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Michael J Miranda


English I

21 December 2017

Antisocial Personality Disorder(ASPD)

A sociopath, or a person with Antisocial Personality Disorder can be generally described

as a person who has no care for other people’s feelings, shows no remorse and can be make a valid point and stick with it throughout your essay. That however does

not automatically make every person that is manipulative a sociopath. There are multiple

behaviors that need to be identified in order for a person to be diagnosed with Antisocial

Personality Disorder. In, “The Cask of Amontillado” there are two main characters of which both

seem to present certain characteristics that may fall within the realm of being a sociopath.

However,try using different transition words like although etc. it is Montresor, whom after clear

analysis and cross-referencing his behavioral patterns, appears to be the true sociopath of the


Sociopath Traits

A sociopath is a person that has difficulties in relating with other people and may also have or

need a sense of superiority, “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is

antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience”

(Purse, Marcia). There are many traits or characteristics that can assist in identifying a person

with Sociopathic behavior. Some of the most common traits aside from not relating well with
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others, is that they are egocentric and even narcissistic. Both of these traits points towards a

person that believes that he is the most important and above all others. Furthermore, they

increase their self-esteem from power and feeling superior to those around them. Sociopaths

often have high IQ and can be very manipulative which in turn allows them to easily shift their

surrounding and environment in their favor. It is also important to note that all sociopaths are not

criminals and inversely not all criminal are sociopaths (Thomas, M.E). However, both criminal

and not will have many of the characteristics mentioned here. Essay is organized logically


In the story of, “The Cask of Amontillado” both Montressor and Fortunato show many

signs of sociopathic behavior. In fact Fortunato who turns out to be the victim demonstrates

multiple times traits of superiority and narcissism. At one point he brushes off the knowledge

that others may have in identifying the Amontillado wine, “Luchresi?, He does not know one

wine from another!” (Poe, Edgar Allan). Fortunato, does not credit Luchresi with knowing

enough about any wine at all, which also plays into the Montressors master plan.

Montressor, has many of the character traits that a sociopath should have, such as: being

manipulative, exploiting, planning and conniving which also demonstrates his high IQ. In fact, as

the story goes on it is very clear that it was all very well planned from the moment he told his

servants that he would not return for the day, to baiting Fortunato to drink more wine. Further

along, once he has Fortunato trapped and rebuilding the wall, Fortunato pleads for his release, to

which Montressor only response is, “Yes. For the love of God!” (Poe, Edgar Allan). At this point

in time Fortunato can no longer share any empathy for his victim and decisively places the last

stone to secure Montressor in his tomb. Fortunato clearly demonstrated various characteristics of
Miranda 3

a sociopath like, being un-empathetic manipulative and conniving which eventually led him to

fulfill his well planned murder of Montressor. You need five paragraphs look at outline

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