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Picton Dog Park

Minutes May 15, 2008 (6:00pm –7:30pm)

Committee Chair: Robyn Molyneaux

In Attendance: Evelyn Trites, Sandra King, Gord Cole, Lanna Martin, Debbie Gadd,
Fergus Millar, Donna Harrison
Members of the Press: County Weekly News and the Picton Gazette (photo and editorial)

Minutes: Donna Harrison

Robyn welcomed those in attendance. Jasmine has moved to Belleville and is no longer
involved with the Picton Dog Park. Robyn will continue to attempt to get all documents,
fundraising items from Jasmine.

Update: the Dog Park fund currently has raised approximately $3500.00

1.) Discussion: Charitable Organization vs Not for Profit

Table discussion re: should the dog park apply for status as either a charitable
organization or as a “not for profit”. It was decided that as a charitable organization the
park would only be able to retain 15% of all monies raised to cover administration fees
with the remainder being allocated to other charities. It was therefore decided that further
investigation/application into status as a Not for Profit would ensue. (Donna volunteered
to look into this further.)

2.) The issue was raised to re-contact Prince Edward County Council to ensure a section
of Delhi Park previously allocated for the park is still available prior to further
fundraising. (This task has not yet been delegated.) The next council meeting is scheduled
for May 26th as they meet every other Monday. It was noted that council starts to review
budgets and allocate monies in September/October of each year.

3.) A business plan needs to be developed re: costs of fencing, lay-out of the park etc.
Discussion ensued as to the need for liability insurance.
Stephen Snyder owner of CB Contracting attended the meeting with a preliminary park
plan at the estimated cost of $18,000. Discussion ensued re: treated lumber posts vs metal
posts. Estimated proposal from CB Contracting is with treated lumber posts.

4.) Formation of Committees:

The following committees were deemed necessary and members are encouraged to
Fundraising Committee:
Advertising/Marketing Committee:
Park Building and Design Committee:
Membership Committee:
Business Plan Committee: Sandra King, Evelyn Trites, Fergus Millar
5.) Fundraising Ideas:

 Canada Day dog parade with a dog wash in the morning prior to the parade at the
Fire Hall.
 A Fall Walkathon using the Millennium Trail: pledge sheets available
 Send out a Fundraising Letter to all Service Clubs/ Corporations/ Businesses
 Have fence posts available to persons to purchase
 Have plaques available to purchase
 Memorial plaques, trees to purchase (it was noted that council would need to be
addressed as to any restrictions on tree planting).
 Robyn’s Nest may rent out agility equipment with the goal of having an end of
year Dog Agility Contest.
 Penny Parade

6.) Next Steps:

 Re-contact Council to ensure they are still on board with the plan for a Dog Park
 Need to re-establish community interest: editorials and a sign at Delhi Park
“Future Home of Picton Dog Park”
 Investigate “Not for Profit” status
 Consult with other Dog Parks for ideas, concerns etc: why re-invent the wheel??
(Donna volunteered to contact).
 Rally members to attend meetings and join committees: more hands mean a
lighter work load!!

Next Meeting: Thursday June 12th @ 6:00pm (location to be announced)