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My music is to chemistry, as chemistry is to music.


Ian Nelson


SLCC Chemistry 1010

Dec. 13, 2017

What I have Gained from Chemistry Studies

During this semester of chemistry at salt lake community college I have learned how

chemistry plays a role in my everyday life. From the way I look at weather to the water I sail on.

Presented in this review are a few of the ways that see life through a chemists lens.

When I walk through the parking lot and see a cloud of gas escaping from the back of an

automobile I know that is a molar mass of co2 which has two double bonds and occurs other in

other places of nature such as the lungs we breathe.

When I look up to the sky seeing massive molar substances of h20(g) present as a gas

rising into the sky, up and up where oxygen is scares I breathe in deeply, the oxygen I have

available at the surface, and appreciate the magic of chemistry that happens inside each one of

us. From the smallest interacting atoms, to the largest of molecules being synthesized, it is an

art to observe chemistry in the ways it creates everything.

Moreover, in chemistry, I learned about energy. I learned that energy is stored in atoms,

raising those atoms to higher levels of excitement and sometimes emitting light (photons)

which is energy. I have made a connection during this chapter to a book I had read earlier in
My music is to chemistry, as chemistry is to music. myself

college titled color magic written by an unknown author. In this book the author suggest that

the colors we see play a physiological factor in the way we communicate through the world,

which (per my education of chemistry) I have come to label as endothermic, and exothermic. I

have noticed that as humans, we give energy, and receive energy in the things we adorn

ourselves and associate to communicate with other humans. Although I have no thorough

thesis on the matter, I do postulate that there is some connection between energy levels of

atoms (light) and physiological states of the human mind, because I have used color to magnify

energies in my life, communicate them, and read them (personalities) from others as well. I am

proud to report this has improved my social wellness (you could call it chemistry). It is because

of my education at Salt Lake Community College that I have stumbled upon this state of mind.

For that I am grateful, forever curious, forever benefited, and ever perplexed.

Notably, I would like to thank my professor Holcomb for striving to teach us as students

to learn how to learn. Because of this, I have digested my curriculum much easier, in part to the

simple layout of the information available on student resource pages (canvas), but mostly

because my professor helped us recall our information weve learned in previous chapters to

assist later-chapter problem solving, as well as to highlight how it is we learn and recall. Thank

you Professor Holcomb.

Although my new understanding of chemistry has reinforced a scientology mind frame

within myself and a depressive affinity for my already diminishing religious outlooks considering

the humans cosmic place, I will continue to view my world in an atomic way, because it remains

beautiful to me, like music from the galaxy.