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The Political Economy of Herbalization vs Medicalization in

the Health Service

Christine Esther Flor L. Catoera, RPh
MPA Scholar

Abstract The Business of Medicine and the Rise of Herbal Supplements. Nowadays, Medicines
have been in the competition with Herbal supplements, also called the natural or organic,
in the lives of the consumers.

Introduction The increasing prices of medicines is one of the possible reasons why
consumers tend to go to the path of herbal supplements. Due to its wide broadcast
as being natural or organic, people consider it safe and use it instead of the
synthetic medicines. While regulations ensure that herbal supplements meet
manufacturing standards, they do not guarantee that they are safe or effective.

Objective To be able to determine and examine the political economy of herbal supplements
and synthetic medicines and the factors affecting it.

Theoretical Framework

Chemically Herb Clinical Trials

Compounding Synthesized

Extraction Tests
Herbal Supplement


Model Method
1. Determine who are the Actors
ACTORS 2. Determine what is Power Relations
3. Determine how Political Economy
of H vs M affect the Public in
terms of:
- Role
Political - Structure
Economy of of - Mechanism
Herbalization vs - Instruments
vs 4. Determine who benefits and who
DYNAMICS Medicalization ROLE loses
(Power Relations)