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English 110: 21st Century Science Fiction

Dr. Amber Strother

Spring 2018
Research Project: Part 3
100 points

For this portion of the assignment, you will be compiling a report based on the research you
completed in the annotated bibliography. While this information should be useful in thinking
about your own review of the text, this is not an argument paper which means you should not be
making claims. Instead, you should be sharing the claims from the sources you have gathered.
This assignment is designed as a way for you to demonstrate your awareness of the conversation
surrounding the text you have chosen. This should be 750-1000 words in length.

Due date: February 21, by 11:59 p.m.

 This should provide readers with some insight into your text but should also help you
organize your thoughts before you write your review as well as help you get a more well-
rounded understanding of the work.
 This should not be presenting the claims you intend to make in your own review, so just
focus on reporting about what you have read in the sources you have gathered.
 It should contain an introduction, a discussion of the academic conversation
surrounding the text, an overview of the reception of the film/book/tv episode based on
popular sources, and a conclusion.
 This should also contain a works cited page for the sources you cite within the report.

Your name

Dr. Amber Strother

English 110

Day Month Year

Research Report on (Name of chosen text)

Your report should be formatted according to MLA guidelines and should contain a

works cited page for any texts you cite in the report.
Works Cited

Author’s last name, first name. For any source you cite in the Research report you need to

include an MLA citation here. These entries should be alphabetized by the author’s last

name, and you should include the specific text you are reporting on in the list. This will

be included on a separate page immediately following the report.

Report Rubric

Proficient Competent Novice

35-40 28-34.9 0-27.9

Attempts to discuss
academic sources and
Does not discuss
Provides effective conversation. May
discussion of not include required
Discussion of conversation. May
academic sources and number of academic
Academic Sources not include
the conversation sources or may not
appropriate academic
surrounding the text. demonstrate
understanding of

26-30 21-25.9 0-20.9

Attempts to discuss
popular sources and
Provides effective
conversation. May Does not discuss
discussion of popular
Discussion of not include required popular conversation.
sources and the
Popular Sources number of sources or May not include
may not demonstrate appropriate sources.
surrounding the text.
understanding of

17-20 14-16.9 0-13.9

Response is There is an attempt

Does not attempt to
organized into to organize the
organize into
paragraphs that build response. Some
Organization coherent paragraphs.
on one another. It is paragraphs may not
May be confusing or
clear and easy to be connected to
hard to follow.
follow. overall ideas.

8.5-10 7-8.4 0-6.9

Attempts to follow Does not follow MLA

Effectively follows MLA formatting formatting
Formatting and MLA formatting guidelines. Contains guidelines. May
Conventions guidelines. Contains some errors that do contain errors that
few to no errors. not interfere with interfere with clarity
clarity or readability. and readability

Overall Comments: