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Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)


1) The purpose of the lockout/tagout standard is to:

a. Prevent injuries from the unexpected start-up of equipment
b. Prevent new employees from working on equipment until they have been trained
c. Prevent locks and tags from getting rusty

2) Name a piece of equipment in this facility that requires lockout/tagout procedures.


3) Where can you find written copies of energy control procedures?


4) True or False?
Failure to stop equipment is one of the leading causes of lockout/tagout injuries

5) Which of the below is not an example of activities covered under the standard?
a. Repairing equipment
b. Starting equipment at the beginning of the shift
c. Unjamming objects during normal production operations

6) True or False?
All equipment operators can perform lockout/tagout procedures.

7) What must an employee do prior to shutting down equipment?

a. Notify affected and other personnel about the shut down
b. Become familiar with all energy sources
c. Both of the above

8) An energy isolating device:

a. Determines the type of energy associated with a piece of equipment
b. Prevents the flow of energy from the power source to the equipment
c. Both of the above

9) True or False?
Only authorized employees can attach or remove locks and tags.

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10) If you find a lock/tag on a piece of equipment you should
a. Avoid it
b. Remove it if you need to operate the equipment
c. Both of the above

11) True or False?

One set of energy control procedures will work for all equipment

12) Which two of the following are requirements of lockout/tagout devices?

a. They should have standardized color, shape and size
b. They should not be used for other purposes
c. They should be identical for everyone

13) True or False?

Tags provide the same level of protection as locks

14) After the Lockout/Tagout procedure is complete, how can you verify the equipment is safe?
a. Attempt to turn the equipment on.
b. Place a tag on the equipment.
c. Ask another employee to watch the process

15) Which two of the following should be done by authorized employees prior to
removing locks and tags?
a. Inform other employees
b. Replace safety guards
c. Turn the power back on

16) When a person who applied the lock/tag cannot be found, what should be done?
a. Make a reasonable effort to inform the employee
b. When the employee returns, inform him/her that the lock/tag has been removed
c. Both of the above

17) True or False?

In a group lockout/tagout situation, each employee has equal responsibility.

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Copyright ©2002 Progressive Business Publications
Copyright ©2002 Progressive Business Publications
Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
Answers to Quiz

1. A
2. Answers are specific to your facility
3. Answers are specific to your facility
4. True
5. B
6. False
7. C
8. B
9. True
10. A
11. False
12. A and B
13. False
14. A
15. A and B
16. C
17. False

Copyright ©2002 Progressive Business Publications