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Recent cases of school violence increasingly made public breast stroke and
was amazed. Many cases originated from trivial things, whether it's a mockery,
but sometimes develop into large. But what is it bullying?
Bullying is a form of behavior of a person or group of people who
repeatedly take advantage of the power imbalance with the intention to hurt the
target (victim) both mentally and physically.
This action is usually done by taunting, spreading rumors, inciting,
isolating, intimidating, threatening, physically oppress or persecute such as
pushing, slapping, and hitting the victim.
Usually people experience bullying are always under pressure in the form
of a rant or cynical gaze of his senior, often accused of wrongdoing are not done,
and excessively intimidated in the school environment that ultimately change in
school activities fun initially be daunting even nightmares.
This behavior results in a wide range of psychological reactions to the
victim, such as feeling anxious, depressed, anxious, insecure, afraid of getting
along, decreased performance and potential, pessimistic, and easily discouraged.
Sometimes there is also to deliberately not attending school.
More severe psychological impact is the possibility of excessive anxiety,
easily scared, depressed, and suicidal tendencies. Bullying behavior is not only
happening in the educational environment, particularly at the senior secondary
level. However, in fact quite a lot of bullying that occurs in the workplace.
Generally, victims of bullying can not quickly take the fight. Usually, the
victims are those who are considered minorities and tend not to have the
confidence and support to fight back.
Drs Iskandar Zulkarnain MSi explained his view of the psychology of
communication that everyone has a self defense mechanism (defense
mechanisms). The consequence of self defense mechanism on each person,
certainly makes people have fear.
"In this gap, people who have power over others can use fear those who
are weaker," said professor of Communication Studies at USU and the College of
Communication "Development" (Stick-P) Field, Thursday (9/2 ).
However, further Iskandar, in the real context of this sudden resistance,
why? Because of the fear that restraint was eventually accumulate and according
to the concept of self defense mechanisms and defense mechanisms themselves,
appear commotion between senior and junior, like ants will bite if you continue to
"The core problem is the weakening of social pathology, there are viruses
that undermine the values which have been strong as mutual respect when contact
is always a problem solved by consensus. However, now slightly nudged
immediate problems to play at, "said Iskandar to Creation.
Therefore, continued Iskandar, let's get together involving all components
ranging from teachers, students, principals to parents to stop bullying behavior
and ensure safety for children.
Separate, similar things Emiruddin Harahap said Drs MM. The education
watchdog added that extracurricular activities can be an important role for
fostering students alongside religious moral values.
"Activity eksrakurikuler quite positive. By following these activities, the
relationship is going well and the students will automatically get the protection of
seniors in the ekskulnya, "said Deputy Head of the Field of Student SMAN 3.
Regardless, the most important thing is listening to the concerns of
children and keep communication open. Bullying should not be ignored, given the
psychological impact on children and mentally very large. In essence, stop