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Goose Creek Friends

Newsletter December 2017

Goose Creek Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Lincoln, Virginia

Queries for Twelfth Month: Stewardship of the Earth

• Do you seek to preserve the beauty and balance of God’s world?
• How do we use the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations
and with respect for all life?
• Do you endeavor to understand the detrimental changes affecting earth systems and humanity?
• Do you seek to meet your needs in a sustainable way by preserving resources, enhancing
the health of the earth, and by protecting the future?
• Do we intentionally explore and live our conviction that there is that of God in all creation?

Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business:

Twelfth Month
Meeting approved use of the Meeting House by LeAnne
McNamara for a youth mindfulness workshop she will lead
on Thursday afternoons, January 11 – February 8.
Friends set in motion policy planning for use of the
Meeting House by others. The Property and Hospitality
Committees will work together on this.
Patricia Barber is stepping down from clerkship of
the Outreach Committee. The Nominating Committee
will consider options for continuing the work that this
committee has been doing.
The Unity with Nature Committee’s annual report was
approved with thanks. Keeping in mind the words “In a
time of uncertainty we can be certain what we do,” the
committee remained engaged in promoting environmental
stewardship both globally and locally.
Meeting approved hiring a nursery attendant to look after
the younger children on First Days. This will provide a
consistent presence – a person with whom our youngest
children can feel comfortable week to week.
The Finance Committee is working on the 2018 budget.
[Committees that have not yet reported to the Finance
Committee on their desired budgets for the coming
year should do so.]

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We now have the capacity to receive donations on

our website via PayPal. Friends thanked the Finance
Committee and our webmaster, Patricia Barber, for
making our website so useful with respect to financial

Quakerism Sessions
The December 10 session will be based on Chapter Christmas Eve
3 of Douglas Gwyn’s book A Sustainable Life:
“Personal Integrity and Discernment: ‘Mind the Meeting for Worship,
Oneness.’” 7:00 to 8:00 pm
These Quakerism sessions take place after the rise
of Meeting on second First Days of the month, and
include opportunities for discussion and personal
From Peace and Social Concerns
responses. Reading Gwyn’s book is not required. You On January 23, some Friends from Goose Creek
may attend some sessions without committing to be will join in the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public
present every month. Policy’s “Day for All People” advocacy day. This
will be an opportunity to meet with our lawmakers
to discuss important issues, including the expansion
of Medicare. There will be a carpool to the event
in Richmond. If you are interested in going, please
contact Sheila Kryston or Will McCabe (skryston@ or

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Women’s Retreat:
January 26-28, 2018
Pearlston Retreat & Conference Center, Reisterstown,
Maryland (just NW of Baltimore)
This year’s Christmas potluck Leaning into our Light on Gender, Race & Sexuality
supper and carol sing will Registration for the conference is now open, and
be held on Sunday evening, closes on January 5.
December 17, at 6:00.

Bring a dish to share! After dinner:

Christmas carols and merriment!
If you wish to participate in the exchange
of simple homemade gifts that evening,
write your name (and age or “adult”) on
a slip of paper and put it in the box on
the desk in the back corner of the
Meeting room. Draw one name out.
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Goose Creek News

Molly Buckland (a.k.a. Molly Janney) and her
husband, Simon, have moved to Beverly Hills,
Michigan, where Molly is doing her three-year
dermatology residency.

Happy Holidays to All!

A sampling of artwork by our

First Day School students!
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Sundays Facing Bench

Meeting for worship at 9:45 a.m. DECEMBER
First Day School at 10:00 a.m. Sheila Kryston
Fellowship at 10:45 a.m. January
Caroline Pelton
12.10 Sunday 11 am Quakerism discussion School
12.17 Sunday 6 pm Christmas potluck supper and carol sing 12/03/17
12.24 Sunday 7 pm Christmas Eve Meeting for Worship Compassion
12.31 Sunday 11 am Ministry and Oversight Committee Meeting
JANUARY What is M&O?
1.07 Sunday 11 am Meeting for Worship with a Concern 12/17/17
for Business Holiday Crafts
1.14 Sunday 11 am Quakerism discussion
1.21 Sunday 11 am Discussion: Spiritual State of the Meeting 2017 Christmas Traditions
1.28 Sunday 11 am Ministry and Oversight Committee Meeting
Changes of address: Responsibility
Eliza Janney and Drew Stuart and Evelyn: 58 Chandelle Place,
Three Forks, MT 59752
Molly and Simon Buckland, 16994 Kirkshire Avenue, Beverly Hills, MI 48025


DECEMBER 03, 2017 DECEMBER 24, 2017
Compassion: Today’s lesson includes Christmas Traditions. Today the The Goose Creek Friends Newsletter
discussions on the theme of compassion students will have a chance to explore is published monthly by the
– being aware when others are sad, sick, different ways families celebrate Goose Creek Friends Meeting,
18204 Lincoln Road, P.O. Box 105,
hurt, etc. and wanting to help. Christmas Eve. Lincoln, VA 20160.
Meeting Committees. Ever wondered Responsibility. This New Year’s Eve Debbi Sudduth, 540.338.3363
what the Ministry & Oversight (M&O) lesson will include a discussion on the
Committee does? Today is the day to theme of responsibility – being reliable ASSISTANT CLERK
Patricia Barber, 301.432.5706
learn more! about doing the things that are expected
DECEMBER 17, 2017 or required of you – and related activities. TREASURER
Holiday Crafts. In anticipation of the TEEN DISCUSSION GROUP Annie Carlson
Holiday Potluck later on this First Day, If three or more teens (ages 13-17) are
the children will have an opportunity to present, they are welcome to head over Catherine Cox, 301-471-5330
work on some very fun holiday crafts! to Allen's shop next door for a youth-led
discussion group. WEBSITE & FACEBOOK
“It would go a great way to caution and direct people in the use of 150892438287560/?rc=p
the world, that they were better studied and known in the Creation DONATIONS
of it. For how could Man find the Confidence to abuse it, while Please direct donations for
Goose Creek Friends Meeting to
they shou[l]d see the Great Creator stare them in the face, in all and Annie Carlson, P.O. Box 105
every part thereof?” – William Penn, Some Fruits of Solitude, 1692 Lincoln, Virginia 20160