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0 The fool

 Beginnings, spontaneity, innocence, free spirit

 Foolishness, recklessness, risk taking

1 The magician

 Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness

 Manipulation, poor planning, latent talents

2 The high priestess

 Intuition, higher power, mystery, subconscious mind

 Hidden agendas, need to listen to inner voice

3 The high empress

 Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance

 Creative block, dependence on others

4 The emperor

 Authority, father figure, structure, solid, foundation

 Domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility

5 The hierophant

 Religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs

 Restriction, challenging the status quo

6 The lovers

 Love, union, relationships, values, alignment, choice

 Disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values

7 The chariot

 Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination

 Lack of control and direction, aggression

8 The strength

 Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion

 Weakness, self-doubt, lack of self-discipline

9 The hermit
 Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance
 Isolation, being alone, withdrawal

10 Wheel of fortune

 Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point

 Bad luck, negative external forces, out of control

11 Justice

 Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

 Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

12 The hanged man

 Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice

 Martyrdom, indecision, delay

13 Death

 Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition

 Resistance to change, unable to move on

14 Temperance

 Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning

 Imbalance, excess, lack of long term vison

15 The devil

 Bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism

 Detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed

16 The tower

 Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation

 Avoidance of disaster, fear of change

17 The star

 Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity

 Lack of faith, despair, discouragement

18 The moon

 Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious

 Release of fear, unhappiness, confusion

19 The sun

 Vitality, fun, warmth, success, positivity

 Temporary depression, lack of success

20 Judgment

 Judgment, rebirth, inner calling, absolution

 Self doubt, refusal of self examination

21 the world

 Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel

 Lack of completion, lack of closure

0 the fool-

1 the magician-

2 the high prestess

3 the empress

4 the emperor

5 the hierophant

6 the lovers

7 the chariot

8 strenght

9 the hermit

10 wheel of fortune

11 justice

12 the hanged man

13 death

14 temperance

15 the devil

16 the tower

17 the star

18 the moon

19 the sun

20 judgement

21 the world

0. The fool- URANUS/AIR

1. The magician- MERCURY
2. The High Priestess- MOON
3. The high Empress- VENUS
4. The high Emperor- ARIES
5. The hierophant- TAURUS
6. The lovers- GEMINI
7. The Chariot- CANCER
8. Justice- LIBRA
9. The Hermit- VIRGO
10. Wheel Of Fortune- JUPITER
11. Strength- LEO
12. The hanged Men- NEPTUNE WATER
13. Death- SCORPIO
14. Temperance- SAGITTARIUS
15. The devil- CAPRICORN
16. The Tower- MARS
17. The Star- AQUARIUS
18. The moon- PISCES
19. The sun- THE SUN
20. Judgment- PLUTO/FIRE
21. The World- SATURN/EARTH

Wands- fire-

 enthusiasm, force, energy, inspiration, leadership, decision, center of attention,

assertive, lust, passion competitive, expansion, public recognition, speed
 lack of direction, indecisive, lack of will, aggressiveness, anger, fear, lack of desire,
competition, conflict, shrinking, delays
 it deals with: desire, dream, goals, force
 Personality: strong, leader, enthusiastic
 Ordeal: tests anger management, tests force, tests dreams

1. Ace Of wands:
 Inspiration, power, creation, beginnings
 Delays, lack of motivation, weighed down
2. Two Of Wands:
 Future planning, progress, decisions
 Fear of unknown, lack of planning
3. Three Of Wands:
 Preparation, foresight, enterprise, expansion
 Lack of foresight, delays, obstacles to long term goals
4. Four Of Wands:
 Celebration, harmony, marriage home
 Breakdown in communication, transition
5. Five Of Wands:
 Disagreement, competition, strife, tensions, conflict
 Conflict, avoidance, diversity, agreeing to disagree
6. Six Of Wands:
 Public recognition, victory, progress, self-confidence
 Egotism, disrepute, lack of confidence, fall from grace
7. Seven of Wands:
 Challenge, competition, perseverance
 Giving up, overwhelmed, overly protective
8. Eight of Wands:
 Speed, action, movement, suift
 Delays, frustration, holding off
9. Nine of Wands:
 Courage, persistence, test of faith, resilience
 On edge, defensive, hesitant, paranoia
10. Ten of Wands:
 Burden, responsibility, hard work, stress, achievement
 Taking on too much, avoiding responsibility
11. Page of Wands:
 Enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit
 Setbacks to new ideas, pessimism, lack of direction
12. Knight of Wands:
 Energy, passion, lust, action, adventure, impulsiveness
 Haste, scattered energy, delays, frustration
13. Queen of Wands:
 Exuberance, warmth, vibrancy
 Shrinking violet, aggressive, lack of direction
14. King of wands:
 Natural born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honor
 Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectation

Pentacles- earth-

 stability, wealth, materialism, health, control, balance, routine, methodical,

manifestation, collaboration, establishment, self-efficiency, slow but sustainable
growth, sustainable, slow, foresight, abundance
 stuck, too slow, controlling, authoritative, lack of flexibility, lack of movement,
laziness, boredom, lack of generosity
 prosperity, material aspects, health, growth, success, business
 Personality: Stable, centered, down to earth, successful, business skillful, methodical
 Tests stability, tests wealth (job, money), tests balance/control

1. Ace of Pentacles:
 manifestation, new financial possibility, prosperity
 lost opportunity, lack of planning and foresight
2. Two of Pentacles:
 Balance, adaptability, time management, prioritization
 Disorganization, financial disarray
3. Three of Pentacles:
 Teamwork, initial fulfillment, collaboration, learning
 Lack of teamwork, disregard of skills
4. Four of Pentacles:
 Control, stability, security, possession, conservatism
 Greed, materialism, self-protection
5. Five of Pentacles:
 Isolation, insecurity, worry, financial loss, poverty
 Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty
6. Six Of Pentacles:
 Generosity, charity, giving, prosperity, sharing wealth
 Debt, selfishness, one sided charity
7. Seven of Pentacles:
 Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment
 Lack of long term vision, limited success or reward
8. Eight of Pentacles:
 Apprenticeship, education, quality, engagement
 Perfectionism, lack ambition or focus
9. Nine of Pentacles:
 Gratitude, luxury, self-sufficiency, culmination
 Over investment in work, financial setbacks
10. Ten of Pentacles:
 Wealth, inheritance, family, establishment, retirement
 Financial failure, loneliness, loss
11. Page of Pentacles:
 Manifestation, financial opportunity, new job
 Lack of progress, planning short term focus
12. Knight Of Pentacles:
 Efficiency, conservatism, routine, methodical
 Laziness, boredom, feeling “stuck”
13. Queen of Pentacles:
 Practical, homely, motherly, down to earth, security
 Imbalance in work/family or commitments
14. King of Pentacles:
 Security, control, power, discipline, abundance
 Authoritative, domineering, controlling

Cups- water

 emotions, memories, passion, love- friendship, love, family, husband/wife, children,

emotional state, harmony, emotional control, family centered, trusty, forgiveness,
acceptance, maturity, imagination, generosity
 moody, dependent, melancholic, depressive, stubborn, repressed emotions, inbalance
in relationships, emotional inbalance, lack of harmony, despair, regret, illusion,
fantasy, unrealistic, stuck in the past, bitter, lack of stability, greed
 Relationships, marriage, family, community, sociability, children, husband/wife,
friends, love
 Imaginative, flexible, generous, loving, friendly, empathetic, good listener
 Tests relationships, tests the ability to be flexible and adjust, tests love
1. Ace of Cups:
 Love, compassion, creativity, overwhelming, emotion
 Blocked or repressed emotions
2. Two of Cups:
 Unified love, partnership, attraction, relationships
 Break up, imbalance in a relationship, lack of harmony
3. Three of Cups
 Celebration, community, friendship, creativity
 An affair, stifled creativity
4. Four of Cups
 Meditation, apathy, reevaluation, contemplation, apathy
 Boredom, missed opportunity, being aloof
5. Five of Cups
 Loss, regret, disappoint, regret, despair
 Moving on, acceptance, forgiveness
6. Six of Cups
 Reunion, nostalgic, childhood memory, innocence
 Stuck in the past, naivety, unrealistic
7. Seven of Cups
 Fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, choices
 Temptation, illusion, diversionary tatics
8. Eight of Cups
 Escapism, disappointment, withdrawal, abandonment
 Hopelessness, aimless drifting, walking away
9. Nine of Cups
 Wishes fulfilled, comfornt, happiness, satisfaction
 Greed, dissatisfaction, materialism
10. Ten of Cups
 Harmony, marriage, happiness, alignment
 Misalignment of values, broken home or marriage
11. Page of Cups
 A messenger, creative beginnings, synchronicity
 Emotional immaturity, creative block
12. Knight of Cups
 Romance, charm, “knight in charming armour”, imagination
 Unrealistic, moodiness, jealousy
13. Queen of Cups
 Emotional, security, calm, intuitive
 Emotional insecurity, codependency
14. King of Cups
 Emotional balance, emotional control, generosity
 Emotional manipulation, moodness, volatility

 air- intelligence, communication, creation, mental clarity, mental activity, science,

power, authority, truth, knowledge, organization, perception, action, seeing different
 too much talk and non action, lie, thinking too much, no action, doubts, confusion,
chaos, lack of clarity, idecision, overload, manipulative, cold hearted, disregard for
 learning, job, career, studies, personality, mental activity, communication
 intelligent, a good communicator, singer, philosopher, thinker, honest, creative,
organized, perceptive
 tests the ability to see different perspectives, to tell the truth, tests the ability to

1. Ace of Swords
 Raw power, victory, break-thoughs, mental clarity
 Confusion, chaos, lack of clarity
2. Two of Swords
 Indecision, choices, truth, stalemate, blocked emotions
 Indecision, confusion, information, overload
3. Three of Swords
 Painful separation, grief, sorrow, hearth break, rejection
 Releasing pain, optimism, forgiviness
4. Four of Swords
 Contemplation, passivity, relaxation, rest
 Restlessness, lack of progress, burn-out
5. Five of Swords
 Conflict, tension, loss, defeat, win at all costs, betrayal
 Open to change, past resentment
6. Six of Swords
 Regretful but necessary transition, rite of passage
 Cannot move on, carrying bagage
7. Seven of Swords
 Betrayal, deception, getting away with something stealth
 Mental challenges, breaking free
8. Eight of Swords
 Isolation, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment
 Open to new perspectives, release
9. Nine of Swords
 Depression, intensive nightmares, intense anxiety, despair
 Hopelessness, severe depression, torment
10. Ten of Swords
 Back stabbed, defeat, crisis, betrayal, endings, loss
 Recovery, regeneration, fear of ruin, inevitable end
11. Page of Swords
 Talkative, curious, mentally restless, energetic
 All talk and no action, haste, undelivered promise
12. Knight of Swords
 Opinionated, action oriented, communicative
 Scattered thought, disregard for consequences
13. Queen of Swords
 Quick thinker, organized, perceptive, independent
 Overly emotional, bitchy, cold hearted
14. King of Swords
 Clear thinking, intellectual, power, authority, truth
 Manipulative, tyrannical, abusive



 Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

 Page: child; hard working, easily bored, arrival of news
 Knight: young men; Sagittarius; sudden and impatient,
 Queen: female, enthusiastic, friendly, involved in business, enjoy animals and children,
 King: male, warm, thoughtful, travelled a lot, business men, great advisor


 Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

 Page: child, student, hard working, good new about money
 Knight: young men, accepts responsibility, hard working, trustworthy, steadfast
 Queen: female, motherly, strong health, cheerful personality, good mind for business,
also like to do charity work, she is kind and caring, requires financial stability to be
 King: male, practical, realist, businessmen, farmer, accountant, banker, usually
married, has acquired some wealth, unpretensious


 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

 Page: child, message of joyful nature, birth of a child
 Knight: young men, usually well travelled, faithful friend, faithful lover
 Queen: female, nurturing, makes a wonderful wife and mother, concerned for the
welfare of others, attracted to nursing, art, writing, social work
 King: men, usually achieved something in life, quiet power, calm exterior, interested in
music, arts, or jobs related to the sea, nature or fishing

 Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

 Page: child, delay in news or bad news
 Knight: very charming, confident and eloquent, he brings speed and action to events
 Queen: may be divorced or widowed, independent, rational, intelligent, shouldn’t be
underestimated, good public speaker and organizer, she may have seen many
 King: male, possibly a lawyer, doctor or legal adviser, intelligent men, in position of
authority, wise, dislikes showing emotion, logial and calm


 Dot: where everthing begins. A circle and a dot means fertility

 Circle: God, eternity, Spirit
 Square: material world, density, the four elemets, rigidity
 Cross: spirit (vertical) X material (horizontal)
 Triangle: divinity, the evolutionary state, spirituality
 Inverted triangle: devolution, materialistic
 Infinity (8 horizon): infinity
 Pentagram: spirit over the elements
 Inverted pentagram: materialism
 David’star: connection of opposite forces
 Star: illumination, revelation, inspiration,


 Turned or looking to the left: retarding attachments, pendency, attachment to the past
or influence of the past
 Turned to front: living the moment, courage to face the moment
 Turned to the right: development, future
 Standing: determination, situation develop fast
 Sitting dow: slow development, indisposition, lack of will, submission, receptivity


1. FIRE- CARDINAL- Masculine principle, opportunity, intital state for the creator
2. TAURUS- EARTH- FIXED- Duality, equilibrium, feminine principle, polarity
3. GEMINI- AIR- MUTABLE- Union of 1 and two, union creative, trinity
4. CANCER- WATER- CARDINAL- Solid, tangible, realization, structure, rigid
5. LION- FIRE- FIXED- Movement, struggle, loss of control (the stability of the four is lost
6. VIRGO- EARTH- MUTABLE- Perfection, equilibrium, solving problem, communication
7. LIBRA- AIR- CARDINAL- Degeneration, loss of stability, analyzing,
8. SCORPIO- WATER- FIXED- Change of situation, possibility of get things right, gains
9. SAGITTARIUS- FIRE- MUTABLE- Results, culmination
10. CAPRICORN- EARTH- CARDINAL- Transition to a new cycle, victory

1. Unity, new begginings, opportunities, potencial, drives, ideas, inspirations and

aspirations, early stage of development
2. Balance, duality, crossroad, choice, partnership, assimilation, sharing, receptivity,
diplomacy, gentle persuasion, agreement, insight, reconciliation, reunion, partial
success with completion later on
3. Inicial achievement of goals, growth, creativity, abundance, expression,
communication, friendships, group activities, situation involving more than one
person, can indicate delay but also success in the future
4. Structure, foundation, stability, stagnation, manifestation, practical application,
formation, concentration, organization, planning, the result of well build foundation,
it’s the result of 1,2,3, foundation of an idea where things can grow
5. Instability, conflict, loss, opportunity for change, new cycle, change, expansion,
recreation, change, challenge, fluctuation, material prosperity, spiritual poverty, not
properly balanced
6. Communication, problem solving, cooperation, balance, relaxation, adjustment,
harmony, compassion, social consciousness, domesticity, love, care, comfort,
concern, adjustment in thoughts, attitudes, conditions, transcend difficulties
7. Reflection, assessment, motive, spirituality, wisdom, perfect order, observation,
investigation, meditation, discovery, knowledge, faith, knowing the ultimate truth,
introspection, solitude
8. Movement, action, change, rebirth, regeneration, re-evaluation, capability, spiritual
fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment, attainment, will power, positive
9. Fruition, attainment, bringing things to a conclusion, completion, fulfillment,
selfsness, magnetism, idealism, giver of wisdom or inspiration, situation nearing
completion, or have been achieved but there Is more coming
10. Completion, end of a cycle, renewal, endings, transforming into a new beginning

1 Person: occupation, role

2 External Concept: the world that surrounds, or the perception of the outter world

3 Internal Concept: feeling, emotion, idea, belief

4 Activities: action


0 the fool- beginners, innocence

1 the magician- the thought, inseption of thought to create

2 the high priestess- knowledge

3 the empress- creator, taking action, fertility of ideas

4 the emperor- stability, authority, father figure

5 the hierophant- tradition, focus on group, consistency, comfort through stability

6 the lovers- love, friendship, passion for a goal, know something with absolute certainty

7 The chariot- conquest, control, coming together of many contradictory parts, opposite
forces, work in unity, victory, success

8 strength- strength of character, intelligence, wisdom to control our environment, maturity of

emotions, master to control the forces, harmony with our surroundings

9 the hermit- introspection, search for knowledge, seeking, peaceful knowledge, inner peace

10 wheel of fortune- fate, destiny, options, luck, new turns, new beginnings, end to an old
cycle, cycles

11 justice- to be just, fair; balance; behaviors; rational; calculated; honest; well considered
decision; conflict; solving a dispute

12 the hanged man- letting go, understanding, change of perspective, seeing different
perspectives, suspended between possibilities; struggle; reflection

13 death- range of emotions, resilience, change, end of a chapter, be ready to move on,

14 temperance- harmony, understanding, balance, equilibrium, compromise, maintain

moderation, reconciliation, careful measure things we enjoy
15 the devil- sexuality, materialism, stuck, addiction, obsession, basic instinct, powerful
person, manipulation, submission to one’s own desire, cut the ties, break free, temptation

16 the tower- change, sudden destruction, sudden change, shocking realization, fall of a belief,
violent shake up,

17 the star- waiting, hope, patience, seeing distant

18 the moon- confusion, mystery, obscure things, unclear thoughts, inspiration from dark

19 the sun- force, joy, strength, safety, happy times, innocent pleasures, day in the sun, new
borth in the family, suprises,

20 judgment- ability to forgive oneself, ability to forgive, resurrection, finding peace, cleansing
of sin, moving forward, making a final decision, healing, face something

21 the world- accomplishment, looking outwards, observing things for how they really are,
seeing things from a higher point, completion, reward, going up, fantastic journey, something
of great importance

SWORDS (royalty)

 Person: high birth, status, high influence, leadership, power

 External: power, change, situation changing drastically
 Internal: mental, thoughts of revolution, dreaming big, painful thoughts
 Activities: debate, creativity, high education, science

WANDS (middle class-commerce people)

 Person: growth, challenges for own benefits

 External: enthusiasm, grand ideas,
 Internal : change the world, travel (from one mind set to another), persuasion
 Activities: travel, adventures,

PENTACLES (common person)

 Person: regular mundaine, ordinary things, hard working person, meaningless luxury,
relationship with someone like this (thief, banker…), long last path to wealth
 External: shelter, money, physical, material wealth, land, home, social interaction,
 Internal: generosity, greed, hard working, ethic, basic well being, day to day concern,
 Activies: long last path to wealth, what enriches us,

CUPS (religious people)

 Person: love, emotions, heart, relatives
 External: the heart of others, fill or empty the soul, inspirationl things
 Internal: romantic, poetic ideas, inner drive, passion, search for beauty, divine love
 Activies: hobby, job, person you have a passion

ACES- the magician; the creator of ideas and thoughts, he is the one from wich everything
begins; not the physical; the beginning of a thought that something should change; conjure
ideas, inspirations in our mind; conjure a thought “what kind of new thought would you want
to receive?” the very first ink of a thought

 Swords- awakening, a beginning to new challenge, a new goal,

 Wands- a new passion (a new religion, date, job, study…);
 Cups- new love (endeavor, idea, romantic love,) something that captures their
 Pentacles- new luck, new wealth, new resolution; solid, physical; new long lasting
changes (friendship, money…)

TWO- hihg priestess- keeper of secret knowledge, inspiration, middle ground between idea
(the magician) and the empress (creation); duality, two choices, two paths, instinctual wisdom,
pure potential,

 Swords- in the middle of something, between two ideas, crossroads, torn between the
two choices
 Wands- personal world, struggle between choices
 Cups- a friend coming, unexpected meeting, negotiation, opportunity, changing
 Pentacles- making choices to keep life in balance

THREE- the empress- fertility, of humans and fertility of creation of the ideas (the magician);
action; the grand mother; bring all things forward in the world; the beginnings of taking
actions; art, romance… the first steps to start a new beginning; turning the idea into action;
starting to put things into action

 Swords- reveal headache, pain (maybe from lost love, or bad thoughts… ideas…)
reflect the debt of something, great impact on our public persona
 Wands- progress, but the journey has only began
 Cups- new beginning, a brith, a new passion, a new opportunity for the passion
 Pentacles- further opportunity, your work will be rewarded, focus on health, money,

FOUR- the emperor- stability; the father figure; structure; order; wise leader, reperesent the
investment of efforts; the ground of work; the hard work needed;
 Swords- making peace, relaxation, focus on what truly matters
 Wands- minor celebration, suggest success with further work to be done
 Cups- bored; dissatisfaction with what one has; taking things for granted the refusal to
look beyond oneself
 Pentacles- holding back, but wealth, work, is doing fine; but they are too scared to
share about their gain; not speaking about it; jealous relationships; holding up to
money; not being generous; holding on too tightly; being stagnated; stagnation

FIVE- the hierophant- tradition; leading to destiny; consistency; comfort; stability; compassion;
good; mercy; inspiration; strength from difficult times; dealing with bad times; not a pleasant
experience but strengthen us

 Swords- competition, pride, overconfidence, winner or loser (but too much proud)
 Wands- more serious pursuits, a quest for achievements, small battles (but with great
 Cups- broken heart, crying over spilled milk, focus on loss, receive less than expected
 Pentacles- view by society as unfit; misery but also hope; constant support of others;
true friends will stand by you despite the storm; rejected; seeing true friends; you
never lose everything

SIX- the lovers- passion; desire for a goal, person; know something with absolute certainty;
falling in love with something or someone; regain; coming together; harmony; return of
balance; a soul mate; something that balances your life

 Swords- beginning of voyage, moving forward to find harmony; counselor; book;

anything that helps finding balance; it’s a journey towards harmony;
 Wands- triumphant arrival; achievement; special occasion to celebrate but not lasting;
the work must continue; do not forget there is more work
 Cups- nostalgia, memories, sharing joys, person, passion that brings joy; fleeting
moment; enjoy the moment but be aware more challenges come
 Pentacles- both sides of generosity (sharing and the relief); choose to make a positive

SEVEN- the chariot- stability; coming together of many contradictory parts; opposing
directions; work in union; bringing the forces together; maybe stand alone; take control

 Swords- theft, loss of ideas, inspiration, power; with proper precautions this would be
just a set back; protect that wich is yours; don’t allow your ideas to be taken from you
(through disagreement, conflicts…)
 Wands- outnumbered; stand his ground; attack upon something you created; be
aware of the challenges
 Cups- options; unable to choose; torment of day dreamers; too many options to
choose; having too much time or lack of need to direction; stagnation; fear of making
the wrong choices; focus on the desire, needs but be realistic; persuade only the best;
seeing the potential on one self and realizing all the opportunities; don’t over analyze
 Pentacles- dissatisfaction; doubt of his efforts; challenging conditions; concern;

EIGHT- strength- progress; strength; will; determination; power through persuasion; other
people sharing your vision, accepting your vision; using the inner power to control the
challenges we have; the inner power being (intelligence, intuitive);

 Swords- problems, second guessing, fears, inhibitions, limitations; way out of these
limitations; remove the blindfold; overcoming the fear; its not conquest with physical
strength but with the right resources (creativity, wisdom…)
 Wands- comes quickly, rapdly changing, actions; things may not land where you
 Cups- walking away from vice, letting go of something to seek something greater;
leaving his comfort zone to get something greater; he has a plan but its with sadness
he leaves his old life behind
 Pentacles- hard work, efforts, focused, concentrated, accepting, not trying to impress
neither holding tight, he does works and accept the reward; focusing the task at hand
but not having over pride or higher expectations

NINE- the hermit- not hiding away; searching; seeking; peaceful knowledge; no longer
struggling; journing alone; understand his life; withdrawal; a wise, therapist person in your life;
put things in perspectives; anti-social; solve things through on his own; great creativity;
introspection; great reflection; personal exploration; completion; the main work is done, it just
needs to finish the details

 Swords- disturbed thoughts, fear, deceptions, despair, sleepless night, anxiety, self-
focused, self-critical; wake up and see the world as it truly is, its not as bad as it seems
 Wands- aware; vigilant; not surrendering; the last push; delay; suspension; waiting
 Cups- hospitality; generosity; attainment; receveiness of good; support; creativity;
 Pentacles- alone; health, money has been achieved; small fortune, or any gain that
might make you happy

TEN- wheel of fortune; return to beginning; completion; transition; movement; change; rises
and fall; replacement of the old with new; ever turning wheel; time of closure (to tight loose
ends); time for new beginnings; fate;

 Swords- ideas face death too, end of a dream or idea; don’t repeat old mistakes;
another’s person has killed one’s idea; a new path, idea or goal must be persuaded
instead of the old; loss; desolation
 Wands- in command, in charge, burden of success, new endeavors, rediscovery,
 Cups- stability of home life, emotional well-being, instincts controlled, emotional
maturity; time with the ones we love
 Pentacles- wealth, harmony, comfort; share; be generous; loyalty;

PAGE- children;

 Swords- information, knowledge, holding off the power not bringing forth; a secret;
insecure possession of power or knowledge/information that could be used to help
but that are being held back
 Wands- travel, passion, career, trip, spiritual ,philosophical, naivety, willingness to take
risk, full of energy, seek out new things, curiosity, center of attention
 Cups- fresh emotions, creativity, love, intuition, someone sweet and kind, childish
mind, empathic,
 Pentacles- positive time of growth, long term prosperity, long term happiness, large or
small opportunity, improvement, enjoys fixing things, understand the value of money,
eagerness to their work, young at heart

KNIGHT- young adults; ever moving, constant change, purpose of travel, battle; potencial
action; loyal; full of energy; always with a urpose and intent; isolated

 Swords- confidence (likely mistaken), vision, arrogance, more information is needed to

head on, too smart for his own good; good ally; capable of winning battles; free speech
 Wands: ready for action; changes will come; times for taking action; charismatic;
center of attention; his goals are high; excited; risk taker; bossy; narcissistic; insensitive
 Cups- unique talents/skill; generous; dreamy; sensistive; self aware; in tune with
themselves; escapism (drugs, hobbies…);
 Pentacles- slow, cautious, more reserved, less inclined to take action, maturity,
realistic, deeply thought plan, materialistic, strong work ethic, very serious; protector

QUEEN- female (adult); empress- growth, development, something soon to be tangible; certain
dominion; intelligent

 Swords- confident, power, authority; sorrow; intelligent; firm; a concept that needs to
be shared with the world; or a person in your life to advise you
 Wands- soft, gentle, love children; development of career or goal; inspirational, social,
 Cups- great intuition; solutions to problems; quiet; creative; spiritual; offers great
support; manipulative; moody; quiet reflection; isolated;
 Pentacles- contentment; happiness; thankful; successful; finds comfort; hard working;
perfectionist; natural side of life; traditional
KING- male (adult)- passion, force, leading; powerful motivators; the guiding force; they plan;
they motivate; they command; planners; high aspirations; expect loyalty; people of influence
and power; advisor; confident

 Swords- judge; fair; impartial; man of ideas; both sides of an argument; ideals come
first; rational; cold; distant
 Wands- focused upon things in the distance; command; replacing the old with the
new; future events; take command; overthrow the old power to something new to
grow; charisma; teacher; motivational speaker; visionary; perceptive; inventive; fun
 Cups- dignity; improvement; provide motivation; supportive; godfather; understand
emotions; common understanding among others
 Pentacles- lethargic, cautious, introspection, proud, confident, self reliant; doesn’t take
excessive risks; conquest of material wealth
NEGRA, qualquer PEDRA