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Allies - you have people who will help you, whether for friendship or for their own ends.
They may have some skills of their own but mostly they are people who have ties in
organisations that could be of use to you.
1. One ally of moderate power and influence (doctor, ranger).
2. Two allies of moderate power (local politician, crime reporter).
3. Three allies, one with great influence (newspaper editor, wealthy real estate
4. Four allies, one of them very influential (city mayor, gym leader, senior ranger).
5. Five allies, one of them extremely influential (governor, TV star, general).

Companion – you have a Pokemon compantion. They have not been caught by you and
thus cannot be used in official Pokemon matches (e.g. In a gym) or contests, but they
travel with you and will help you out if they can. They can take part in a Pokemon battle if
your opponent agrees. Note that you should have a Pokemon character sheet for a
companion Pokemon and it is able to gain XP and evolve as normal.
1. a newly hatched Pokemon
2. a Pokemon with 10 XP OR a newly hatched shiny Pokemon
3. a Pokemon with 20 XP OR a shiny Pokemon with 10 XP
4. a Pokemon with 30 XP OR a shiny Pokemon with 20 XP OR a newly hatched
legendary Pokemon
5. a Pokemon with 40 XP OR a shiny Pokemon with 30 XP OR a Legendary Pokemon
with XP

Contacts – you have 1 or more contacts in a major organisation. Each dot represents a
primary contact, though if these acquaintances are unavailable, the character may still find
other information networks. Players must determine the identity of a character's primary
contacts with the Storyteller. For any rolls involving Contacts, a player should roll
Manipulation + Contacts.
1. One primary contact.
2. Two primary contacts.
3. Three primary contacts.
4. Four primary contacts.
5. Five primary contacts.

Destiny – you have a special destiny in life. Note that there are hidden rules behind this
1. One re-roll.
2. Two re-rolls.
3. Three re-rolls.
4. Four re-rolls.
5. Five re-rolls.

Education - you've been to college or university and have knowlesge above and boyond
the normal in your field.
1. Equivalent of 3 C- E A levels
2. Equivalent of 3 A-C A levels
3. Equivalent of a Diploma
4. Equivalent of an Honours Degree
5. Equivalent of a Masters Degree
Equipment - you have access to useful items
1. A few handy items (basic first aid kit, rope, basic tool kit, skateboard)
2. A few more useful items (tent, bicycle)
3. Larger useful items (motorbike, full wilderness survival kit)
4. Major useful items (car, truck, full vehicle maintenance kit with spare parts)
5. Enormous equipemnt (any piece of equipment that would cost a year's wages or
that cannot be transported and must remain at your home or work)

Fame - you are famous

1. You once appeared on a TV show.
2. Remember that reality TV show? Well, you were on it and had your 15 minutes of
3. Most people recognize you, but they may not be exactly sure why.
4. You are moderately famous, either well known in your field or a minor media
5. You're a household name, probably a Hollywood star or a major sports personality.

Favour - someone owes you a favour. Note that when you expend that favour, you lose
this background.
1. They will visit a friend of colleague on your behalf or set up a meeting for you with
that person.
2. They will arrange for you to recieve help and introduce you to the person helping
you, or tell you when a bill is being set before parliament.
3. They will pay for you to recieve help or they will set a bill before parliament for you.
4. They will buy any sensible item you ask for or bribe someone for you or break the
law in some minor way.
5. They will break the law for you (in any way).

Home - you own a house or a piece of land

1. a bedsit
2. a 1 or 2 bedroom flat
3. a 2 or 3 bedroom house
4. a large house and 2 or 3 acres of land
5. a mansion with up to 50 acres of land

Influence - you can influence decisions in an organisation

1. You look like an authority on matters and your name or title sounds important.
2. A few movers and shakers consider you an acquaintance.
3. People know your name and take you seriously.
4. You are one of society's notables.
5. You held high political office or have the power to create trends.

Library - you have a personal library, this can be in hard copy or on a tablet or computer.
1. You have a few reference volumes.
2. Your collection covers most of the obvious subjects.
3. You have an impressive collection of tomes.
4. In addition to the obvious works, your collection includes some of the most esoteric
5. You have a massive collection of books or access to the best libraries.

Mentor - you have someone teaching you how to do what you do. Mentor's can be a two
edged sword, generally the more powerful a mentor is the mor they will demand your time
and attention.
1. A distant or unimportant mentor.
2. Helpful but eccentric mentor.
3. Notable mentor with time.
4. Well-respected mentor.
5. Powerful and influential mentor.

Patron - A patron is a specific individual who contacts the character for help, hires her for
assignments and protects her when possible. In exchange, the patron returns the
character's help through various rewards, paying her money, giving her temporary contacts
to use, places to hide, some weapons, etc. The patron offers a character a fluid barter
system, limited only by the character's willingness to do work and the affluence of the
patron. As with mentors, the more powerful your patron is the more likely they are to
demand your help and attention.
1. You have a patron with a small business who is willing to provide what he can,
particularly in his field. He is known within his community.
2. Your patron has money and influence, plus a few homes and businesses to call her
own. She is a known figure within the city.
3. Your patron has significant contacts as well as resources, spread out over a large
area -- multiple businesses, for example. He is known throughout the state or
4. When your patron calls, people listen. She is one of society's movers and shakers,
capable of ruining lives with a single phone call. Your patron has national
5. You have a contact with one of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the country,
if not internationally. He's a spider at the center of a large web of resources and

Personal trainer - A personal trainer works with a character to improve her physique,
techniques (such as Melee or Brawl) or aptitudes (Athletics, Drive, etc.). A personal trainer
is different from someone you grab at the gym because the trainer is usually out of house.
He knows your strengths and weaknesses and can help you target your soft spots or
vulnerabilities. In fact, the training is all personalized and geared toward your assets and
capabilities. For each dot in Personal Trainer, your character can target one Attribute or
Ability, purchasing a Trait for one less experience point (2 points instead of 3) or minus 1 to
a multiplier (current rating x 3 for Attributes and current rating x 1 or 2 for Abilities). To gain
this, however, the character must allocate at least one hour per day for training for each
dot or Trait he wants to improve, even if they are out in the field.
1. A pesonal trainer focusing on a single Attribute or Ability.
2. A trainer capable of instructing you in two separate areas.
3. This trainer is well versed in three areas.
4. Your personal trainer can help you concentrate on improving four different Traits.
5. You've got your own guru, capable of instructing you in five different Traits.

Resources - the amount of wealth you have.

1. Allows you to roll on the resources 1 column on the first day of each month.
2. Allows you to roll on the resources 2 column on the first day of each month.
3. Allows you to roll on the resources 3 column on the first day of each month.
4. Allows you to roll on the resources 4 column on the first day of each month.
5. Allows you to roll on the resources 5 column on the first day of each month.
Status - Status is a measure of clout within your field of work. If you have high status
people will take notice of your actions and you will have less chance of doing anything
secretly within the field.
1. Newbie or rookie, though a few people have heard of you.
2. Accomplished operative; everything knows your name if not your face.
3. Respected veteran; everyone knows you and tries staying on your good side.
4. Essential personnel; when you have an opinion, it goes to the highest levels.
5. You are top of your field.

Underworld connections - you have connections in the underworld.

1. You know someone who can point you in the direction of a gang.
2. You used to be (or are) in a gang and know a couple of grunts.
3. You were (or are) high up in your old gang and are still respected by many off your
4. You were (or are) the top dog in your gang and are still in contact with and have
authority over the leadership of it.
5. You ran (or run) the underworld in a town or city.