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Construction Work Of Anganvadi At Bavla Nagar Palika, Bavla.Dist Ahmedabad

(A) Details of Tender Item:

Sr. Estimated EMD Tender fee Time Limit of
No. Name of Work Tender (1% of Estimated In Rs. Work
Value (Rs.) Amount In Rs.)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Construction Work Of Anganvadi At 3498376.00 34984.00 1500/- (Month)
1 Bavla Nagar Palika,Bavla.

(B) Schedule for e-tendering is fixed as under:

Up to date: 04/07/2012 Till 18:00 hrs.
Last Date Downloading of tender documents
Pre-bid conference, venue & date
On line submission of Qualification bid with Up to date : 04/07/2012 Till 18:00 hrs.
Technical bid & Price bid document
Submission Of EMD , Tender Fee & Up to Date: 09.07.2012 at the office of chief officer
supporting Document about eligibility Bavla Nagar Palika by speed post/RPAD/Courier only in
sealed cover. Duly super scribed with name of work &
tender notice no.
Date of Opening Of Price Bid On Date: 10/07/2012 At 13:00 Hrs.( if possible)

Date of commencement of work Within 15 days from the issuance of work order
Security Deposit 5% of Estimated coast of FDR/DD i.e. 2.5% of estimated
cost shall be paid in the from of DD/FDR immediately
after the acceptation of tender Remaining 2.5% of
Security Deposit shall be deducted from R.A. Bill
Defects liability period Three year from the date of completion of work. The
Total amount of security deposit shall be released after
the expiry of defects liability period.
C Tenderer shall submit their offer i.e. technical bid as well as price bid in Electronic format on above
mentioned website.
D Submission of Tender Fees, Bid Security and other valid Documents:
Tender Fee and Bid Security i.e. EMD in the form of DD/FDR in favor of " Chief Officer Bavla Nagar Palika
E " from any Nationalized / Scheduled Bank. shall be valid up to 120 Days. DD/FDR issued after the last
date of submission of tender will not be considered as valid or accepted in any case.
A Valid Registration Certificate of Government Approved Contractor.
B Bank Solvency Certificate.
C Register of Firms (if applicable)
D Partnership Deed (if applicable)
E Pan Card
F Latest experience certificate of 40 lac Building Work Within Three year.
F Opening of Tender:
I After evaluation of Tech. Bid, price bid of only those bidders would be opened online who are found
to be eligible.
Ii Further details/clarification if any required will be available from Chief Officer, Bavla Nagar Palika
Bavla Phone No. (02714)232546

G General instructions:
i The fees for on line tender document will not be refunded under any circumstances.

ii EMD in the form specified in tender document shall only be accepted.

iii Tenders without valid Tender document, fees, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and which do not fulfill
all or any of the condition or submitted incomplete in any respect will be rejected.
iv Conditional tender shall not be accepted.
v This tender notice shall form a part of tender document.
vi The tenderers are advised to read carefully the "Instruction for Tenderer" and "Eligibility Criteria"
contained in the tender documents.
vii The Internet site address for E-Tender is http://Nagar Palika. and that of corporate web
site is
viii The Nagar Palika reserves the rights to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
ix Clarification of Bidding Documents
x Amendment of Bidding Documents
xi Before the deadline for submission of bids, the Employer may modify the bidding documents by
Issuing addenda.

Chief Officer
Bavla Nagar Palika