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Buyer: Huzaifa Ahmed

Located at: H.No.137, St.No.3, G-15/3, Islamabad
CNIC# 61101-6046593-3

Seller: Malik Muhammad Firdous Khan

Located at: Khala But Township, House No. 1011, Sector 2, Mohallah Bahar o Kot, Khala But, Tehsil Haripur
CNIC# 42000-0418509-7
The Seller hereby gives the Buyer full ownership of the following used motor vehicle:

Make: Suzuki Mehran

Model: 2017
Engine number: PKB694931
Chassis number: SB308PK01233432
Description: Suzuki Mehran, Graphite Gray Color
Registration number: AEW-081

The sale is effective on October 10, 2017. Buyer agrees to pay to Seller the agreed provide price of Rs 765,000 to
be paid in cash.

The car is sold as is, with no warranties or conditions expressed or implied. Seller will provide the Buyer with the
vehicle`s title.

By signing below, both parties acknowledge their agreement to the above terms.

Malik Muhammad Firdous Khan

Huzaifa Ahmed