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Contoh paragraf Simple Future Tense

It is April and I'm going on a trip next summer. I want to have a great holiday with my friends
and boyfriend, so I need prepare a perfect plan. We are going to go to Bali island for three days
by motorbike and boat. Our trip will start from Surabaya to Ketapang, about 250 kilometer by
motobike, and from Ketapang to Bali island by boat. After, we will reserve a room in a hotel and
have lunch in a restaurant near the hotel with seafoods, such as shrimp, bib and so on. After
lunch, we'll walk around places near there. On the second days, we'll go watch the sunrise in the
morning after hiring a motorbike on the island to visit natural places there, especially the
lighthouse. Next, we'll take a bath, sunbathe, and look at sunset together.On the third days, we'll
go to market in the morning to buy things, that are only available here. Finally, we'll
prepare our luggage to return to Surabaya. During the trip,a camera, money, swimsuit, sunscreen,
map, jacket, and hat are indispensable things.