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Distortion Control: Power Supply Connector:

This control is used to increase or Connect a standard 9V power supply
decrease the distortion output level. (optional) to this connector.
Turn this clockwise to increase the
distortion level. Output Level Control:
This control is used to adjust
Gain Control: the overall output level of
This control is used to your signal (when the effect
increase or decrease the is on). Turn this clockwise to
amount of distortion gain increase the output level.
being applied to the signal.
Turn this clockwise to Ring Control:
increase the amount This control is used to adjust
of gain. the ring modulation output
Frequency Control: level (when the effect is on).
This control is used to adjust Turn this clockwise
the frequency of the carrier to increase the ring
signal (wave) being applied modulation level.
to the original input signal.
Input Connector:
Output Connector: Connect your instrument
Connect this to the input or the output of another
of your amplifier or to your effect pedal to this input
other effects. connector.
LED Power Indicator Footswitch
This lights up when the Press to turn the effect on
pedal is on. or off.

Placement of the DOD Gonkulator: Setup of the DOD Gonkulator:

Most guitarists/bassists will favor placing the DOD Start with the controls at 12:00, their midpoint.
Gonkulator toward the beginning of their chain of effects. Then adjust to taste. If the result is too extreme, then turn
controls down to lower settings.
The Gonkulator will react differently depending upon where
it is placed in the signal chain. Placing the Gonkulator When using the DOD Gonkulator your input signal is joined
pre or post distortion or modulation will yield different, with an oscillator signal known as a carrier wave. When the
but interesting results. Feel free to experiment with the signals interact some are cancelled while others become
Gonkulator, that is its whole purpose. enhanced. This can produce a wide range of unexpected
results and in some cases produce a stuttering effect.

All settings will be heavily dependent on the output level

of your instrument, the dynamic range of your playing style
and the results you want from the effect.