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sequence plan

Communicative objectives Linguestic objectives

Language forms pronunciation

1-Talk about daily and weekend *The simple present vowel sounds /ᵊ/
Tense with the consonants sounds
(Wake up- go to school- practise
sport….) Third personal / h / , / s /, /z/

2-Ask and answer questions about Pronouns : he / she /iz/

daily activities
3-Talk about leisure activities
*Preposition of place
4-Tell the time
*Preposition of time
5-Ask and answer questions about the

6-Name pets

7-Talk about likes and hobbies

Objectives : By the end of this sequence learners should be able to :

1/- Express their daily and weekend activities, using the simple
present tense

2/- ask and answer questions about their daily and leisure activities

3/- ask for and give the time using the preposition of time

4/-name pets and express their likes and hobbies

Guided sheet

Learning objectives : by the end of the sequence learners should be able to :

Exoress their daily activities

Ask for and give the time

Grammar :* use the simple present tense with the third personal pronouns he/ she

* preposition of time At

* Question words what/ when

* preposition of place in

Vocabulary : lexis related to daily activities and routine

Pronunciation : the sounds / ᵊ /, / h /, / s/ ,/z/, and / iz /

Visual aids : flash cards/ video/ school book

Cross curricular competencies :

Intellectual- comp : :pps can interact through verbal and non verbal messages

Methodological : pps can work in pairs and groups

Communicative : pps can communicate through dialogues properly

Personal and social : they can be socialized through oral or written exchanges

Values :

*Learners will beable to exchange their daily activities

*Learners will be curious to know about other’s routines

time object procedure inter compe VAKT
Telling the time
Warm up
Motivate Teacher greets her learners T/L Visual
ls and and welcomes them Interact ( book)
pave the T asks ls to open their books on
way to the page64 helping learners to
lesson assess themselves, learners will
interact and talk as much as
they can T/L
Now teacher will interact with Auditory
her learners by asking them
about the time of English lesson
asking Interact
Do you have english at 8 ?
Learners : no at 9 the teacher
also asks them to talk about
the time they start the school
and the time they finish
Presenting Presentation T/T
the new using a clock teacher asks
lge form learners to listen to her and Visual
then repeat ( flash
Interprete cards)

O’ clock/ midday / midnight
One o’clock
Two o’clock…………….
T asks learners to look at the
clock number 1 then say
What time is it ?
Ls react
T corrects it is two oclock
Learners listen then repeat
Now they look at the second
Is it two o’clock ? T/L Visual
Presenting Learners : no, it is not Interact/
the new What time is it then ? interprete
lge form It is a quarter past two
Now look at the third clock


What time is it ?
It is half past two
Now the last clock, is it a
quarter past two ?
Ls : no , it is not
T ; it is a quarter to three
Next the teacher invites ls to
ask about the time
Practise produce Visual
A : is it one O’clock/ two…./ a
the new ( book)
quarter past …./
lge form
B : No, it is not
Learners perform in pairs and
they should be free in
substituting key words
T invites learners to open their
books on page 76 and do the
task orally
Clock number one what time is
it ?
It is half past two
Clock 2 / clock 3 / clock 4
/clock 5
time object procedure inter comp VAKT
Practise T
Motivate Warm up : t asks some questions to /L
learners motivate ls and refresh their Audi
memories about the prev lesson Interac
What time is it now ?
At what time do you have french ?......
Ls react
Task one : ( orally) T shows learners
different clocks and each time one
Ask and pairs performs Visual
answer What time is it ? Intera board
about It is ……………….. T/
time Ls work in pairs and try to correct to L
each other
Task two : complete the table below

Write 06 : 00
the time 02 : 12 Interp Visual
in full 13 : 15 board
23 : 05 L/L
12 :00

Teacher walks around and checks

Learners correct on the board then on
their CB
Task three : match the pairs

Installing Visual
the N lge half past five produce board

three o’clock

ten past two

tim objec procedure inte comp VAKT
e r
Daily activities
Warm up Visual
Reviewin T welcomes learners and tries to T/
g and review the last lesson L
motivatin By showing a clock , T. asks what time Interac
g is it ? then another clock ; Is it
quarter past three ?
Learners interact
Pre- listening
Teacher asks learners to look at the
following pictures then asks them
some questions : T/ Visual
Presentin Look at the pictures and tell me what L
g the each pict represents
new lexis
items Interact
/ nterp


Ls listen and repeat then take

notes on their note book
pict 1 : get up
pict 2 : wash face…..etc
T asks learners
What time do you get up ?/ wash your
face/ have breakfast…..etc
T helps learners to make correct
While listening
the new
Now teacher invites learners to
complete the following table after
within a L/
they listen to the daily activities of
context L
the three teachers
Task one : listen carefully then Audit
complete the following table Interac/ /visua
interp l
kim sam clare
Wake up 8 ;00 9 ;00 7 :00
Go to 3 ;00 10 :30 8 ;00
Develop work T/
ls’ L
listening Learners listen carefully and do the
skills task Interp
T walks around and cheks/ helps when Visual
necessary / audi
Learners correct on the board then
on their C B
After listening L/
T invites learners to do the following L
Task two ; complete the following
passage about sally using the following
words : gets up, has breakfast, goes
to school
Sally gets up at quarter to eight. She
has breakfast at eight o´clock. Then produce
she goes to school. School starts at
nine o´clock.
producin T gives learners time to do the task. Visual
g She walks around , checks and helps L/ (
then correct L board
time objec procedure inter comp VAKT
Motivate Warm up : t welcomes learners and
learners asks them some questions to Interac Tacti
motivate them ; using a small ball T/L ( ball)
throw it to one pp and asks him
At what time do you get up ?
Pp answer then this pp throw it to
one of his mates and asks him
another questions and so on L/L
Controlled practise
t asks learners to look at the
Identify pictures and give full sentences ( Visual
And orally) Interp (f.c)


L/L Intera

I get up at 7 o’clock
I go to school at 8 o’clock ………….etc
Guide ls Guided practise
To T asks learners to write task two
practise Task two : use the following cues to
The n lge write correct sentences Visual
form 1/- dinner/ 8 ;00pm L/L Intera (
2/-watchtv9 :00pm board)
3/-sleep/ 10 :00pm
T gives enough time to pps to work ,
walks around, checks and helps
Correct on the board then on their
Free practise L/L
Learners’ Task three : write three to four produc
product sentences expressing your daily visual
T sets time limit, walks around and
cheks, helps when necessary
time object procedure inter comp VAKT
The simple present tense
Lesson1 Visual
Motiva The affirmative form Intera
te Warm up T welcomes learners and
learner reviews the previous lesson and asks T /L
s some questions : what was the video Auditor
about ? y/visual
What are the teachers’ names ?.....
T asks At what time do you wake
up ? Intera/
Presen L : I wake up at 6 :00 am T /L interp
ting Visual
the Pp verb
new lge t asks learners to substitute I by
form kim saying at what time does she
wake up
L : kim wakes up at 8 :00 am

She wakes up
Pp verb Interp
Now t asks learners to substitute Visual
Kim by Sam
L : Sam wakes up at 9 :00am

He wakes up

Pp verb
Now teacher asks at what time does
clare go to work

L : clare goes to work at 8 :00

T/L Interp
She goes
Pp verb showing that verbs
ending with o , we add to them es not
Stating Other questions asked by t
the At what time school finishes/
rule starts……
By the end learners state the rule

Verbs + s/es L/L

he /she/it

Practis Task one : put the verbs in brackets
e the in its correct form
new lge Ali is a 1am pupil , he ( to wake L/L
form up)…….at 6 :00am, he (to have) produce
……….breakfast at 7 :00am . At
7 :45am, he ( to go )……….to school
and he ( to finish)………at 5 :00pm.
T walks around and checks , helps if
Learners correct on the board then
on their copy book.
time objec procedure inte comp VAKT
Motiva Warm up teacher asks learners some
te questions to pave the way to the T/L Inter Audit
learne lesson /visu
rs At what time you get up ? al
At what time does kim/sam/clare
wake up ?
At what time school starts/finishes ?
Controlled practise
Use T deals with task one orally using
and visual aids( data show) asking learners L/T Interp Visual
review to give correct sentences he wakes up (DS)
at……/ she goes to school….etc
Guided practise
T asks learners to use cues to make
To correct sentences using simple L/L
consoli present tense through task two Interp/
date Task two : use the following cues to intera
make correct sentences
1- My mother/to wake up/5 :00am Visual
2- I /to be/a good pupil L/L (boar
3- The teacher/ to like/ her pupils d)
4- My cat/ to drink/ milk
5- Ahmed / to do/ his home work
6- The pupil/ to study/ english
Teacher sets time limits , walks
around and checks. Helps when
Free practise
Practi T asks learners to write three to four produce
se sentences giving their friends ‘ daily L/L
what activities Visual
they Pupils works individually through a (boar
have given time then give their feedback, d)
newly write on the board
time object procedure inter comp vakt
The simple present tense
Lesson 2
The negative form Visual
Motivati Warm up : t reviews the Interr
ng affirmative form of the simple T/L
learners present asking some questions
about their time table such as :


Wake up Go to school
Interp Visual
Brush teeth havebreakfast
Using correct sentences
T presents the situation by
asking one pupil to pass and acts
Pave the his daily activitieon sunday (
way to miming) and his learners guess
the using correct sentences
The situation
Seradj wakes up at six o’clock ,
he dresses on himself, brushes Visual
his teeth and has breakfast , at Interp Audit
a quarter to eight he goes to
school, ……
Introduc L/L
e the n Now t asks
lge form Is seradj a teacher ?
Ls : no/ Seradj is not a teacher Interp
Where s the verb ? what is the
infinitive ? to be is an auxiliary. T/T Visual
Now tell me do you go to school on
Friday ?
ls no
t : I do not /don’t go to school on
Friday ( t asks ls to substitute I by L / L
He does not/doesn’t go to school on
t asks learners do you study
English on Tuesday ? ls react using
the negative

Practise I do not study English on Tuesday

the new
lge form visual
Pp Aux neg verb the rest of the stc
To do mark
Learners use substitutions

Task one :use the following cues to
write correct sentences
1/- I / not/ to speak chinese prod
2/- salim/ not/ to get up / early
3/- the pupil / not / to go to school
on Saturday
4/- I / not / to be / a teacher
5/- Redha/ not / to have / a pet
T sets a time limit walks around
and checks , helps when necessary
time object procedure inter comp VAKT
Warm up : t reviews the previous
Motivat lesson by asking some questions
e At what time you wake up on Sunday ? T / L Inter
learners Monday ?Tuesday ?.....Friday ?
At wat time you go to school on
Sunday ? Monday ?.....On Friday ?
Learners react I don’t go to school
on Friday
Controlled practise
t deals with the following activity
orally by showing some picture to
Use and learners and say which one they do / L/L Interp
install do not ret
the n

Learners look at the pictures and

each time they give correct
sentences using affirmative/ negative
Guided practise
t asks learners to make correct
Practise sentences using the cues given
the new through task two T/L
task two : use the following cues to re
form make correct sentences :
1- I / not / to practise/ sport
2- Mum / not / to like / cats
3- My friend / not / to make/ the
home work
4- My sister / not / to be / happy.
T sets time limits walks around and
checks , helps when necessary
Free practise
Through the third task teacher asks
produce learners to write the activities that produc
they do not on Friday and they do on L/L e
T sets time limit , walks around and
time object procedure inter comp vakt
The simple present tense
Lesson three
Recycle The interrogative form
the Warm up : t reviews the previous Audit
prev lesson by asking the following L/T Inter
lesson questions :
What are the activities you do on
Sunday while you do not on Friday ?
Learners react giving affirmative and
negative sentences
Presentation :
T Makes a statement about herself. T/L
Present Then asks a student a question to Interp Audit
ing aux introduce do. Visua
question T: I go to school. , Aymen do you go to l
s school?
t walks around the classroom asking
learners questions and teaching them T/L
to answer, “Yes, I do” or “No, I don't”. Inter
Do the same for all persons except
third person singular. Audit
Contrast learners’ habits. T Makes a Visu
statement about one, then asks about
another learner: T/L Interp
T: Aymen goes to school. Does yasser
go to school?
t walks around the classroom asking
questions with does, and teach
learners to answer “Yes, he does” “No,
he doesn’t”.
Then t asks when does Aymen go to visual
school ? ls answer using full sentences
Aymen goes to school on Sunday/
T asks questions and each time
learners answer using full sentences
When do you get up ?
Task one :t asks learners to use the
Practise following cues to make questions
the new 1- Early/ get up/ to do/Farid / ? L/L prod
lge 2- Go to school/ to do / you / on
form Friday/ ?/
3- Your teacher/ to do/ like/
you/ ?/
T sets a time limit walks around and
checks , helps when necessary
Correct on the board then on their
time object Activities inter comp vakt
Review Warm up : t reviews the previous
and lesson by asking some quetions T / Inter Audit
recycle Do you have your breakfast today ? L
When do you have your breakfast ?
Do you wake up early ?
When do you wake up ?
Controlled practise
Pps play T introduces activity one by asking
roles learners to work in pairs and doing Inter Audit
short dialogues asking about their L /
daily activities ( orally) T
P1 : Good morning yasser, how are
you ?
P2 : Good morning Ayoub , I am fine
thank you
P1 : Do you have your breakfast L / L
ayoub ?
P2 : yes, I do…………..
Pps Guided practise
make qs Task two : using a power point Visual
under activity Interp Data
guidance Pps lookat the pictures and use the show
cues to make questions L / L
Free practise
Task three : complete the following
Ahmed : Hi sami, ……………………………….. ?
Pps Sami : Hi ahmed. I am fine thank you
produce Ahmed : ………………………………………early ? Produ
making Sami : yes , I do. I always get up at L / L Visual
qs 6 :00 am . board
Ahmed : …………………………………………… ?
Sami : I have my breakfast at 7 :00
Ahmed : …………………………………on
Friday ?
Sami ; No , I do not. I go to school on
tim object procedure inte com VAKT
e r p
Remedial work
The simple present tense
( affirmative/neg/interr) Visual
Motivate Warm up ; through picture learners ( Data
learners are asked tp describe the daily T/ L show)
activities of Mr bean Inte

L /
L Visual

Learners make correct sentences

descrining Mr Bean’s daily activities
Make ls
T asks learners to do the following Aud/visu
The activities
affirmativ Task one ; watch the video about Mr
e bean then do the activity Inter
Using L /
third 6RS0
Personal Mr. Bean goes to the dentist
Pronoun Which of these actions does Mr.
Bean do before going to the dentist?
_____ wake up
_____ take a shower Inter
_____ wash his face L/ T p
_____ brush his teeth
_____ shave
_____ get dressed
_____ eat breakfast
_____ make his bed
_____ leave the house
Answer Task two : Answer the questions with
aux qs COMPLETE sentences:
and wh qs
a. What time does the alarm clock
L /T
b. What time does he get up?
c. Where does he go at 9 o‘clock?
d. Where does he get dressed ?
e Who does he sleep with?
Task three ; now move , asks your
friends questions about what does
prod kenesthet
the three
Mr bean do ic
forms of
the Learners do and correct L/L
time object procedure inter comp vakt
I pronounce
Pave ( /s/ /z/ /iz/)
the way Warm up : t asks learners some l/t Visual
to the questions Inter
lesson When does Mr bean get up ? Board
Where Does he brush his teeth ?
Where does he go at 9 :00 ?
Learners answer and the t notes the
answer on the board
Presenti T writes pps’ answers on the board
ng the Mr bean gets up at 9 :50 l/t Visual
differnt He brushes his teeth in his car Inter Board
sounds At 9 :00 , he goes to the dentist r and
of « s » T asks learners to read the marker
sentences paying attention at the Inter
word written in different color and p
the pronunciation of the final s

Letter pronunciation
/s/ likes, speaks
Letter « s » /z/ studies , goes Visual
/iz/ watches, places
T tries to illicit that sounds before
the letter «s » is very important to
know how to pronounce « s »
gets t+s
p Inter
k /s/ p
brushes sh + s
ss / iz/
other sounds /z/
Practise practise : classify the following l/l
words according to the pronunciation prod
of their final « s » uce
friends – hates – boxes –watches –
dogs – stops –places – plays – buses.

/ s/ /z / / iz /

T sets a time limit. Pps work and do

then correct
time object procedure inter comp vakt
My leisure activities
Ppu lesson
Motivate Warm up : t asks learners about their Audit
Ls and daily activities asking questions T / l Inter
pave the What do you do in the morning ?
way to Do you revise your lesson in the
the afternoon….etc
lesson Presentation
T asks learners do they get up early T / l
on weekend ? ls react Visual
What do they do on weekend ? Interp
Using a mind map learners give their
leisure activities
Present Now teacher invites learners to know T / l
The more about samir. What does he do on
situation week end
And the Visual

L / l
Using a data show learners discover
what does samir do and they compare
with their weekend
Do you take a bath also on weekend ?
Do you go to pray el- djumua ?.... L / l
Practise Visual
Use the T asks learners to look at the picture Inter/
new and identify the leisure activity and if Interp
lexis do they do or no ?
within a

L / l

Task two : write three to four
Practise sentences about what do you do on
the new week end
lge form Learners do under guidance of teacher
Time objec procedure inter comp vakt
My leisure activities
Warming Warm up : t asks learners about T/l Inter Audit
and samir
reviews Last time we have seen our friend
Does Samir go to school on Friday ?
What does he do on Friday ?.....
Controlled practise Visual
Task one ( orally) t asks txo pps to
Control act out a short dialogue about what T/l Inter Board
Ls to do they do on Friday Interp
practise A : Hello Ali , what do you do on
Friday ?
B : On Friday I take a shower/ pray
djumuaa/ play chess….
A : Do you revise your lessons ?
B : Yes, I do/ no, I do not.
Guided practise
Task two : use the following cues to
Learners write correct sentences L/l
make 1- On week end/ to practise Interp
correct sport/ Visual
stcs 2- On Friday/ to pray El-djumua Board
/ Marker
3- On Friday / to play chess
4- On week end/ to go to cinema
Teacher sets a time limit walks
aroond and checks. Then correct
Free practise
Ls Task three : finally it is week end L/l prod
produce write three to four sentences how Visual
do you spend your week end board
Learners do, reads their production
the write on the board the good
Time object procedure inter comp vakt
Ppu lesson
Warm up : t asks learners some questions
to introduce the topic
Do you like pets ?
Which pet do you like ?
Why do you like dogs/ cats / rabbit ……
Is the dog a good pet or a terrible one ?
( t uses gestures)
Can the dog jump ?
Can it run ?
What can a dog do ?.......
Carry / fetch …..
Is the cat a good or a terrible one ?
( ask the same qs)
Presentation : now we are going to watch
a video
. what do u think the video about ?
Learners guess
Task one : listen then answer the
following questions :
1- How many pets are there in the
video ?
2- Does the family choose a dog ?
3- Does the mother choose a cat ?
task two ; listen again then find the
opposite of the following words