroom management / Learn different ways of incorporating movement in the
classroom / Become more knowledgeable about how movement in the classroom can be
effective for students /

To be able to reach her on email when I have a question / To be knowledgeable of physical
education / To be receptive of any and all questions / To be able to get to know the class/ To
grade everyone fairly / To understand and offer advice to students who might have issues
with obtaining certain resources, or those who are having a hard time due to various
circumstances To be able to respond timely to questions asked outside of class hours and in
our scores, so we are aware of how well we are doing throughout the semester / Being
understanding and working with our personal needs or conflicts / Really, really make
blackboard and our hybrid activities clear and easy to follow / To create a safe space for all of
the students and make sure that the student knows that their opinion is valid and valued / To
answer all the questions that may be asked even if they feel it should already be known / To
be patient / Answer emails promptly / Explain content in a clear and understandable manner
/ Grade fairly / Answer all questions even if they seem like a stupid question / Be fair to
everyone / Respectful students opinions &ideas / Help &guide me when I am in difficulties /
Creating a safe and fun environment for learning / Start class on time / Clear standards for all
due dates and assignments / Notify as soon as possible for any class cancelations (preferably
24 hour prior) / Keep class on task / Fair grading / Explanation of assignments / Keeping
updated with Blackboard and grades / Interactive / Tell stories as a way to explain a concept
or just for fun / Give the information in an affective way/ To use personal experiences to show
us what does and does not work in the classroom / To guide students in successfully creating
lesson plans for kinesthetic learners / Being open to new activities and ideas / Have good
communication with students / Respond promptly to emails / Cover all necessary material / Teach
open-mindedly and with empathy / Give feedback on work, let us know when we are doing
wrong or how we can improve any of the work we turn in/ Not to assume knowledge. Many
of us may not know certain words or phrases / Include engaging conversations in the
classroom between instructor and student, or student to student /

To be respectful of one another / To participate and do their part in group work / To be
reachable via email, text, or phone call if needed for a group assignment. To not judge anyone
before taking the time to get to know them / Take time to say hi to other students whether it
be in class or outside of class / To understand that it is okay to ask for help, as well as offering
help to others / to be honest when giving feedback or critique / Be constructive; I don't want
to hear if my lesson plan was good, I want to know what else I could have done / Match each
others creativity and enthusiasm in the course / We are working together to finish this class
and we should strive to do the best work for each other / be helpful in critiques and outside
of class with each other / To be respectful of others perspectives and able to appreciate their
opinion / To create a safe space for everyone / Being willing to work with new people and not
be judgmental / Be respectful of others / Help classmates when they need it / Dont be afraid
to ask questions, others might have the same question / Realize that no question is a stupid
question / Respect each other / Creating a safe and fun environment for everyone to learn /
Supportive/participate in group work & activities / No distractions (i.e. ringing
cellphones/buzzing cellphones) / Talking about issues and topics not related to subject matter
/ Safe environment / Engage positively / Supportive / Helpful / Engage in group/class
discussions / Respectful of one another / Honest during peer reviews / Create a fun
environment to learn in / To be respectful of others thoughts and ideas / Be a team player
and participate in group assignments / Be willing to share their own thoughts / Respectful
behavior towards one another / Have empathy for everyones differences / Active participation
and awareness / Create a safe and comfortable learning environment, especially when we have
to present / Share stories about what they went through when going to school or what their
hopes are when they get their own classroom / Help one another succeed /
To be present in class (physically and mentally) / To take the new knowledge I acquire and
apply it to where I work / To give myself plenty of time to complete my homework / To take
the time to review the material in detail in case someone else may need help with something
/ To make sure to ask for help if needed / To talk a bit more in class discussion / Be timely on
all online activities/ I don't to have to work on my homework every Sunday night / I often
times spend too much money on resources, so I would like to practice resourcefulness in my
projects, as well as using and learning some online resources to help with ideas about
assignments / I want to crate great assignments, creative and have them done on time / To
not procrastinate and work on all homework assignments and making sure that nothing is
being neglected / To be willing to ask questions whether with the instructor or my peers /
Actually learn something in this class that can translate over to my life at home as well as into
my classroom and understand the importance of physical education / Dont procrastinate /
Study and dont be afraid of asking for help / Dont give up; Im almost done / Believe in
myself, be confident in my abilities / No procrastination / Submit work on time/before its due
/ Read the textbook / Obtain an A / Attend every class / Complete all homework before it is
due / Participate in online discussions / Stay on track with school work / Keep organized /
Study! / Honest with myself about how Im doing mentally and physically / Seek help if I need
it (or think I need it) / Respectful of myself, my classmates, and my professor / To not
procrastinate on readings and assignments / Participate in classroom discussions / Try my
best on projects and assignments / Earn an A in the course/ Listen and learn from others with
an open mind / Complete all course work on schedule / Attend every class on time / Be more in the
moment when it comes to being in the classroom. I want to minimize me being easily
distracted / With all of the work that needs to be due, I dont want to just turn something in
for the sake of turning it in. I want to believe what Im saying when Im completing the work /
Become more aware of what it really means to implement movement in the classroom and
truly strive to incorporate it to my future profession /