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TEST I: DIRECTION: Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided.

_____1. Which among the choices is a personal cleanliness practice in baking?

A. Combing the hair in the work place C. Wearing an apron during working hours
B. Keeping fingernails long D. Washing hands after work

_____2. What is the basic ingredients in baking that improves aroma, flavour, and nutrition in baked
A. Baking powder B. Flour C. Shortening D. Sugar

_____3.What is the first step to have better results in baking?

A. Keeping oneself clean C. keeping the food and equipment clean
B. Keeping the utensils and work area clean D. All of the above

_____4.Which of the following ingredients is usually used in dough that gives better taste and flavour?
A. Butter B. Compound Lard C. Edible flavour D. Vegetable oil

_____5.Which of the following flour mixture is thick enough to be rolled and kneaded?
A. Dough B. Cream C. Crust D. Batter

_____6.What is the best step to have better results in baking?

A. Memorize the recipe very well C. Use modern equipment
B. Measure ingredients accurately D. Use only imported ingredients

_____7. What is the proper way to measure the flour?

A. Sift it before measuring C. Shovel the flour
B. Level off with use of spatula D. Shake the measuring cup by levelling

_____8. It refers to the procedure of rubbing one or two ingredients against a bowl with the tip of a
wooden spoon or electronic mixer?
A. Folding B. Stirring C. Beating D. Creaming

_____9.Which type of mixing technique is done only in baking bread?

A. Blending B. Kneading C. Creaming D. Folding

____10.It refers to the process of putting your products into containers for easy distribution?
A. Labelling B. Packaging C. Storing D. Wrapping

____11.Represent almost 50% of the total cost of any baked products, thus considered the baking
ingredients with the highest cost or expense?
A. Sugar B. Flour C. Eggs D. Shortening

____12. Provides Structure, texture and color to baked products?

A. Flour B. Sugar C. Eggs D. Shortening

____13. It acts as stabilizer in mixture that inherently wants to separate its two parts. They are very
important in helping to bind all the other ingredients together?
A. Sugar B. Flour C. Shortening D. Eggs
____14. It is the cheapest liquid used in baking. It performs vital role in baking, making ingredients
A. Water B. Milk C. Vanilla D. Wines

____15These are Chemical mixture or compound that release gases, usually carbon dioxide?
A. Chemical leavening B. Dairy products C. Flavouring D. Biological leavening

____16. It means keeping the bacteria down to small number as possible through personal hygiene and
proper food handling?
A. Hygiene B. Sanitation C. Antiseptic D. Cleaning is a solid elongated wood with handles at both ends that is used to flatten the dough or
A. Rolling pin B. Rubber scraper C. Wooden spoon D. Baking Pan

____18. It is a flat, thin and blunt metal used for levelling off dry ingredients and spreading icing and
frosting cakes?
A. Rubber scraper B. Spatula C. Grater D. Rolling pin

____19. An equipment used for baking, heating, or drying foods?

A. Baking Pan B. Baking Sheet C. Muffin Pan D. Oven

____20. A tool used for mixing and stirring flour mixture?

A. Wooden spoon B. Spatula C. Rubber Scraper D. Rolling Pin

TEST II. Arrange the following procedures in baking. Write your answer in the space provided.

____1. Measure ingredients accurately.

____2. Follow the specified baking time and temperature.
____3. Preheat the oven.
____4. Study the recipe accurately.
____5. Make of the type of pan specified in the recipe.
____6. Observe correct hand and mixing technique.


1-5 Give the properties/ Characteristics of flour .
6-8 What are the types of Sugar?
8-9 What are the kinds of Dough?
10-14 Give four baking tools/equipment in baking.