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Choose the correct definite or indefinite article: 22.

I read _______amazing story

"the", "a", "an" or "x" (zero article) . yesterday.
23.My brother doesn't eat____chicken.
1.She wants to buy _______yellow hat. 24.___love is such ____beautiful thing.
a She w ants to buy 25.I live in ____flat. _____flat is new.
26.I would like ________piece of cake.
2. There are ______dogs
27.I was in _________Japanese
in the garden.
restaurant. _______restaurant served
Ø There are * dogs
good food.
3. She is 28.Sara can play ________guitar.
_______American journalist. 29.This house is very nice. Has it got
an She is * American _______garden?
30.t's a beautiful day. Let's sit in
4. The meeting is in ______garden
__________hour. 31.I like living in this house but it's a pity
an The meeting is in
that _____garden is so small.
the c) I like living in th
5. ____baker wakes up 32.
earlier than a librarian.
Can you recommend
a * baker w akes up
________good restaurant?
6. I don't like a a) Can you recom
Ø I don't like * tea.
We had dinner in
_________very nice restaurant.
7. ________tea is my
favourite drink.
Ø * tea is my favour

8. He wants to be
a b) We had dinner
an He w ants to be * 34.

9. Robots will probably We had dinner in ____most

replace ________men in 2050. expensive restaurant in town
the c) We had dinner
Ø Robots w ill proba 35.

10. This famous sailor She has _______French

crossed ______Atlantic Ocean. name but in fact she's English, not
the This famous sailo French.
a a) She has * Fren
11. I visit my grand- 36.
parents 4 times ________month. What's ________name of
12.I bought ___________pair of shoes. that man we met yesterday?
13.I saw ___________movie last night. the b) What's * name
14.They are staying at _________hotel.
15.I think ___________man over there is We stayed at a very nice
very unfriendly. hotel - I can't remember ________name
16.I do not like _________basketball. now.
17.That is ________problem I told you the c) We stayed at a
18._______night is quiet. Let's take a There isn't
walk! _______airport near where I live. The
19.________price of gas keeps rising. nearest airport is 70 miles away,
20.John traveled to _________Mexico.
21.Juan is __________Spanish.
an a) There isn't * a I went to__________airport at 6:00 AM
yesterday. I had to catch________flight to Paris.
Our plane was delayed. The lines at__________airport were very long, so
We had to wait at ________airport for I had to wait________long time. Once
three hours. __________plane took off I tried to get some
sleep but I couldn't. Then I ate___________pretty
the b) Our plane w as
40. good meal, _____________rare occurrence on
airplanes! Later, I spoke to one
Excuse me, please. Can
of___________flight attendants
you tell me how to get to for____________while. She was pretty. She told
_________airport? me that __________pilot of
the c) Excuse me, ple ____________airplane was French. I managed to
fall asleep for about ____________hour. After I
Are you going away next woke up, I felt refreshed. I ordered
week?' No, ______week after next.' _____________drink, then another. Generally, it
42.I'm going away for _________week in was ______________pretty smooth flight.
a b) I'm going aw ay
George has a part-time
job. He works three mornings 1. They usually spend their holidays in
__________ mountains.
2. Los Angeles has ________ ideal climate.
44. Our department always meets on 3. This is ______ best Mexican restaurant
_______last Friday of every month. in the country.
45. This month it falls on _________31st. 4. I can't live on _____ 500 dollars a month.
46. I have already reserved 5. Someone call _______ policeman!
_____conference room on the fifth floor. 6. Someone call ________ police!
47. There are three conference rooms on 7. He is ________ real American hero.
that floor, but we like ___one 8. I don't like ______ dogs, but I like my
overlooking the gardens. brother's dog.
9. I haven't seen him in _______ five years.
48. It is ______very popular room.
10. Kobe Bryant is _______ basketball player.
49. Last month _______person from 11. I love living in this _______ city.
accounting had already reserved it when I 12. Generally speaking, _______ boys are
called. physically stronger than girls.
50. That was______disappointment, but 13. Bill enjoys reading _____ mystery novels.
we managed to get _______room across 14. Do you remember _______ girl that we
________hall from it. saw last night?
51. During our meetings one member of 15. Did you go to the Thai restaurant? No, I
went to ____ place where you and I
__group usually gives_____presentation.
normally go
52. Last month Janet told us
16. He is _______ really good person.
about_____advantages of____employee 17. My brother is _____ expert at fixing cars.
referral program. 18. _____ Paris is a beautiful city.
53. This month it is my turn to speak and 19. My ________ teacher's name is William.
I have already thought of____interesting 20. We got our son ____ dog for Christmas.
topic for____group. 21. He eats a lot of _______ meat.
22. ____ food that you cooked was very
23. ______ cell phones do not cause cancer.
24. He has always been _____ very good boy.
25. Let's go to _______ beach.
Fill in each blank space with the proper article: a, 26. Let's play _______ volleyball.
an, or the. 27. What would you like for _____ breakfast?
28. He knows how to treat _______ lady.
29. I've been waiting for _______ long time.
30. _____ only jazz musician I like is Miles
31. Denver is located at the foot of _____
Rocky Mountains.
32. Toronto is located on ____ Lake Ontario.
33. San Diego is located near ______
Mexican border.
34. Let's go to ______ Mexico.
35. ____ Nile is the longest river in the world.
36. ____ Sahara is the world's biggest desert.
37. I spoke with ______ Swedish film
director that I told you about.
38. Do you speak _______ Swedish?
39. I need _______ bottle of water.
40. Spain is one of ______ largest European
41. I moved to ________ USA when I was 15
years old.
42. I can spell as well as ____ most students.
43. He is ______ most famous actor I know.
44. Hurry up. We don't have ___ lot of time.
45. I live around here = I live in______
46. I don't know at all = I don't have ______
47. I have _______ idea!
48. ______ tea in my cup is too hot to drink.
49. The US President lives in ______ White
50. My parents live in ______ white house.