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Madeline Smith November 2nd, 2017

Mrs. Weidman approx. 9:40 a.m.

Grade 1
Fundations (Spelling)

Bonus Letters

Lesson Topic: Bonus letters (ex. ff, ss, ll, etc.) and weekly trick words (I, you, your,

Lesson Essential Question: when do we include bonus letters when spelling



Learning Objectives Assessments

Students will be able to properly spell The students will be assessed through a
and recognize bonus letter words spelling worksheet with eight words and
a sentence.
Students will be able to recognize and The students will be informally assessed
accurately use this weeks trick words through their trick word worksheet.

Bonus Letters song
Trick words list
Spelling worksheet
Trick word worksheet

Pre-lesson assignments and/or prior knowledge: The students will have spent
prior Fundations lessons this week studying bonus letters and trick words.

Lesson Beginning: The students will be seated at their desks. The teacher will teach
the Bonus Letters song to the students to make a literary connection to the subject.

Instructional Plan:
The Paper Passer of the week will pass out the trick word worksheet.
The teacher will place the Fundations trick words on the white board (I, you,
your, they).
The teacher will quickly review each word.
The teacher will come up with questions to have the students guess which
trick word. (ex. This trick word is tall(t) tall(h) small(e) small(y). The
answer is they).
The teacher will collect the trick word sheets and have the Paper Passer pass
out the spelling worksheet.
The teacher will review the concept bonus letters with the students, and how
they are placed on the Fundations chart.
The teacher will ask the students to spell eight words: shell, toss, fill, puff,
tell, cuff, chill, and mess using bonus letters.
The teacher will ask students to write a sentence: Did they yell at you?
using bonus letters and scooping technique. The teacher will emphasize
where to scoop using their voice.
The teacher will collect the spelling sheets.

Differentiation: The teacher will restate the words for students struggling to spell,
who need to hear the word more than once, or who need more time. Some students
are pulled out for Fundations.

Questions: What letters are considered bonus letters? Which letter can sometimes
be a bonus letter? How do we know if a word uses bonus letters? What are our trick
words of the week?

Classroom Management: The teacher will stand at the front of the room and may
walk around during the activity to assist students. The other student teacher will
also walk around the room to monitor the activity. The teacher will use cues
(clapping, eyes on me, wait time, etc.) to gain all of the students attention and stay
on task.

Transitions: The teacher will have materials readily available for smooth
transitions. The teacher will have the Paper Passer assist in distributing materials so
as to not lose attention of the class.

Closure: The teacher will restate the essential questions of the lesson, and ask the
students to remind the teacher of the use of bonus letters. The students will be
called for snack by the Teachers Helper based on attention and if their materials are
put away.