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Dear Parents,

Please pay attention to the following points :-

1. Please check your ward's note books everyday. 2017-18
2. Check the Almanac daily.
3. Please send a water bottle and nutritious food in
the tiffin.
4. Please send your child in proper uniform.
5. Please see to it that your child is punctual and
regular to school.
6. Please clear your dues on time.
7. Encourage your child to take part in the co-
curricular activities.
8. Encourage your child to speak in English at home
and check her/him from using bad language.
9. Maintain a good rapport with all the subject
10. Co-operate with teachers for the overall
development of your child
Thanks !

Name ........................................................
Class Teacher
Class .........................................................
Subject - Hindi Final Syllabus

vZokf"kZd ijh{kk Unit-5 Chapters : 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
Unit-6 Chapters : 41, 42, 43, 44 + Brain Buster Quiz -2
Lit. ikB & 1 Hktu & iwtu] ikB& 2 vU;k; ds fo:n~/k] ikB& 3 Hkkjr jRu% MkW ,-ih-
ts- vCnqy dyke] ikB&4 igyh pwd] ikB&5 lwjnkl ds in] ikB&6 ckt+kj dk Unit-7 Chapters : 47, 48, 49, 50
tknw] ikB&7 fofo/krk esa ,drk] ikB&9 LojkT; dh uhao] ikB&11 lw[ks lqeu ls Unit-8 Chapters : 52, 53, 54

Lang. ikB&2 o.kZ&foU;kl % mPpkj.k] ikB&3 laf/k] ikB&4 'kCn&jpuk] ikB&5 milxZ] Unit-9 Chapters : 55, 56, 57

izR;; vkSj lekl] ikB&6 laKk] ikB&7 laKk ds fodkj% fyax] opu] dkjd] Unit-10 Chapters : 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65
ikB&8 loZuke] ikB&9 fo'ks"k.k Subject E.V.E.
'kCn HkaMkj & (vusdkFkhZ 'kCn & vad @ in) (ist & 39) Half Yearly Syllabus

i;kZ;okph 'kcn & ve`r @ uko (ist & 40)

Ch-1 Understanding Ecosystem
foykse 'kCn & Kku @ ltho (ist&42] 43)
Ch-2 Energy flow in an Ecosystem
okD;ka'k ds fy, ,d 'kCn & 1&25 (ist 43] 44) Ch-3 Impact of population growth on Ecosystem
leJ`rfHkUukFkZd 'kCn & 1 & 17 (ist & 45) Ch-4 Human population growth and its impacts
eqgkojs & la[;k ua 3] 5] 8] 10] 12] 14] 19] 21] 26] 27] 31] 34] 38] 44] 48] Ch-5 Harnessing Resources
48] 58] 62] 68] 74] 78 Ch-6 Agriculture and animal husbandry
'kq @ v'kq 'kCn] i= & vkSipkfjd] fuca/k ys[ku] vifBr x|ka'k @ i|ka'k Ch-7 Industrialization
Ch-8 Environment Degradation (Due to Emerging Lifestyle)
okf"kZd ijh{kk
Annual Syllabus
Lit. ikB & 3 Hkkjr jRu% MkW , ih ts vCnqy dyke] ikB&5 lwjnkl ds in] ikB&6
ckt+kj dk tknw] ikB&12 dU;kdqekjh eSa--] ikB&13 Hkkjr dk eaxy fe'ku
Ch-9 Pollution
vfHk;ku] ikB&15 xq:nso johUukFk VSxksj] ikB&16 ds'ko ! ;g lq;'k & lq;'k
Ch-10 Disasters
D;k gS \] ikB&19 Hkkjrh; ioZ] ikB &20 feBkbZokyk
Ch-11 Impact of Environmental Degradation
Lang. ikB&5 milxZ] izR;;] lekl] ikB&9 fo'ks"k.k] ikB&11 dky] ikB&12 okP;] Ch-12 Improvement of Environment +
ikB&13 vO;; ;k vfodkjh 'kCn] ikB&14 okD; & O;oLFkk] ikB&19 vyaadkj Ch-5 Harnessing Resources (Half Yearly)
'kCn HkaMkj (vusdkFkhZ & i`"B @ Jqfr] i;kZ;okph & ukjh @ gkFkh] foykse &vknj @ Ch-6 Agriculture and animal husbandry (Half Yearly)
lPpfj=] okD;ka'k ds fy, ,d 'kCn & 26&50] leJqrfHkUukFkZd 'kCn & 18&35)
yksdksfDr & 1&18] 'kq@v'kq okD;] i=&vukSipkfjd] fuca/k & ys[ku] vifBr
x|ka'k @ i|ka'k] laokn & ys[ku
(1) 10)
Subject - Mathematics f;k dyki (Activity)
Half Yearly
Jqrys[k] dfork&okpu] vuqPNsn & ys[ku (Paragraph)
Rational Number
Exponents and Powers Subject - Sanskrit
Square and square roots vZokf"kZd ijh{kk
cubes and cube roots
ikB & 1 foosdkuUn% ] ikB&2 la?ks 'kfDr] ikB&3 LorU=rk fnol%] ikB&4
Algebraic Expressions and Identities
hMk;k% egRoe~] ikB&5 m|ksfxua iq:"kflageqiSfr y{eh] ikB&6 'kBs 'kkB~;a
Liner Equations in one variable
lekpjsr~] ikB&7 iqLrdky;%] ikB&9 le;L; lni;ksx%
Plying with numbers
Understanding Quadrilaterals O;kdj.k /kkrq:i & yV~ vkSj y`V~ydkj esaA
Direct and inverse proportion 'kCn:i & nso vkSj fe= ds
Visualising solid shapes
laLd`r vuqokn & yV~ o y`V~ydkj ds vk/kkj ijA
Lab Activities
Annual okf"kZd ijh{kk
Factorisation ikB&3 LorU=rk fnol%] ikB&9 le;L; lnqi;ksx%] ikB&10 izkr%]
Comparing Quantities ikB&13 egkdfo dfynkl%] ikB&14 i`fFkO;k% LoxZ%] ikB&15 uhfr'yksdk%]
Construction ikB&16 laLd`re~] ikB&17 lwDr;a%] ikB&18 lax.kde~
Perimeter and area O;kdj.k & /kkrq:i & yV~] y`V~] yM-~ vkSj yksV~ydkj esaA
Surface area and volume
'kCn:i& nso] fu'kk vkSj jfo dsA
Data Handling
Introduction to graph lfU/k & nh?kZ] xq.k vkSj o`f lfU/k
Square and square roots (Half Yearly) laLd`r vuqokn & ydkjksa ds vk/kkj ijA
Direct and Inverse proportion (Half yearly chapters) Subject - English
Rational number (Half Yearly) Syllabus for Half Yearly Examination
Lab Activities Literature - Fiction
Subject- G.K. L-1 Anne Bakes a cake
Half Yearly L-2 Saving the Gharial
L-3 Gogle's First Day
Unit-1 Chapters : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
L-4 The Last Class
Unit-2 Chapters : 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 + Brain Buster Quiz -1
L-5 The Naryanpur Incident
Unit-3 Chapters : 23, 24
L-6 Can Animals Reason ?
Unit-4 Chapters : 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 L-7 Coming Home to Delhi

(9) (2)
Poetry Ch-15 Natural Resources : Water
* In the Bazaars of Hyderabad Ch-16 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
* The Lost Dances of Cranes
Ch-17 Mineral and power Resources
* Unfolding Bud
* The Elephant & The Tragopan Ch-18 Agricultural Practices
Grammar Ch-23 The Indian Constitution and its legal framework
L-1 Parts of speech Ch-24 Secular Vision of the Indian Constitution
L-2 The Noun Ch-25 Role of the Parliament
L-3 Pronouns Ch-26 The making of laws +
L-4 Determiners
Activity 1 and Activity 2
L-5 The Past Tense
Final Syllabus
L-6 The future Tense
L-7 The Future Tense Ch-3 Colonial agrarian policies
L-8 Modals Ch-4 Tribal societies and colonial state
L-9 Verbs - Non Finites Ch-8 Colonial Education and its Impact
L-10 Active & Passive voice Ch-9 Women , Caste and Reforms
L-11 Adjectives - Degrees of Comparison Ch-10 Changing world of art and culture
L-12 Adverbs
Ch-11 Indian National Movements and Independence
L-13 Preposition
Ch-19 Major Crops and Case studies
L-14 Phrasal Verbs
L-15 Structure of sentences Ch-20 Manufacturing
L-16 The phrases & the clause Ch-22 Human Resources
L-17 Sentences - simple compound, complex Ch-27 The Judiciary
L-18 Noun Clauses Ch-28 The Police and the Courts
Writing Part Ch-29 Marginalised groups ans social inequality
1. Diary Entry
Ch-30 Marginalised groups and social Justice
2. Letter Writing (Inform)
Ch-31 Government and Economic development +
3. Article Writing
Activities 1 & 2 Ch-1 History When, Where and How (Half Yearly)
Syllabus for Final Examination Ch-13 Types of Resources (Half Yearly)
Literature - Fiction Ch-23 Indian Constitution and its legal framwork (Half Yearly)
Ch-25 Role of Parliament (Half Yearly)
L-8 Owens vs Master Race
Activity 1 and Activity 2

(3) (8)
Biology - 7, 9, 19, 20 L-9 A night to forget
Ch-7 The Cell L-10 Darjeeling

Ch-9 Age of Adolescence L-11 Bodyline

L-12 The Merchant of venice
Ch-19 Natural Resources
Ch-20 Air and water pollution
1. Where the Mind is without fear
Activities For Half Yearly Exams
2. A poison tree
1. To show that white light is made of different colour.
3. All the world's a stage
2. To show that sound travels faster in liquids then in air.
Syllabus from Half Yearly
3. The examination of human cheek cells. L-1 Anne Bakes A cake
4. To show that a liquid exerts equal pressure in all directions at the same L-2 Saving the Gharial
L-4 The Last class
5. To show that metals are good conductors of electricity, while non Poetry
metals are bed conductors.
* Unfolding Bad
* The Lost Dances of Cranes
Activities for Final Exams
1. To show that air is necessary for burning. Grammar
2. To understand the formation of fossil fuels. L-19 Adjective clauses
3. Make a moon box. L-20 Adverb clauses
4. To show that magnetic force is a non-contact force. L-21 Relative clauses
5. The examination of an onion peel. L-22 Conditional clauses

Subject- Social Science L-23 Combination of sentences

Half Yearly Syllabus L-24 The sequence of tenses

L-25 Direct Indirect speech
Ch-1 History When, Where and How
L-26 Punctuation & capital letters
Ch-2 From Trade to territory
L-27 Word Power
Ch-7 Changing pattern of Industrialisation under the British
L-28 Spellings
Ch-13 Types of Resources
L-29 Some useful phrases & Idioms
Ch-14 Natural Resources : Land and Soil
L-30 Words followed by prepositions

(7) (4)
From Half Yearly Subject - Science
L-4 Determiners Half Yearly
L-8 Models Physics - Ch-10 , 11, 12, 13, 15, 16
L-9 Verbs non finites Ch-10 Force
L-10 Active & Passive voice Ch-11 Friction
L-13 Prepositions Ch-12 Pressure
Writing Part Ch-13 Sound
1. Formal letter writing Ch-15 Thunder and lighting
2. Story writing Ch-16 Light
3. Report writing Chemistry- Ch- 3, 4
Activities 1 & 2 Ch-3 Synthetic fibres and plastics
Subject - Computer Ch-4 Metals and Non - Metals
Half Yearly Biology - 1, 2, 6, 7, 8
Ch-1 Introduction to MS Access 2010 Ch-1 Crop & food production
Ch-2 Introduction to Corel Draw Ch-2 Microorganisms
Ch-3 More about Corel Draw Ch-6 Conservation of biodiversity.

Ch-4 Advanced features of MS Excel 2010 Ch-7 The Cell

Ch-5 Formatting in HTML Ch-8 Reproduction

Lab Activities 1 & 2 Final Syllabus

Final Physics - 17, 18, 10
Ch-6 Introduction to Visual Basic Ch-17 Night sky
Ch-7 Writing the code in Visual Ch-18 Earthquakes +
Ch-8 Layers and Animation in Flash
Ch-10 Force
Ch-9 Computer Networks
Chemistry - 5, 14, 3
Ch-4 Advanced features of MS Excel 2010
Ch-5 Fuels, Combustion and flame
Ch-5 Formatting in HTML
Ch-14 Chemical effect of electric current
Lab Activities 1 & 2
Ch-3 Synthetic fibres and plastics

(5) (6)