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Senior Project Engineer A highly meticulous and detail oriented certified mechanical engineer with 7 years
Mechanical & Process experience with cutting-edge skills in rotating equipments, Diesel Generators, Gas Turbine
maintenance and upgrades, pipeline design and project management . I also possess
progressive proficiencies in project management, procurement, and quality assurance and
material selections. Currently, I have a stellar track record at managing the installation of a
new Gas Turbine (Titan 130), maintaining the diesel generators and power plant with highly
commendable results. I am renowned for my incredible foresight and can install and
maintain quality Gas Turbines, diesel generators and any mechanical systems in an effective
and timely manner.

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering,

University of Kerala
Post graduate program in Engineering & Management for Oil & Gas Industry,
KEY SKILLS Zabeel Institute of Management and Technology
Project Management Advanced Diploma for Oil & Gas Industry.
Maintenance of rotating Academic College of London, United Kingdom
equipment like gas turbines,
generators, compressors and fuel ASNT Level II certification in MT, UT, PT & RT.
centrifuge Certification in Oil & Gas Safety
Technical Evaluation of NEBOSH
documents and quality assurance.
Certified Mechanical Engineer
Equipment Specification and
Procurement Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

Material Takeoff and P+ID

Pipe Hydraulics & Sizing
Compressible and Non- Project in charge for the Qatar Armed Forces Diesel Generator Maintenance Project at
compressible Fluid Flow, Houbara Breeding Station and North Military Camp.
Preparation of Equipment Layout, Project in charge for the 8000 hours overhauling of 4 Diesel generators at Ahmed Bin
Evaluated mechanical systems. Mohamed Military College.
Good knowledge in softwares Project in charge for the operation and maintenance of generators in various substations
like AUTOCAD, Primavera, (55 substations) in Al Udeid Air Base.
I-DEAS-8, PDMS, CEASAR-II, Project in charge for the erection of new gas turbine (Titan 130)
Sketch-Up 3D, CMMS,SAP, Project Engineer for the design and installation of water distribution network for the
MS Project power plant.
Pursuing PMP Field repair of Titan 130 Gas Turbines including engine and blade changeover
Installation and commissioning of a new Gas Turbine
Design, fabrication, installation and Commissioning of Gas Treatment Facility in our plant.
STRENGTHS Design, fabrication, installation and Commissioning of Gas Pipeline to our power plant.
Designed and Installed a Compressed Air Supply to the Diesel Generator Island.
Adaptability Assisted in the technical evaluation of technical documents for the Natural Gas Supply
Hard working Project.
Team Leader Testing, Inspection and maintenance of SAKR Diesel Generators.
Good time manager Implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for the diesel
Ability to handle stress generators
Preparation of OEM manuals for the Power Plant
Assisted in Design, Procurement, Fabrication and Commissioning of Advanced Power
CONTACT System (Diesel Generator) including the pipe sizing and specification, valve takeoff,
P+IDs, Process Design, coordinated the drafting and the quotations for the Engineering
Doha, Qatar, Team.
Po Box no: 200410
Project Engineer for the installation of fire system for the diesel tanks.
Designed proposal to modify the drainage system of Gas Turbines including the drainage
calculation, preparation of pipe sizing and specification, valve takeoff, P+IDs and
(974) 77139739 budgetary report.
Assisted in Planning, scheduling, Fabrication, Erection and commissioning of Service Water Pump House for Bhavini Nuclear Power Plant.
Assisted in Planning, scheduling, Fabrication, Erection and commissioning of utility tanks.
December, 2013 Present
Senior Project Engineer Mechanical & Process

Co-ordination with various vendors around the world for the procurement of spare parts for the equipment.
Researching for new equipments.
Recruiting maintenance personnel and handling the training and development needs of new hires
Placing orders for spare parts and equipments for replacement and ascertaining the proper documentation of the
Project Execution and Management.
Keeping a record of all the day-to-day maintenance and service activities undertaken in a facility.
Conducting regular inspections and ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of all areas of a facility.
Leading a team of subordinates and delegating work areas to them.
Evaluating the performance of the subordinates.
Synchronizing work processes with other departments of the establishment.
Enforcing industry requirements
Managing expenditure and budgets
Planning and execution of all planned and unplanned maintenance of rotating equipments like gas turbines,
compressors, and pumps by close working with asset and shutdown teams and providing regular updates.
Performing Quality control of all plant maintenance activities for Gas turbines and compressors mechanical jobs and
refurbishment activities on site and at OEM workshop.
Regular following up of all rotating equipment activities and co-ordination with asset and OEM team.
Performing Preventive Maintenance Activities as per SAP PM Frequency.
Implementation of EMOC recommendations.
Providing assistance to asset mechanical group in troubleshooting and rectifying gas turbine and compressor related
Reviewing and preparing all documents like job cards, JSA, quality check list for rotating equipments.
Planning and preparing all the spares and special tools require for the planned maintenance activity.
Reviewing Availability of Spares and raising Stock Amendment Request (SAR) as per requirements for all critical
rotating equipment.
Identifying the System obsolescence and raise EMOC for up gradation well in advance.
Supporting Management of Change feasibility study by providing system inputs.
Participating in Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), Risk Assessment, HAZOP study and provide necessary data for
this Analysis.
Participating in internal and external Audit and close out of Action items.

July, 2011 December 2013

Technical Engineer
Technically evaluated mechanical submittals related to the internal projects.
Determined new ways of project development and reported directly to the senior director.
Liaised closely with customers to ensure all services are up to the highest standards.
Evaluated mechanical systems through the process of:
Prepared system models
Sized datasheets
Specified technical drawings and reports.
Collected and analyzed empirical data including the preparation of test procedures, record sheets, and technical
analysis from reports.
Reviewed quotes for mechanical components and prepared a corresponding evaluation report.
Evaluated vendor bids and drawings to ensure full compliance with specifications.
Reviewed construction documentation including the review of welding procedures, construction method statements
and quality test results
Ensured the installation work was in line with the specifications and best practices and international standards.
Performed dimensional checks to ensure the construction is following the drawing and the engineers design intent.
Checked welding quality to ensure welds are leak tight, neat and assessed by qualified personnel.
Supervised general site team to ensure a healthy and safe environment during construction.
Proactively engaged with all internal departments to ensure all project requirements are delivered in a timely
Provided superior support on the selection of materials, creating quotations and in technical and commercial bid
Provided superior technical support to the maintenance/operation departments

May, 2010 - June, 2011

Site Engineer
Technofab Engineering LTD (Bhavini Nuclear Power Plant)
Planned and scheduled staff to do mechanical work on and off the site.
Worked under pressure according to tight time constraints.
Placed tender and quotations for the new customer enquiries.
Prepared accurate monthly bill invoices for top tier customers.
Prepared mechanical workshops and drawing for management approvals.
Prepared material submittals for approvals.
Communicated all commercial and technical requirements to designers.
Followed-up/reviewed/approvals on design drawings.
Quantity take-off and initiated purchase orders to satisfy specified requirements of the project Ordered materials
and tracked supplies from being received in a timely manner.
Monitored the availability of the types and quantities of material required on site.
Inspected materials for conformity with project requirements.
Visual test of fit-up and DPT test after root and final weld.

English - reading, writing and speaking (advanced)

Arabic reading and writing (basic)
Hindi reading, writing and speaking (advanced)
Malayalam - reading, writing and speaking (advanced)
Tamil - Speaking (basic)

India (1 Year and 2 Months )

Qatar 2011 July till present