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National Conference on Emerging Business Strategies in Economic Development Special issue - December 2016

A Study on Emerging Business Strategy in Reliance JIO

*Arulkemilas.A, **Esakkiammal.S

*Assistant Professor, Loyola College, Mettala. **Assistant Professor, Annai Hajira Women’s College, Melapalyam, Tirunelveli (Dt).


“Jio means to live and to be alive to very opportunity. World’s demand for digital oxygen, that is data, is growing exponentially. Jio aims to fulfil this need of Indians. Access to information will now know no barriers,”- Mukesh Ambani. We are in the technological era. The world of telecommunication has been changed. Earlier they were send text only, now we can send images ,audio, video and emoji by using whatsapp and face book messenger. In Indian population 35% of them are in the age group of below 35. Two-thirds of India’s 1.3 billion population are not online, and Jio hopes to capture 100 million users — nearly half of India’s current smartphone users — within a year of launch. They are the target customers of Reliance Jio. According to sources, Jio - setting a new record - has acquired 1,000 customers per minute (since September 05) and 6 lakh per day."Jio continues to be the fastest growing company in the world and has crossed 50 million subscribers in record 83 days". Airtel reached the same milestone of notching 50 million subscribers in 12 years, Vodafone and Idea took 13 years each. In this study we can know how the reliance jio get more number of customers and their business strategy to attract the customers.

Keywords: digital oxygen, barriers, technological era, subscribers.


Mukesh Ambani who started and revolutionized the Indian mobile industry by reducing the call rates in the early 2000s, which made mobile phones affordable to Indians. In 2010, he bought 96% stake in Infotel Broadband which had won 4G spectrum in all sectors in India. Later they renamed it to Jio, and started building fiber optic network around the country.

Mukesh Ambani spent Rs. 1.5 lakh crore to start Reliance Jio, which started their operations on September 5, 2016, he is planning to spend another Rs. 1 lakh crore in the next four years to expand its network and take on the incumbent telcos, even as majority of the calls on Jio network are failing due to PoI and MNP

issues with the incumbent telcos. The subscriber base of Jio has already reached one fifth that of Bharti Airtel, which had 262.67 million mobile subscribers in


"Beating industry estimates, the company has signed up an average of 6 lakh subscribers a day, which is a globally unprecedented feat for any customer- facing company including the likes of Whatsapp, Face book and Skype," the source pointed out.


To know the different applications of Jio and its features.

To study the business strategy of Reliance Jio.

Jio applications

My Jio

My Jio App is the basic app for the Jio users. From Sim portability to balance checking everything and anything is available with My Jio App. All you need to do is download the app from Play or Apple store and sign up under My Jio account. Enter a valid mobile number (reliance Jio) and start using the app easily.

In My Jio App, you can check your balance, get help and support from the server, you can check the voice call details, wifi details, store locators, usage details, hotspot locator and any kind of support and help for the setting issues. Also if you are porting your old network to Reliance Jio then My Jio app will help you to generate bar code that is mandatory to collect your new sim with same number.

Jio Cinema Jio Cinema is available on Android and iOS platform in which you can get any movies on demand. You can get any of your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies under Jio Cinema. You will get under the app is no buffering (because it is 4G friend), no ads, one tap play, resume videos and save your watch-list. The app also offers you premium movies that you need to buy to watch them. Anywhere at any time your favourite movies are in your fingertips.

at any time your favourite movies are in your fingertips. ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page
at any time your favourite movies are in your fingertips. ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page

ISSN: 2393 - 9125

Page 7

National Conference on Emerging Business Strategies in Economic Development Special issue - December 2016

Jio TV

It is another app that will make you smile if you are a daily shows lover. Watch your favourite shows live in HD on your channels on any device tablet or phone in Jio TV. There are 319 channels available that showcase your favourite shows that too without commercials. on Jio TV app and watch it from where you left when you are free. Share, search, pause, rewind and watch the 7th days’ old episodes anywhere in the Jio TV app.

Jio Join

Join the Jio Join app for rich phone calls in your poor phone. You’re using 2G/3G phone that is non-VoLTE then no worries, connect to Jio Join app and get the best HD quality VoLTE supported voice and video calls on your phone. There will be no disturbances during calls; you can share files, doodles and what not. Jio Join is available on iOS and Android platform. Also gear up for the non-disturbing conference call with your team with your 2G/3G supported phone.

Jio Net

Jio Net is a superb app for the internet addicts. If you are an internet addict and get pissed off with your data limits, then shift to Jio just to enjoy the Jio Net app. The app will allow you to connect to Jio WiFi hotspots across the nation. You don’t even need to enter any login details or security pass code. Once you are in Jio Net you will be automatically connected to nearby available Jio Wifi hotspot. You can use unlimited internet and no one will disturb you in there. Jio Net is also available in both iOS and Android platform. Jio Net does need a login details, but to use the app not the Wifi hotspots.

Jio Music

Jio Music is for the music lovers. More than 20 languages are available in Jio Music where you can listen, download and share millions of your favourite songs. You can also connect your Smart watch or other

devices with the app to enjoy music while working out or running.

You can download the music, buy music (in case of premium albums), create your own playlist, share it with your friends and also if your love RJs then go for Jio Music Radio as well.

Jio Mags Jio Mags are for the magazine and news lovers. Those who want know what is happening around us must try Jio Mags App available on iOS and Android platform. Latest business news, entertainment, TV, movie stars and everything about them in leading magazines can be now grabbed by Jio Mags. Download the app and get the best reading experience anywhere on any device. Also you can share, save, sync and read offline these magazines.

Jio Money Wallet

Finally the Jio Money Wallet that is available under Jio offers. Till now you all know a lot about Wallets that we use often to make payment when we are running out of cash. Jio Money Wallet is nothing less than that. You can make payments, buy movie tickets, and chance to get more than Rs. 15,000 /- worth of discount coupons by using Jio Money Wallet app. Just link your bank account with Jio Money Wallet, and pay for anything and receive your personalised offers as well with Jio Money Wallet App.

"To enable digital transactions, merchants, especially small merchants, are an important component of our economy. To fuel their transactions, Jio is working to empower Indian merchants by building a digital retail ecosystem, which we are calling Jio-Money Merchant Solutions," - Mukesh Ambani. "Customers can use their JioMoney wallets to pay merchants from their bank accounts, and merchants can use the Jio-Money Merchant App to accept these payments directly into their bank accounts," - Mukesh Ambani.

Jio Apps Quick Guide



My Jio

Calls, balance, wifi, help and support

Jio cinema

Unlimited movies on demand

Jio TV

40+ HD channels and shows

Jio Net

Free Jio WiFi hotspot connect

Jio Music

Unlimited free songs, customised playlist

Jio Mags

Unlimited magazines on business, entertainment

Jio Money Wallet

Cashless payments

entertainment  Jio Money Wallet Cashless payments ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page 8
entertainment  Jio Money Wallet Cashless payments ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page 8

ISSN: 2393 - 9125

Page 8

National Conference on Emerging Business Strategies in Economic Development Special issue - December 2016


Reliance Jio is 4G only The Reliance Jio network is running entirely on 4G - not "mostly 2G, sometimes 3G, and once-in- a-while 4G," Ambani said, taking a dig at other networks. To access the network, you need a 4G compatible phone with VoLTE support. Reliance Retail's lineup of Lyf phones offer a low cost option, starting from Rs. 2,999, though you can buy any phone that supports VoLTE and use it. You are not ready to move away from your current phone, you can buy the JioFi portable Wi-Fi hotspot at Rs. 1,999 and take advantage of Jio's plans as long as your phone supports Wi-Fi.

100 Percent VoLTE Reliance Jio is also a 100 percent VoLTE network - the largest in the world, according to Ambani. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, by which you make voice calls over the data network. As an end user, nothing is really different - you still dial a number just like you always would, and during the preview offer at least, connections have been clear and reliable. But at the backend, even voice calls use data, compared to non-VoLTE networks, that treat data and voice differently.

Everything is free

Although Reliance Jio plans were revealed, everything is going to be completely free for users until March 31, 2017. Jio's data, voice, and video along with the full bouquet of applications and content will be available fully free for everyone. Ambani called this Jio's New year Offer, which will enable everyone to try out Jio without spending any money. This will also allow users to get comfortable with the various applications that Jio is offering, and Jio will use this period to test interconnections with other operators and to get feedback from customers.

Coverage Jio's a new network, but its reach is already pretty wide - according to Ambani, the Reliance Jio network already covers 18,000 cities and towns, and over 2 lakh villages. Although it is already covering a large number of cities and villages, that doesn't mean that Jio's rollout has completed yet. It still has some ways to go to cover all of India, and the next target is to reach 90 percent of the population by March 2017, Ambani added.


Reliance Jio is now in the process of rolling out Wi-

Fi hotspots across India. By the middle of 2017, it

Wi-Fi hotspots


plans to have 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, and it's offering Wi-Fi data in the 4G plans it offers; for example, if your plan is for 4GB, you get 8GB of Wi-Fi access as well, while the top 75GB plan gets 150GB of additional data via Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots are coming up at schools, colleges, and other public places.

Free voice calls and roaming

Highlighting how operators only charge for data while voice and messaging are essentially free, Ambani said that Jio will not charge for voice calls. "All voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free," he said, adding, "Across India. To any network. Always. And in the spirit of one India - no roaming charges also."

This means that even if you're calling

someone on another network - for which Reliance has to pay termination charges to the other network -

it will pick up the tab.

The cheapest data in India

At the same time, describing data as oxygen, Ambani said that Reliance Jio's second principle is that data must be affordable. "Current market practice

is to charge a base rate of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000 per

GB of data," he said, "Jio will have a base rate which is more than at a 90 percent discount over the industry."Reliance Jio is offering data plans at Rs. 50

per GB, though a look at the actual data prepaid plans shows that this isn't 100 percent accurate.

On the cheapest plan, Reliance offers 4GB of data for Rs. 499 - still a great deal, but not exactly Rs. 50 per GB. However, Reliance is also giving 8GB of Wi-Fi access at Jio Wi-Fi hotspots, and unlimited usage at night, so it definitely works out to

a very reasonable amount, and under that Rs. 50/ GB figure once you factor that in.

Bundled entertainment services

That's not all though - Reliance Jio is also going to give free access to its various Jio apps. The full bouquet includes Jio's video on demand service, its music streaming platform, and even a live TV service which allows you to view previously aired shows by scrolling back on the timeline.

There's a lot on offer, but we don't know anything about how the pricing for these services will be structured, only that the full bouquet taken

services will be structured, only that the full bouquet taken ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page
services will be structured, only that the full bouquet taken ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page

ISSN: 2393 - 9125

Page 9

National Conference on Emerging Business Strategies in Economic Development Special issue - December 2016

together will cost you Rs. 15,000 per year. However, these are going to be given fully free to all users until the end of 2017.

e-KYC for fast sim activation

Noting how inefficient the paper-based manual process to onboard customers is, Ambani noted that people had to wait for hours to get their service activated. In my experience getting Reliance Jio SIM cards activated with in a day. A customer with an Aadhaar card will be able to get the Jio sim with a working connection in 15 minutes.

Jio Fibre Launch of this service is not yet announced but Jio is working on a fibreline network which will provide FTTH services to commercial & residential customers. Jio has planted their fibre across vast areas of India and planning to cover all over Indian region by 2018. This broadband will surely provide more data transfer speeds compared to the current

FTTH ISP as they have their own single fibre line and are not dependant on any other ISP. CONLUSION A good business is the one which is win-win for all parties involved, and Jio is doing it pretty well. Data is the oxygen of digital life. Jio is more than just a business. It is a commitment to enrich the life of every Indians said by Mukesh Ambani. Jio is aimed at realising Digital India dream of our prime minister. It extends their free services end of 31 st March 2017.Now every Indian can do ‘unlimited good things with unlimited data’.












Rs.1-lakh-cr.-more-in-Jio/article16077136.ece ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page 10
Rs.1-lakh-cr.-more-in-Jio/article16077136.ece ISSN: 2393 - 9125 Page 10

ISSN: 2393 - 9125

Page 10