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‘Video Interview Questions for University of Alberts MBA Proeram (Practice Questions 1): QU. Tettus about a tine you filed. How did you feel and what did you learn? (1 Telus abouts mentor ora person who has fenced you. How $0? (Qu. Tellus atouta tine you motivated people to drive change in an ceganization or commuaiy. (1 Tellus about persona ature tht has helped you the most sn getting you to whee you ae today. (QL Talus about situation where your values wore challenged. How did you esponl and what did you las? (2 Allert Einstein once ani The tue sgn of intellizence ie nt knotledae, but imagination.” What does dhs meas to ‘yrs, and do you agree or disagree with i? (2 Who are some of the leaders you most admire” Why? Video Interview Questions for University of Alberts MBA Programs (Practice Question (93. Ifyou could ly anywhese in the wold where would you go and why? (93. Tellme south pes you hed growing up. Ifyou didn't have ane which would you have liked. end wy? (Q3. Descnibea time you ad to speak in public. What did you lear? ‘Video Interview: Questions for University of Alberta MBA Program (Main ater Questions =D (Q1. Please describe a past situation at work that ld you fo arow asa pessoa. How did you grow, and how bas ths impacted your hfe since then? (Q1. Wht is your general atiude tows fe? How bas this aude aupacted your case 9 fir? QL Heyou meres band what would be your mets? (QU. Who ic your role model, and why? How have they impacted you? (01. lower ways do you coutnbute ra postve work envionment? Please provide an example. (01. Drawing on your wou: experience please give me an example ofa tine whea you wanted to aive up, and chose not Why was tis? (Qt, Plene tellus about» time where your team a work was faced with» diffe sination, What did you do to lp bil morale and ally you tex? (Qi Desenbe what vos have done wore to conte romans # team envionment? Be specifica prove an example (92 1ryou had $40,000 o bud your on business. what would you do? Why? 2 Please give us an example of an important goal whic you a set inthe past How were you suecessfiin reaching this nal? (02, Tellus sbost projector accomplshaneat that vou consudrto be the mst significant. Why dd vou choose this project or accomplish? 2 Give us an example of one of your mos successfil accomplishments. What were the “indicators of sucess” that you ook forts ease sow mere doin things it? (02 Please tells abou atime when you developed an action plan or specific statepies to achieve a particular goal er lonz~ term business objective which resulted in dested outcomes. What was dhe outcome? (2, What would previous supervisors or colleagues say about your specific ability to overcome setbacks, adversity or fire? Plese provi a specific exariple 2. Desenbe aime when you went over and above your job expectations. What motivated yoo to pot fon this extra efor? (98 Please tell ws bout result of accepting i? (Q3.Plese tell us about time when despite carefil planning hinas got ou of had and dd nat work ou according to plan What did you do next? 3. How do-you motivate yourself te complete uapleasant assignments? Please prove an example 3. ln what ways do you demonstrate personal accoustailiy? Pease provide an example (Q3. Describe the leva of wust and ereibiity you lve with your cnt, stakzholders and colleagues, and how you have developed. (Q3.Plense tell us abou 2 time wea you made 3 mistake, took responsibility for your ations and admived you were wren ‘Whar was the ontone?” (Q3. Wha steps ave you taken to enable you to became wore effective in your postin andlor i your caeer? Pence provide an example Video Interview Questions for University of Alberts MBA Program (Main Interview Questions Qt. Describe a time when you encouraged your tam to aceept change: What was the result of your encouragement?” 4. Please provide an example of atime when you made an effort to apply a postive mind set when faced with « new situsnon at work: What a5 the outcome? (Qt. Plense tell ws about a time when a piece of work’poject did not go s0 well. How dd you nade the situation? What was the outcome? (Q4. Describe atime when you altered your bebaviour to fit the situation at hand, What was the outcome? Qt, Plense tell us about a time when you ind to change your poiat of view or your plans to tke into account new snfomation or changing prontes, What was th resul of yous actions? (Q4. Pleas tell us about atime wes you chaszed your proves to meet others’ expectations. What was the seslt of your (Qt. Desctbe atime when you encouraged you tam 0 accept change, What was the result f your encouragement? (Q4. Describe atime when you were asked todo something you werent tained todo, How di you han ? ‘Before starting your interview. you may practice these questions. You are likely act questions from the above st sly