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Functional Test of Thermal Overload Protection

Secondary Test
For the secondary test for the overload protection, note that all setting parameters refer to primary variables of the protected
object. The protection device extracts the current transformer ratio from the power-system data and internally performs the
adjustments to device nominal variables. Take these characteristics into account for the test.
Reset the thermal memory before you repeat the test. This is possible, for instance, via the binary input indication
>Reset thermal replica. If the function is reparameterized or is switched off, the thermal replica will also be

Test without Previous Load

Test the operate time at 1.5 I/Irated, obj.

In the example, the following power-system data are assumed:

Irated, obj = 483 A
Irated, transf.prim = 750 A
Irated, transf.sec = 1 A

The primary test current is 1.5 * 483 A = 724.5 A. This results in a secondary current of 724.5 A *1A/750A = 0.966 A. A
secondary current of 0.966 A must therefore be supplied.

Calculate the operate time with the following formula. Enter only primary variables here.
Set Iprevious load = 0. The setting parameters reveal the K-factor (for example, 1.1) and the Thermal time
constant (for example, 600 s or 10 min).

Test from the cold state.

At a current of 0.966 A supplied on the secondary side, the protection function must trip after 463 s.

Test with Previous Load

The object rated current (Iprevious load= Irated, obj) flows at a previous load of 1 (100 %).

Supply 483 A *1 A/750 A = 0.644 A in this case.

After a finite time (greater than 5 τth), the stationary previous load sets in.

If you abruptly increase the supplied secondary current from 0.644 A to 0.966 A (1.5 I/Irated, obj), the overload protection
will trip in the following time.


Owing to the relatively large time constants in practice, the tests are carried out with significantly reduced time
constants. Reset the original setting value after completing the tests.

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