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CE 442 Assignment 8 Due 3/23/2006 Thursday 1:00 pm. PROBLEMS 8.1, 8.2, 8.

All problems are to be done according to the AISC Load and Resistance Factor Design. Values of yield stress FY
and tensile strength Fu are available in AISC p. 2-39. Assume adequate lateral support of the compression flange
such that lateral stability does not control. Use LRFD.

8.1 Select the lightest W section to carry a uniformly distributed dead load WD in addition to the beam weight, and a
uniformly distributed live load WL as indicated. The member is simply supported and deflection is not important.
Consider both bending moment according to Chapter F and shear force according to Chapter G for design.

Case WD Dead Load WL Live Load Span Length L Steel

(kip/ft) (kip/ft) (ft) Grade
a 2.0 18 7 A572 Grade 60
b 8.0 12 5 A572 Grade 50

8.2 The box beam section shown is made by continuous welding of A36 steel plates. (a)Compute the useful moment
capacity φMn . Be sure to check for compactness according to AISC
Specifications TABLE B4.1. Note that residual stresses are not
considered for stiffened elements in TABLE B4.1. Check for
compactness and if the section is non-compact or slender compute
Mn according to AISC F7. (b)Compute the useful shear strength
φVn of this section according to AISC Specifications G2. (c) If this
section is used as a simply supported beam of span length L,
carrying a uniformly distributed load, what are the values of the
factored distributed load wu (in addition to beam self-weight) and
the span length L for which the beam reaches its useful shear and
bending capacities simultaneously. Note that Mu=wuL2/8 and

8.3 The beams shown in plan view will support an 8-inch thick
reinforced concrete floor (concrete floor weighs 150 lbs/ft3 or
100 lbs/ft2. The floor design live load is 175 lbs/ft2. Note that
each beam carries a 10-ft wide strip of the slab and the live
load over it. Therefore the line load (force per unit length)
acting on a beam is the tributary width (10ft) times the load
per square foot. Select the lightest A572 Grade 50 W shape.
Assume full lateral support. Consider bending moment only.
If the thickness of the concrete bearing wall that is used to
support the ends of the beams is 5.0 inches, are bearing plates
required according to AISC J8? Assume fc’=3000 psi for the
concrete bearing wall. If bearing plates are required, design
them using Grade 50 steel. Also, check if the web of your
beam is able to carry the reaction force over a bearing length
of N=5.0 inches, according to AISC Section J10. Check web
yielding according to J10.2 and web crippling according to
J10.3. If either J10.2 or J10.3 is not satisfied then bearing stiffeners will be needed. However, you are not
required to design the bearing stiffeners.